Everyone always says that Mitchie Torres was the reason Shane Gray became a decent guy. They simply said she changed him, and made him realize that people were people, no matter if they were famous or not. That was it-the end of their explanation for his change.

There was so much more to Shane Gray's story than that, though. Things that happened at Camp Rock that summer that people didn't even know about, or understand.

How could they be so narrow-minded as to end their theory there? Mitchie Torres was no super hero with powers to change people. It took much more than one girl's lie to change someone in it as deep as Shane Gray.

Sure, it appeared that Mitchie helped him out-no one could deny that she did to some degree-but even Shane would disagree that she was capable of working such magic. The story of Camp Rock that summer went much deeper then most realized. There was more that happened. Much, much more…

Chapter 1

Shane walked across the camp, fury at his brothers seeming to roll off of him as he stomped along. Who cared if he had an attitude problem anyways? A lot of fans wouldn't care! Those are the people he considered real fans-the ones that didn't care what he did. Let him be who he wanted to be!

He was so angry he stopped watching where he was going and stumbled into someone, making him fall to the ground.

"I'm so sorry!" a girl said, offering her hand to help him up. He slapped it away with a glare at her and stood, brushing the dirt and nature off of him in disgust. After picking up his guitar case-she better not have hurt his instrument! - he whirled on her.

"Why don't you watch where you're going?!" he snapped, pushing harshly past her.

"Well, pardon me for tying my shoelace!" she yelled after him. He ignored her with a roll of his eyes, heading for his cabin. He gritted his teeth when she heard brisk footsteps and the girl fell into step with him, "In a bad mood, huh?"

"None of your business." He stated firmly, ignoring her.

"Are you a counselor this year, too?"

"Too?" he stopped short, almost making her trip, "You mean I'm stuck working with you this summer?" Shane didn't wait for reply as he huffed in frustration and took up his quick walking again.

"What's your name?" the girl asked, making him stop short again but she didn't nearly trip again.

"My name?" Shane asked with disbelief, "You're asking my name?"

"I believe that's what I asked." The girl said, "Isn't that what people usual do when they meet for the first time?"

"I am Shane Gray." Shane pronounced the words carefully, to which she gave him a strange look, "As in Shane Gray from Connect 3?"

"Connect who?" her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Shane gave her a plainly snobbish look at her ignorance.

"Connect 3." Shane repeated in annoyance that she didn't recognize his fame, "The most popular band in America."

"You're in 'the most popular band in America'?" the girl asked flatly to which he nodded superiorly. Shane was shocked and infuriated when the stranger burst out laughing, "Wow. You sound like it too."

"What's that supposed to mean?" he snapped, turning and walking towards his cabin again.

"You sound just about as conceited as I would expect from someone as famous as you." She replied, still laughing quietly. He ignored her, "Wait…were you serious?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" he threw over his shoulder, bitter at her not knowing who he was.

"I thought…You said you were from the most popular band in America, and I never thought someone would say that seriously." She said, "That's just rude."

"Are you saying I'm rude?" he spun to face her, with a set jaw. She seemed to exam his skinny jeans and white leather jacket before replying confidently.

"I might be hinting that way."

"Take your dumb accusations somewhere else." Shane snapped, shifting his guitar case strap on his shoulders before strutting off confidently. He groaned inwardly when he heard her catch up to him.

"My name's Jessica." She stated, standing in his path and offering her hand for a handshake, "Jessica Parker."

"As if I cared." Shane smirked, and Jessica let her hand drop to her side.

"You should." She nodded with a straight face, "I'm from the second most popular band in America."

"Are you making fun of me?" he asked, narrowing his eyes as he gazed at her with obvious dislike. She shrugged.

"Which cabin are you staying in?" Jessica asked.

"If I tell you will you go away?" Shane asked in annoyance, "This one." They stood in front of the large cabin he had gestured at.

