The Hospital Kidnapping

"Is she going to be okay?"

The nurse froze at the sound of Tenten's voice. She turned to look at her, nervousness and despair freezing her insides. "W-what?"

"You were going to my friend's room. You must know something about her condition."

Oh, shit. She should have assumed she had family members or friends, but she was too nervous to begin with. What was with the fucking servant's outfit, anyway? Way too starchy…

Might as well pull the "disclosed info" trick. Worked on more dates than she could count. "I'm sorry, only family members have the right to learn about Miss…" she checked the (fake) clipboard, "Haruno. You will have to wait until I get word from her parent or guardian."

Good. That shut her up. The girl (Tenten?) opened her mouth to retort, when a doctor came up next to the nurse. "Miss Mitarashi," he mumbled, softly enough for Tenten to not be able to overhear, "your assistance is needed in Miss Haruno's room." He made sure Tenten could hear that part. The panda-girl scowled.

The nurse mumbled some half-formed excuse to the girl while the doctor entered the room. The nurse followed closely behind, making sure the door closed tightly behind her. Once they both made sure they weren't watched, they both were engulfed in a puff of smoke. Now, there were no longer a doctor and a nurse. In their place were two odd-looking young adults.

When saying odd-looking, one means it in this situation. The man (who was the doctor before) had silver hair that literally defied gravity (how much hairspray does he use to get it like that…?) with one bored-looking gray eye looking half-asleep at the world. The other eye was covered by a headband with a crescent moon engravement in the metal, and a mask covering the rest of his face. He was wearing an outfit beyond description, looking like something that belonged in a cosplay.

The woman (who was the nervous nurse), had purple hair tied into a spiky ponytail and light gray eyes that glinted with mischief and wholeheartedness. With many piercings in both ears and a mesh metal fishnet suit covered up only by a brown overcoat, she screamed "trouble". Right now, though, she was too nervous to even give out that intimidating aura.

The silver-haired man walked into the center of the room, where a bedridden Sakura was sleeping. She was pale and cold, constantly shivering and trembling. It might have been a case of hypothermia, if not for the fact that there was no freezing water in her lungs. The man felt her forehead. He sighed.

"I have to hand it to that Ra Din; she sure knows how to lay a curse."

The woman looked at him. "She got a fever, too?"

He shook his head. "Exact opposite. I can bet you that all their symptoms will be the opposite of each other. Rather dark humor, honestly." Under his mask, he gave a wry smirk.

"I don't understand; wouldn't they have the exact same symptoms?"

The man sighed. "Anko, do you have any romantic sense? Haven't you ever heard the expression, 'They complete each other'?"

The woman named Anko made a face. "You know I don't. Unlike some people I know, I don't spend all of my spare time reading porn novels. Now come on, before the Council of Three notices we are gone. And then we are in deep shit."

The man carefully took the hospital covers off the girl and lifted her up like a porcelain item. Anko snorted. "You act like she's your betrothed, Kakashi."

"She may not be, but she's the Prince's. I rather like my legs, thank you, and I would really enjoy keeping them, which is my reward for bringing her back safely." The man called Kakashi walked over to Anko and handed her the cargo. "But if you are so confident in your abilities to complete this mission well, then by all means, enlighten me."

Anko was about to retort when the door opened, revealing the panda-girl and a girl about the same age Anko hadn't seen before. For a second, Panda-girl looked stunned, then she looked angry as hell. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH SAKURA-CHAN!!!!???"

Anko swore loudly, while Kakashi said, "Oh, dear."

Panda-girl was about to run for help, when Kakashi picked both her and the unknown (Goth) girl and slung them both over each of his shoulders, both of them kicking and screaming. Kakashi, looking bored at the world as usual, said, "If you don't wish to die a very painful death, I advise you shut your trap before my friend," he cocked his head in Anko's direction, "shuts it for you." Even when she was nervous, Anko looked pretty menacing by herself, though carrying an unconscious girl in her arms might have marred her pirate-ish appearance.

Looking intimidating enough, though, Goth and Panda girl both shut up.

The next minute was pure bliss for Anko. She loved jumping through the trees and feeling the wind whoosh around her. She felt invincible right now, and felt like nothing could stop her. Even when carrying such frail cargo (this girl was too light; didn't they feed her at the hospital?), Anko felt like she could take on the world.

When they reached the river, which marks the beginning of the Lunar Tribe's part of the Great Forest, Kakashi stopped. "We need to rest," he said.

Anko glared at him. "Rest?" she hissed. "We need to get back home before The Council finds us, before Uchiha dies, and before we get our hides tanned for taking so long!"

"In case you haven't noticed, we need to dump the extra cargo somewhere." Anko knew what Kakashi meant, but Goth Girl and Panda-girl didn't. They both started kicking and screaming for them to let them go. They weren't getting too far. All they could do is scream "let us go," and "we'll call the police for kidnapping!" Anko snorted at that. The police those girls were talking about couldn't help them. They wouldn't even ever be able to find them.

Kakashi eyed them warily. "Who are you to the Haruno girl?"

Goth Girl snorted. She was the one that seemed at least halfway calm and rational. "We are only her BEST FRIENDS. Which is why you two are going down." Then, she made a well-aimed kick that was WAY below the belt on Kakashi. When Kakashi fell to his knees, groaning, Panda and Goth girl jumped up and attempted to run away. They didn't get to far, thanks to Anko. A few miles away, a lot of crashing and screaming was heard, along with very nasty curses that sounded like it came from a young woman.

Back near the river, Temari and Tenten were both tied up, while Anko was with Kakashi as he got over his pain.

