today i watched hide and seek and got totally hooked, i really love emily. She's soo cute!

I was seven when it happened. I was six when mommy killed herself, or that's what daddy told me happened . We had only been in our new house for a few days when I met Charlie, that day was scarier to me then any other day. Even the one where my mommy died. I was sitting on my new bed playing with Alex and Veronica my friends (an: yea...they're dolls) when I heard a knock on my door; I thought it would be daddy telling me why he was in that cave. I guess I was kinda right.

Daddy knocked on my door and called out to me "hey sweetie can I come in?"

If I had known then what I know now I would have told him to go away and never come back, he would have come in anyway and he would have been mad. But still at the time I merely whispered "If you want." Yea I was bitter. I missed mommy at the time I didn't blame him for what happened but really if you look at the facts it all makes perfect sense.

When he came in he looked different then daddy did. He looked less tired and less sad. I asked him what he wanted and he said "I wanna play" I didn't. I told him "I'm playing with my friends daddy maybe later" he said something in return that would change my world forever. "I'm not your father sweetie, my name is Charlie. Your gonna be my friend and nobody else's got it" I didn't know what was happening. I was only a little girl, and not one with many friends. Apparently I scared the other kids. I liked the idea of someone wanting to be my friend, so I agreed with him he proceeded to tell me that he didn't like my daddy or his new girlfriend and spoke about how much fun it would be to upset them. He said my mommy would have wanted me to play with him, and at the time that was all the convincing that I needed.

Things changed after that, daddy came around less and less, and then there was only Charlie, and me. Daddy didn't see it; he didn't know what he did, what he made me do. I didn't want to play with Charlie anymore but he wanted to play one more game, hide and seek.

for those of you that didn't watch the movie the the father walked in on his wife making out with another guy and went crazy. he killed her and made it look like she killed herself. he had severe multiple personality disorder and tried to get to his daughter as a man called Charlie and in the end played hide and seek with her for her life.