"Cool." She remarked, "I'm staying in that one- across the path from yours. I love having a spot by the lake."

"Nature freak." He mumbled, climbing the porch steps.

"You know, someday your rudeness is going to bite back." She said blankly.

"And that's supposed to mean?" Shane raised an eyebrow and rolled his eyes.

"One of these days, someone's going to challenge you supposed superiority." Jessica shrugged, "They're going to want to be treated as an equal. And, quite frankly, I'm curious to see what your reaction will be. I only hope I'm around to see what happens."

"Whatever." Shane looked bored and entered his cabin without another word to her. That girl was crazy. Didn't she know who she was talking to? He was better than to have to listen to her insane "predictions."

Mitchie Torres dropped the trash bags at the bottom of the steps in front of one of the cabins. She had just finished making burger patties with her mom for the open mic that night.

"You think you're hot, but I'm sorry your not exactly who you think you are. Can't tell you what that you haven't got, but when we walk into the room…" a girl's voice sang, but stopped abruptly sounding irritated, "Once again from the top, girls."

Wow, they're good.

Mitchie didn't know what to think when she heard the girls singing. Would she ever sound good enough? Confidence was easy to get when she was along in her bedroom, but here surrounded by so many other people?

She forced herself to stop eavesdropping and take the trash to the dumpster before washing her hands. For some reason, hearing the girls' singing so well made her want to look at her songs again, so she stopped at he cabin to grab her songbook. She shuffled through the pages before sighing and stuffing the book in her back pocket.

Mitchie headed to the mess hall to set out plates, bowls and other dishes. When she stepped into the room it hit her as a peaceful place. No one was in there and it sounded so quiet.

The way the sun's warm glow came in through the screen windows was beautiful and Mitchie thought the piano had a nice look in the soft light. After finishing setting her bowls out, Mitchie couldn't help but feel drawn toward the small piano at one side of the room. No one would mind if she played a little, right?

"Come on, guys. I learned my lesson." Shane spoke angrily into his cell phone, still amazed that he had reception, "I showered in cold water, I have looked at a tree. It's been three hours. I need hair product."

"I guess it's time to embrace the natural look." Nate said sounding humored, and Shane felt ready to scream at him.

"Oh, have fun." He heard Jason add sounding equally entertained.

"Guys." Shane contained himself enough to keep from yelling, but they had already hung up. He flipped his phone shut with an annoyed sigh, only to here a girl's excited exclamation and point him out to several others. Just what he wanted to deal with at the moment. Crazy fan girls ready to tears him to pieces.

Shane ran around the building, tripped up, but made it behind some bushes. He was amazed to find that the girls lost him. Soft piano playing met his ears as the girls were looking for him only feet away.

"Do you know what it's like to feel so in the dark? To dream about a life, where you're the shining star? Even though it seems like it's too far away. I have to believe in myself, it's the only way. This is real, this is me. I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now. Gonna let the light, shine on me-" a girl sang from inside the building he was next to.

"I think he went that way!" a girl screamed, and Shane sighed in relief as the group disappeared. He rushed to get inside the building and find who had been singing only a moment ago.

The room was empty.

Jessica twirled her curly brown hair around her finger in thought as she sat on the dock and stared across the lake. Shane Gray was famous? For real? She had never heard of him before. The thought humored her when she remembered his stunned expression when she hadn't been able to recognize him.

Camp was bound to be interesting. It always was. Last year Jessica had been excited to attend Camp Rock for the first time but since she turned eighteen soon after, she had become eager to be a instructor this year.

Mitchie rolled her eyes inside at her mom's telling her to be herself and continued to put in the earrings she had selected. Her mom didn't know what she felt like at the moment. No one did.

The other kids at camp were wealthy and there because they could afford it-not because their parent got a discount for working there. Mitchie smiled when her mom told her the earrings looked nice, and was determined to make many friends that summer. For once in her life, she decided, she was going to be popular.