Okay so this is my new idea for a story.

It's based on the movie: Wildchild!!!

Basically it's about a spoiled Cali-girl named and when she becomes too much of a problem for her dad to handle he sends her to a boarding school for girls. (the school's name is Abbey Mount). So she really hates it there and with the help of her new friends/dorm-mates they find that the only way to get out of there is to snog (I know it's weird it means make out in scary British lingo) Freddie the Head Mistress's son.

She soon falls for him and doesn't want to leave but from one mistake she may not have a choice and be forced to leave thanks to a rival Harriet (who is the head girl of the school).

Be careful what you wish for!

Okay so now you have some background info here we go!



She was finally starting to like the school.

"Isn't it ironic that my ticket outta here just might be the reason I wanna stay"

It's what she wanted but does she really want it now?

Show's Poppy sitting by the window all alone thinking about her new self and how much she's changed.

But one little mistake might ruin her staying

The lighter it slipped out of her clammy hands and just caught a light on the window's curtains.

And then there's Freddie

Shows Poppy leaning in to kiss Freddie.

What if it wasn't her mistake though.

Shows Poppy at Honour Court.

And she stays

Shows Poppy smiling on her bed

Yeah we all know that happens we watched the movie.

What will happen from there?




Follow the Poppy her friends and boyfriends through the highs and lows

Oh and did I mention that Abbey Mount isn't an all girls school anymore?