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NOTE: This story is inspired by Detective Conan and my undying wish to torture Sasuke one way or another.




Sasuke was rather relaxed at the moment; laying silent on the dewy grass near the waterfall, his arms tucked under his head in a lazy way. The man appeared tranquil and unperturbed on the exterior, although on the inside there was a myriad of thoughts and malicious plans all concerning his older brother, Itachi Uchiha.

A sinister smirk made its way to his lips, exposing a row of surprisingly white teeth. He thought of a merciless way to execute his brother, all fitting of a traitor to their clan.

Scratch that, they were many painful and heartless executions.

The plans in his mind played more like a movie of a mad man chasing after a defenseless person who ran for dear life. Sasuke as the predator with his dear sword making several punctures to the helpless Itachi.

The images seemed spectacular to him, they were absurd and he knew. But one can dream, no matter how ridiculous.

Miraculously he happened to find Itachi and said brother would cower and run off in fear from Sasuke's wrath, pleading for mercy that would never come.

The young Uchiha snorted at such ridiculous ideas he's gotten lately. More like childish thoughts, simulating from when he used to be just eight.

Eyes closed to the world again, mostly trying to find himself at peace in the little time he had. His journey in search of his brother had still led him nowhere. His new team doing all they could but it appeared futile every time they reached their destination of where his older brother could be.

If Sasuke was smart, Itachi was smarter.

Karin's ability was helpful to an extent, but when it came to faint chakras and Sasuke's nearness. She lost her concentration most of the time. This was stressful to him, moreover to the rest of the team. So to get a good time to himself he decided to leave their team for a short period, telling them he was just going to for a walk to relax. To this of course Karin signed up saying she would keep him company. But that was the last thing Sasuke wanted.

He snorted at the memory of her clinging onto his arm, trying to convince him to let her go with him. Of course as patient as he could be, Sasuke freed himself, ignoring her completely and walked away from their campsite.

That woman never learned, and such behavior always reminded him of his time in Konoha and of certain girls who would of died to do the same. Such actions also reminded him of his ex-teammate, whom in occasions made her way inside his head. Her thoughtful caring deeds towards him and her effective way to always placate Naruto. Yes, she was somehow unique and still he wondered if she was the same.

Sasuke let out a contented sigh as the water lulled him further into relaxation and what could probably lead to some good earned sleep. This was the only time he could relax without going crazy over the smallest hint of Itachi, which normally got him nowhere in particular but empty cabins and abandoned buildings.

For a brief moment he stilled when he tried to shuffle into a more comfortable position, the ruffling of leaves behind him making him aware of the presence of something he could only classify as an animal due to its lack of chakra. He waited for some animal to pop out from the bushes, but it seemed the poor animal was stuck.

Not his problem.

He closed his eyes again.

But much to his pretend game of not hearing a thing, he could not ignore the small cry of what appeared to be of a child coming from the same spot he thought an animal was trapped in.

Sasuke quickly sat straight and stared with sharingan blaring at the blueberry bush.

First a hand popped out, the small fingers curled up into fists that expressed how much strength the child used to attempt to free herself. Then a barefoot, and at last a head full of soft pink hair.

She looked up at him. Her giant emerald eyes filled with tears she couldn't get to stop from rolling down her rosy cheeks. She gave a hard pull on her red dress and fell on her stomach with a loud thud.

Sasuke arched a brow at the whole scenario and couldn't help but find similarities between this child and someone he used to know.

Clumsy, cry-baby, gullible, the list goes on...

The girl gazed at him with a miserable expression on her face. Her bottom lip trembled and her eyes pooled once more with fresh tears. Sasuke knew what would happen next and he could only flinch in anticipation before the hit.

She wailed loudly, hiccuping even and the fat tears kept running down her cheeks without stopping.

This was such an inconvenience and he didn't know what to do, never really being the type to comfort someone. But he knew he had to try something if he wanted her to shut up.

"Don't cry now, you're alright so get up" Sasuke ordered with as much tact as possible.

The young girl only stared at him with surprise, those giant emerald eyes widening in awe at what he had just told her, she didn't get it, what did he mean she was alright? Being lost, hurt and afraid. What part of that was alright?

With only one thing in her mind at the moment, which was to find her mommy soon. But with her not knowing where she was she could only keep crying.

Sasuke groaned, becoming rather impatient.


Her lip trembled.