Kakashi was still groaning, holding his manly pride. Anko snorted. "Whoever said that men were tougher than women was obviously de-balled." She put her foot on Kakashi's back while Kakashi gave her a death glare. Anko applied some pressure to her foot, causing Kakashi to groan. "Oh, suck it up. We need to get Miss Sakura back to the Tribal Grounds, unless you wasn't de-balled."

Tenten cut in at that point. "You aren't taking Sakura-chan anywhere! I am gonna make sure you never go near her! She needs to get back to the hospital, to treat her!"

Anko snorted. "They wouldn't be able to do too much. We are taking her so she can get better, dumbass." Seeing Panda-girl's shocked expression, Anko frowned. "What did you think we were going to do, eat her for dinner?"

"How are you going to make her better?" Goth Girl was the one who spoke up this time. "The hospital is the best place Sakura could be, what could you do that doctors can't?"

"We can make sure she lives. Look, kid, we didn't want to kidnap any more than necessary. Unfortunately, when you two saw us, it became necessary for you two to come as well. We aren't going to hurt any of you guys unless it becomes necessary for it. Those were our orders."

Panda-girl looked confused. "What orders?"

"The orders to get Sakura Haruno and bring her back, no matter what. We can do whatever is necessary to complete the mission, but only what is necessary. Kidnapping you was necessary. If killing you is necessary, too, I'm not one to hesitate."

The girls paled. Kakashi, who had finally gotten over the obscene attack, said, "I think you scared them a tad, Anko."

Anko smirked. "That was the point." she whispered.

Kakashi sighed. "Let's go. We can't keep them waiting more than we already have." He grabbed Sakura, leaving Anko with Panda and Goth Girl. She smirked. Who knew Kakashi could be humbled by some teenagers?

She'd have to thank them later.


Tenten found it extremely uncomfortable being slung over the woman's shoulder. At least the man's was padded, if only a little. Plus, all this tree-jumping (how they are tree-jumping, she will never know) was making her sick.

Glancing over at Temari, Tenten saw she was pale, too, but Tenten knew it was for different reasons. What the woman said was scary.

It isn't necessary for us to kill you, but if it comes to that, we will. That was what she said. What was so important about kidnapping Sakura that would make them willing to kill? And how, exactly, are they going to make her better?

Were they scientists who want to study her? Tenten snorted. The woman didn't seem bright enough to unlock a door in a key store. And that man didn't seem so smart, either. Though he was hot.

Then she remembered something: What if this was about what happened to Sakura the night of the concert? Tenten thought she was joking about stumbling upon some sort of cult ritual, so she didn't think about it too much. But now…

Was that why they wanted her? For her interference with whatever religious thing they were doing? If that was the case, Tenten made a mental note to kill Sakura later. It was her fault they were being taken to Kami knows where, anyway.

Suddenly, all the jumping stopped. The woman looked behind her shoulder at Tenten. She gave off a slightly sinister aura, with a smirk like that.

"We're here."

Kakashi never wanted to do this job. Really, all he ever wanted to do was read porn then live the action in said porn with his wife (who wasn't always eager to do so, but whatever), so when they asked him to retrieve Sasuke Uchiha's soulmate, his first impulse was to reject IMMEDIATELY.

But when he found out that Sasuke had gotten sick over this, he knew he had to go. Kakashi was Sasuke's teacher, and Sasuke was like a son to the Copy Ninja. Plus, he owed the family a favor, anyway.

So, he and his wife, Anko, left the safety of their home to go to the Outside World, posed as doctors to kidnap her, and ended up not only kidnapping her but her two best friends. It hadn't exactly gone as planned.

But then again, when does anything?

When Kakashi finally caught sight of home, it was all he could do to breathe a sigh of relief. The mission was over. He could go home and, hopefully, have sex with his wife…

"Oh, dear."

Mikoto, Lady Uchiha was waiting for them. Judging by the bags under her eyes, she had been waiting for them approximately… since they left. Which means a crabby Mikoto. That is never good.

But as they got closer, Mikoto's face seemed to brighten up and become as lively as it would as if she had just woken up. She looked like she just had about twelve shots of caffeine.

"You found her? Good, good, GOOD!! The mission was a success, then? Who is she, exactly? AN what about…"

Her voice dwindled away as the group got closer, carrying not one but three young girls. "What is going on here…?"

Kakashi sighed. At least she was just confused, not angry, like he thought she'd be. Anko looked rather relieved, too. Apparently, Sasuke's health was more important than chewing out the pair for not following specifications of the mission exactly.

"We have her. The other two saw us, and when we found out they were friends, it deemed best just to bring them along instead of killing them." Anko felt the two girls over her shoulders stiffen at this. "It might help the girl become more comfortable here if she was surrounded by people she knew."

Mikoto's eyes narrowed for a second, but then she just sighed. "Just take her into that tent." She pointed to the tent behind her. "Hopefully, it will heal them both."

Kakashi nodded, and disappeared inside the tent. A few seconds later he came back out without the girl. Mikoto sighed.

What happens if bringing the two together isn't enough? She better go pray to The Goddess…

Sasuke woke up feeling ravenous.

Seriously, when was the last time he ate? It seemed like forever ago, before the ceremony…

As the memories came back to him, he realized he must have been sick. The gods must have been kind to him, to remove a curse from a Ra Din. Why was that messenger there, anyway? She hadn't visited the Valley of Fire in ages, maybe even since the Wise One prayed to the Goddess centuries ago. He better get up already and go ask Mother what had happened.

He tried to get up, but found that he couldn't. He felt heavier than before, or maybe he was just weaker…

Until he realized that there was something across his chest. And it was breathing. He looked down.

There, sleeping next to him, was the Outsider Girl.

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