A/N: This is my first ever Doctor Who fic! Kudos to anyone who gets the BtVS reference. ;)

Black And White

"Penguins, Doctor?" Donna exclaims loudly, her blue eyes wide in surprise as she peers out the door of the TARDIS at the expanse of snow and ice and…penguins.

He offers her a shrug from where he stands just outside, a cheeky grin in place. "Penguins, indeed."

"You're saying this whole planet is full o' penguins?"

A nod. "There's also a planet with no shrimp, you know. A mirror image of Earth, but no shrimp to be found. Amazing, really. Now if there was a planet that granted your every wish with none of those nasty side effects, that'd be something really special."

"I suppose there's something else here then?" she asks, ignoring his last comment.

"There's ice. And snow. Lots of snow."

"And?" She waves a hand dramatically for him to go on.

"And I suppose there are fish to feed the penguins and whatever it is that fish eat. And whatever it is 'whatever it is that fish eat' eat." He frowns and scratches behind one ear.

"Then why are we here?"

"Oh, I don't know. Adventure. Excitement. The usual."

"On a planet full of nothing but penguins and ice and snow?"

"Precisely!" His eyes shine brightly.

Donna sighs loudly and shakes her head in mild disbelief. "Right then. Wait here while I go change."

"Why change? That looks warm enough," he says, gesturing in her direction. "You'll certainly fit in around here."

"Oy!" She glares at him as he looks her choice of clothing over: a white top over black jeans with a thin black scarf over the top. Black and white. Just like the penguins. "Funny, Doctor. Real funny."

He suppresses the urge to smirk for fear of being slapped, until her back is turned and she is on her way inside. As she closes the door, he hears her mutter something under her breath and he throws caution to the wind.

She can slap him for laughing hysterically if she so desires and he won't mind. It'll be worth it.

"Penguins! What'll it be next time? Flamingos, perhaps? Oh God! I'm never going to be able to wear pink again!"