Hello! I'm back with yet another fic! Oboeteiru? Oretachi no Taisetsu na Iwaku means Do You Remember? Our Important Past. So I guess these are the memories of Jack, Yusei and Kuro. Jack, Yusei, and Kuro (Crow) are younger; all of them are in the foster care of a woman named Martha. This is before Kiryuu came along and before Team Satisfaction. Unforgettable


"Yusei! Yusei, where are you?" Martha called as she looked around outside.

"What is it, Martha?" Jack asked, he had just came back from taking a walk in the woods and found Martha, their foster mother, outside calling.

"Oh! Lunch is ready, but I can't find Yusei or Kuro anywhere!" Martha cried. Jack smiled and patted her on the shoulder.

"Don't worry, I'll get them." He smiled "Just keep lunch hot, okay?" He stated and walked off, leaving his foster mother to go back into the house.

He knew where to find Kuro, the little red-head was always in the treehouse, playing around with the little kids. Yusei was another problem. It wasn't that he was hard to find, no, Jack knew where to find his younger half-brother. The trouble was getting him away from that place. The younger boy was always tinkering with some new gadget or his laptop and he was almost never parted from either. This pattern had repeated itself for the three years that they had been living together. Jack was the only one that had a hope of persuading the boy to leave his work; and if that failed, which it usually did, he was the only one strong enough to pry him from the garage. Jack grinned in hopes that he would have to carry the smaller boy away. Kuro always got a laugh out of the sight and Yusei would swear that his pride had been damaged because of it.

"KURO! OI, KURO!" Jack shouted up a tree. He wasn't fooled, the tree was no ordinary tree, because in its dense foliage it hid a large platform that usually housed many children and a small teen, Kuro and his band of children.

When he got no reply Jack decided to tease his youngest sibling. "Martha said that lunch was ready. I'm going to go get Yusei, if you don't come down you'll miss it!" He laughed for effect. There was a rustling from above as a small red-head jumped from the branches. Even from that height the youth somehow managed to land on his feet. "Let's go!" He cheered. His actions sparked a round of 'Kuro-nii-chan!' from above as many little children whined for him to return.

"Sorry kiddies! No more for today!" Kuro teased as he made a face and sprinted away from the tree as though his life depended on it, which it probably did seeing as he had just angered more then a dozen kids. Jack laughed as he kept pace with his youngest sibling, both racing to get their third.

It's almost complete! Just a little more! A small, dark-haired boy with yellow highlights was in deep concentration. He was in the midst of creating a new program, one that would hopefully allow his laptop to run 10x faster. Now to enter the commands, I can't screw this up! He thought in anticipation. His hands quivered a little as he slowly typed in the command key. This part was crucial; one typo could make his entire computer crash.

"Yo, Yusei! Whatcha' up to?" A voice inquired as he felt his laptop being taken from him.

"AGH! KURO!" Yusei complained as he managed to steal his precious laptop back from his annoying little brother. Kuro just grinned in response.

"I tried to save your laptop, but I guess you'd rather it get destroyed…ALONG WITH YOU! NOW JACK!" Kuro shouted as he leaped back, barely avoiding getting crushed as Jack leaped from behind them and tackled Yusei to the ground.

"ACK!" Yusei cried, hugging his laptop for dear life, praying that the sudden movement did not jostle the computer. The two boys bounced and rolled on the hard ground, one holding the other and the other holding the small device. Kuro just stood there, trying to stay upright as he burst into laughter.

As they bounced Jack hugged Yusei tighter, he didn't want to hurt the boy, who was terrified by now.

When the two stopped rolling they both pushed the other off and sat there gasping. Yusei hugged his laptop closer, afraid of what Jack and Kuro would do if he let them get their hands on it.

"Hey," Jack's deep voice startled him out of his thoughts. "Are you okay?" Jack was serious now, he had expected Yusei to get mad and yell after their little tumble, but the youngster just sat there, cradling his stomach, or so it seemed. Jack moved closer, intending to help his little brother, but when he touched the small boy he let out a scream and aimed a punch in his direction.

"DON'T TOUCH IT!" Yusei screamed, cradling his laptop. Jack saw this and broke into a grin. He got to his feet and prowled around the helpless boy on the ground.

"WATCH OUT!" Jack shouted as he pounced.

The end of chapter 1! What will happen? Will Jack land a hit on Yusei? Will Kuro die of laughter? What will become of Yusei's precious laptop? What about the lunch Martha made for them? Find out, only in Oboeteiru? Oretachi No Taisetsu Iwaku!