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Grimmjow glared at the other arrancar in the room. Why did he miss one? He should have thought about Szayel when he slaughtered all of the other demons in Hueco Mundo. He should have lined them all up and taken a body count, but he didn't and now he was in this fucking situation.

"Don't just stand there you brainless moron! Help me put rainbow sprinkles on these chocolate doughnuts before they get cold and don't stick!" The pink haired demon glared as he stood over a large batch of newly baked and glazed doughnuts in the industrial kitchen. Grimmjow scoffed, Szayel was so whipped. A memory of when Ichigo was pregnant surfaced. He could honestly say that he had been as bad as Szayel back then. Pregnant people were scary.

Ichigo had always leaned more on the overly happy side when he was pregnant but Ishida seemed to be on a 24/7 PMS trip. He sure would miss the Quincy being available for threesome fun now that he was "locked down" by the annoying scientific arrancar. Szayel was one of those creepy people who was dominant but when it came to his partner he was like a puppy wanting nothing more than Ishida's approval. Why else would they be in their spirit forms robbing a doughnut shop right now instead of in a gigi buying the treats? Apparently stealing them was faster and what Ishida didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

"Stop fighting! Do you know how much that microwave costs!!?? If you both have so much energy then get me some fucking hot rainbow chocolate sprinkle doughnuts! Think you retards can handle that!? Remember Rainbow, not solid blue, solid green, or solid pink. Well what the hell are you looking at?! Get moving fat asses!" Ishida had screamed at them after Grimmjow and Szayel broke a microwave when Grimmjow attacked the pink haired arrancar after they went to visit Ishida. Ichigo didn't even try to help him get out of it! The substitute shinigami just stood there and glared at him! How was he supposed to act when seeing a fellow arrancar who he thought he killed when he came back from his vacation?

Grimmjow reluctantly got the box and began to help put the doughnuts up. Szayel nervously inspected them to make sure they had the icing on right. Ishida was always a particular person but after he had gotten pregnant Szayel hadn't had hardly any breaks. If he messed up any part of the dish he was serving, Ishida would throw it and not eat, even to the point of starvation or he would start crying talking about how Szayel didn't care for him because it he did the arrancar would have at least had the cookies arranged in a heart.

It was enough to push the poor arrancar to the limits but just when he would think that he had had enough Ishida would thank him and apologize for the hormones. Damn his mate! The fact that Ishida relied on him so heavily meant that he trusted Szayel as the dominant to protect him and care for his needs. That thought was enough to make all the tension of any situation the Quincy threw at him disappear.

"You're lucky that your mate is pregnant, because if he wasn't I would kick your ass! But I remember how Ichigo was back then and your going to have to take care of your kids! Because if I find out you neglect them in any way or use them as live experiments I will kill you." Grimmjow seriously stated as Szayel got a mega sized cup of hot chocolate from the vending machine. He hated that they had to throw the employees out of the store but any other method wouldn't have been fast enough. He wondered if the media would ever be smart enough to figure out that it was only the places that sold food that were "haunted".

"Please I'm not like you. I wouldn't leave Ishida. Not after I had to work so hard to get him. He is mine! Plus, don't think he hasn't told me about what he used to do with you and Ichigo and there will be no more of that!" Szayel growled as he glared at Grimmjow. The teal haired arrancar was about to say something when he thought the better of it.

Szayel was always the type to obsess and he knew that the scientific arrancar was obsessed with the Quincy. No harm would fall the fashion designer or the children. The two opened up the portal and transported back to the apartment.

"Yes, and I swear this is horrible! Urahara has been watching my stores while I'm away on leave but I haven't checked in on him. I'm afraid of what he is probably doing to my legacy! Last time I checked he produced an ancient Japan kimono show in my absence. It had pretty good reviews but the main question in the papers is still who I'm with. It's driving me insane!!! It's so hard to give up control even if it is just for a little while. I'm hungry all the time for the weirdest things! I don't know why! Look at my stomach! I'm swelling up like a balloon!! Szayel is being a really good sport about this. I don't know if I would have been so kind if it was him who was pregnant. I feel like I'm just chatty, bitchy, fat and hormonal all the time! I hoping that this will end before the wedding after the birth!" Ishida explained to Ichigo as tears began to dot his eyes.

Ichigo nodded and patted his friend's back. He remembered those mood swings when he was pregnant but he had been set to deliver in nine weeks, while it looked like Ishida would have to carry his baby for nine months. To make matters worse Ishida was in his sixth month and Szayel was completely terrified at hurting the babies, so he wasn't having sex with the Quincy. You would think that that since the pink haired arrancar was a scientist that he would know that you could have sex any time during the pregnancy.

The portal opened up in the middle of the living room and Szayel presented the fashion designer with the doughnuts. Ishida carefully inspected them for any imperfections before he bit into it. The Quincy glared at the arrancar before smiling. Szayel let out a sigh of relief as Ishida gently kissed him. Szayel slowly moved his hands down to feel the Quincy's smooth skin. God, he loved Ishida. The kisses soon took on a playful manner as the arrancar began to slowly kiss down his mate's neck. Ishida couldn't help the moans that escaped him.

Grimmjow and Ichigo looked at each other before the teal haired arrancar brought their lips together. Those two would be fine. They were putting on quite a show but Ishida's normally modest attitude seemed to have gone out the window. It looks like they would have another addition to their screwed up little family. Gin and Hitsugaya would have to be informed but it seemed like a happy ending. Everything always turned out fine.

Not too bad but not too great. Oh well. I just had this idea in my head of Ishida being a crazy hormonal person while Szayel was basically his slave and running all the errands in his spirit form. That's the end of "Ishida's Side Story"! Btw, I didn't know how accurate that "sex anytime" comment was. I've never been pregnant. Thanks for all the reviews!