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The sun rose on a new day, setting the birds off and chirping. The sound woke a young blonde from his slumber. Jack rolled over and shielded his eyes from the abundant amount of sunlight streaking through his curtains. He got up and walked to the window, smiling at the beautiful day ahead of him. It was when he looked out the window that his hopes of a peaceful day were dashed. He saw Yusei walking away from the house, into the woods, undoubtedly heading back to his garage and solitude. Jack didn't like that. It was such a nice day out; he was planning on taking his two siblings to the beach to play; anything to get Yusei away from solitude. Jack sighed as he went to get dressed, not sure if he was happy or mad that he would have to pry Yusei from his work again.

Yusei peeked around a tree, he knew Jack all to well from past experience. He was looking for possible traps and/or contraptions that would prevent him from spending the day in his garage. He had snuck into Kuro's room earlier and taken back his laptop, making sure nothing was ruined he decided not to bash Kuro's head in. Kuro hadn't even noticed, he was still snoring away, even after Yusei removed the laptop from its place under his pillow. The only trouble was Jack; he was smarter, sharper, and more cunning then the red-head. Yusei would have to stay on his toes.

A piercing bleating sound added to the snoring in the small room. Under the covers a small red-head was still snoring. He didn't know why he bothered to set the alarm clock, it didn't work; he would only get up when Martha came in to shut off the damn thing and mess with him until he got up. That damn thing is getting annoying! Kuro thought as his arm came down, hard, on the alarm clock. The blow did nothing to silence the thing and soon Kuro was forced to get up and shut it off. He stretched after he successfully shut the thing off. He smiled, today would be a good day, Jack had promised to take them out to the beach, the other children were coming, and to top it all off, he had Yusei's laptop as leverage to blackmail him into coming! It was right under his-Kuro stopped grinning as he directed his gaze to his pillow, the laptop was gone. Crap! Yusei's gonna kill me! And so will Jack! Kuro frantically flipped his covers and pillows around, praying to God that the laptop was still there. All he found was a slip of paper underneath his pillow. He picked it up and squinted at the tiny writing on it. 'Sucker' It read. There was a small drawing of Yusei on the corner with his tongue sticking out. Kuro crumpled the note, making a mental note to mess with Yusei, the boy had started a war.

Martha got up and went to check on her three boys. Jack was already up and was walking around, and she knew that Kuro would need some forceful persuasion before getting up. Yusei was an early riser; he was probably already gone, back to wherever it was he had set up his work. Martha smiled and went down to start breakfast. Word had reached her ears of Jack's plan to take them all to the beach, she wasn't about to let them off without a good breakfast.

"Kuro, I'm gonna need your help again." Jack stated as he ate his bowl of cereal.

"Why?" Kuro spoke in between large mouthfuls of cereal, earning him a hit on the head with the dreaded wooden spoon (A/N beware the spoon LOL!). "Yusei run off again?" He asked as soon as he had swallowed, rubbing the back of his head.

"Yeah. How did you know?" Jack was mildly surprised; Kuro should have still been asleep when he saw Yusei sneaking out.

"He took back his laptop." Kuro stated continuing on his bowl of cereal, if he was gonna get killed, he might as well finish his food.

"WHAT?!" Jack yelled, standing up, ready to pummel the red-head. "How could you let him? That was our only advantage!" Jack shouted.

"Yeah. I know! Don't you think I've already beat myself up enough?!" Kuro spat. Jack settled back into his chair and sighed.

"Okay. How do you know you didn't just lose the thing?" Jack asked. Kuro rummaged around his pants pocket for a while before showing Jack the note. Jack studied the note for a while before commenting. "Yep, this is Yusei's printing." Jack crumpled the slip of paper and stood up. "Let's go." He stated. Kuro finished his breakfast and followed suit, the two thanked Martha before they left the house.

Haha! Yusei's in for it now! What horrors await him when Jack and Kuro catch him? Will the three ever get to the beach? I don't want to give anything away, but I'm leaning towards them tying up Yusei and dragging him to the beach. Will the poor laptop be taken hostage again? Find out only in Oboeteiru? Oretachi No Taisetsu Na Iwaku.