She pouted

"I'm warning you…"

She began to harshly breath through her nose, her eyes becoming filled with tears again.

"Don't you-…"

The girl let out a loud cry rivaling that of her first, small fists rubbing her eyes slowly.

She appeared to be around four years old, so the Uchiha guessed she could talk. Sasuke at this moment was frustrated but for some reason could not find the courage to forcibly shut her up.

After what seemed like an eternity, he came up with an idea. She was a little kid and like any little kid you had to treat her the same. And what do little kids like?

"If you be quiet, I promise I'll get you some sweets"

The crying stopped almost immediately. Curious emerald eyes staring at him incredulously, with a simple stare Sasuke knew he was being called a liar.

"You buy me candy?" she asked him in a very small voice. With a small hand she tried to brush the tears that soaked her cheeks as she slowly approached the man. He gave a stiff nod. Inwardly he was glad she stopped crying, but now he had just received some unwanted task. Taking care of this child.

Just a few minutes ago he was attempting to have the most peaceful nap he would get in centuries just before his haunting over his brother. But now, he was talking to this little Sakura-look-alike who just happened to appear out of no where.

What was a girl of her age doing all alone in a forest away from the nearest village, which also happened to be miles away from their location. Not just that, the village itself was not one to play around in and he knew. Crooks always fiddled around the Mist village, this was no safe place. He looked at her oddly, but nodded none the less to her question.

"Mommy said no candy from strangers" she pouted again, the corner of her eyes filled with fresh new tears.

Of course, she had to had known one of the basic rules.

"Where are your parents?" he asked her. In return she began to sniffle again, constantly looking around her. Her mud stained cheeks swelled from the quick intake of breath. He guessed she was trying to hold back the cries but it was futile she began to wail again.

Growing frustrated by this and all the crying was leading him nowhere.
Sasuke could of just left her there to find her way herself for all he cared. But he found himself somehow forced to help her. A menacing growl left his throat, gaining the attention of the little girl who stopped in her cries just to look at the angry man.

Inside her head, a little voice told her to stop angering the nice stranger who promised her candy.

"Please don't cry again, I'm trying to help you"

He gave a nod when she became silent, "Now where are they? Why are you here in the woods all alone?"

"I…" her lip trembled as she tried to speak, but with a wary look from Sasuke she held back the tears.

"Brave girls don't cry, so hold it"


"No buts, do you like to be called a crybaby?"

She shook her head aggressively, her short pink hair sticking to her muddy face all the more. The girl found it weird to be taught by a mysterious man on how she should behave, but strangely enough she found herself drawn to this strange person.

"Mommy is gone" she replied shakily.

Tiredly he took a seat just in front of her, his elbows resting on his knees as he leaned closer to the girl who stood still on her spot waiting for more questions. She was short and dirty, only wearing that red shirt he at first mistook for a dress. For a moment he thought he went crazy and thought he was actually seeing his old teammate, but that thought later vanished from his mind when he realized that was rather impossible.

"Then what are you doing here in the forest all alone? You do know bad people like to come around here" Sasuke coldly interrogated.

"I was over there" she pointed behind her, emphasizing from where "there is lots of blood everywhere" the girl sniffled again, the tears threatening to fall, but with a look from him she stopped herself before she could start to cry. "I saw dead people and got scared!"

"Can you take me there?"

She nodded reluctantly. He swiftly scooped her up, not really minding her messy appearance and walked the way she told him.

Maybe her parents were there and he could still find them alive, enough to help them to the nearest village. Sasuke wanted to feel optimistic when he reached the clearing and the only thing he could see were a few dead men scattered all over the clearing. The center of the place was disturbed, giant boulders bulging out from the ground and some of the trees nearby had been ripped from the ground.

"I was over there" the little girl pointed to the center of the place, from where he could see the crater had been originated. He cocked an eye brow and hesitantly walked over to the spot.

Sasuke faintly remembered the remains of the clothes that laid now shredded inside of the crater. A few years ago he had seen an specific girl wear the same outfit, he was sure of that. Sasuke had memorized her attire then. He glanced at the girl next to him, almost as if afraid he looked behind her red shirt. There it was in fact, the white ring that was his former teammate's family emblem.

His eyes narrowed into slits, not really wanting to think the worse he asked, "What is your name?"

The little girl looked up in surprise to his question, then with a small smile she answered "Haruno Sakura"



To be Continued…

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