It was at this point, as he heard Naruto try to get Sai to look at the adult magazine, where Yamato realized that he did not sign up for this.

Kakashi-sempai would be no good at properly explaining this delicate subject--- no doubt he would just toss them a copy of Icha Icha and be done with it. Yamato admired his justu genius, but he did not envy his relational skills. When it came to talking to people, Yamato realized that 'kakashi' was a perfect name for him.

Another sigh was forced from Yamato's lips as he once again heard Naruto's raucous snickering. Sai's face was blank as it gazed on the "artful" female nude. Yamato realized enough was enough.

"Naruto. Sai," called Yamato. The two boys snapped up to look at him. He crooked a finger and gestured that they come to him. "Sit down."

They did so. Sai looked as impassive as ever. Naruto look anxious, like he was nervous and annoyed at the same time.

"It has come to my attention that the two of you have been, uh, observing members of the opposite gender. I think we need to talk. At this point in your life, you are bound to be curious. And well, such curiosity is sometimes explored when a man and a woman care about each other--"

"Yamato-taicho, am I correct in assuming that you are to talk to us about sex?" asked Sai.

Yamato blushed slightly, then answered, "Yes, Sai. You would be right."

"Is it true that sometimes a man and a woman do not particularly care for each other? Is it still fornication?"

"Well, uh, yes."

"Is it still sex if it is two members of the same gender, or possibly more than two people?"

Yamato coughed. "Well, yes, but, uh."

"Then I have had sex."

"YOU WHAT?" balked Naruto. Before he had been content to stay out of the conversation in favor of sniggering at Yamato's nervousness and Sai seemingly clueless nature.

"I have had sex. And Yamato, you are about the fourth person to try and explain sex to me. They all seem to begin just as you have."

"Who?" demanded Naruto.

"Well, Sakura-chan most recently-"

Naruto growled and punched Sai with all his might. Sai looked surprised. "Never go near Sakura-chan again!"

"I do not understand. How is it ok that the three of us can do it, but not Sakura-chan and I?"

"We're not doing it! I told you already: I do not swing that way!"

It was at this point, as Yamato struggled to restrain Naruto, that before he had it easy. What he really did not sign up for was this.