Hey I was sit on the couch and this idea just popped into my head!!! and I have to get it out!!!so I hope you enjoy oh and the reason why I was sitting on the couch was because I had Cheerleading practice on Monday and I sprained my ankel again!!!!! I was tumbleing and doing a simple round off back handspring 5. I guess I landed it wrong. But well read and REVIEW!!!!!

Percy's POV

I was sitting down on the front porch at the big house alone. Far off to my right I saw Annabeth and Thalia talking. Thalia was visiting us while the hunters were away. Annabeth was very excited and they wouldn't stop talking. I was kinda mad since I really want to talk to Annabeth alone,but oh well. I could kinda here them talking and I wonder what was it about. I crocked my ear to listen.

".....I kinda do...I think" Annabeth said.

" I knew it,you want to see if he does?" Thalia said. What are they talking about?

" No.....what if he doesn't?"

" Please Annabeth...he does"

" But....how"

" Well....I don't know,yet"

" Ok"

" I'm bored. What to play a game?'

" like what"

" What about Truth or Dare,I'm the master at that game"

" Well I don't know. I-" Annabeth started.

" What no way" I screamed.

" What?" Thalia asked.

" I'm the master at Truth or Dare"

" But I never pick dare"

" I don't either"

" But I always win"

" No I do"

" Ok,Ok,there is only one way to settle this......The Dare Contest" Travis said.

" The what" I asked.

" The Dare Contest. You and Thalia face off Daring each other. If you don't do the dare that is asked then you lose and the other in the Master"

" Wow....that's cool"

" You in"

" Yes" I said.

" Of course" Thalia said too.

" Great,meet me at the Arena at 7:00. I'll tell everyone" He said then ran off to go spread the news.

" Prepared to loose" Thalia said.

" We'll see who the loser" I said then walked away.

OOO who's gonna win and what waky stuff will Percy and Thalia be foced into? Read and REVIEW!!!!!