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Dojima lit his cigarette and leaned back into the couch, his eyes trapped by the TV's glow. In his lap sat Nanako, pleasantly content by being so near her father, which left only Soji Seta at the table. Soji was watching the news absently, his mind hazy and his body oddly tired. He hadn't been to the TV world for a little while now, so his soreness and exhaustion confused him, but Yosuke had told him to merely blame post-stress from exams. 'It's summer break now, dude, you can sit back a bit,' Yosuke had contributed happily. 'But not too much--we've still got a job to do! Haha.' Soji tiredly rolled his eyes at the memory but smiled nonetheless. Yosuke was a good guy and Soji liked him.

"Kid, you're lookin' a little out of it," Dojima pointed out, glancing away from the TV. Nanako's attention was attracted as well, and Soji flustered under the attention for a moment before he shrugged. He didn't lie to Dojima. There was no need. He just retained certain information at times. Dojima gestured for him to go off and get some early rest and Soji didn't argue--it was probably for the best. Besides, Soji just found it wearisome to argue or disobey adults. There was little point in it.

Soji was too tired to do much else and so going to his futon was his priority. He was asleep once his head hit the pillow, and the next thing he knew, he felt himself being pulled away from his comfortable darkness to a different place. The black shifted away, and Soji caught himself glancing wearily around the Velvet Room.

There were four people in the Velvet Room, not including Soji, and so when Soji wiped at his eyes to try and focus a bit better, he knew his eyes weren't deceiving him. Igor and Margaret sat there pleasantly, Igor smirking under his long nose and Margaret glancing to the seat opposite her. There another tall, blue-dressed woman sat, but in her lap was a long adolescent figure, who curled against her arm so his head was near her breast.

"No worry," Igor said pleasantly, chuckling lightly. "You are fast asleep in your world. I invited you here in your dreams. How have you been getting along, my young Soji Seta? Making good use of our services?" Soji's eyes were set on the blue-haired boy sleeping in the strange woman's lap, and so his answer came a little slowly.

"Uhh…Er, oh--I have been. Often. Who's…?"

Igor looked to the woman and boy in surprise, but it didn't take a genius to figure out he was faking it. "Oh. You mean these two?" He chuckled and turned back to me. Margaret took up the responsibility of answering.

"This is my predecessor and sister, Elizabeth," she introduced, nodding her head, smiling faintly. Elizabeth took up the responsibility of speaking from there, though her voice was weary and worn.

She gestured to the boy, and Soji nodded curiously. "This is a boy who is about your age. He is the one who was protecting your world from the deadliest of Personae and Shadows and his body died from the wear on his soul. He was not very well prepared for the role now assigned for him--after this rest, he may not need another. I went to go and rescue his soul from destruction, for his protection was beginning to falter. For now, I have set my own soul as the wall while his soul strengthens again."

Soji watched the sleeping boy with wide eyes, unsure how to react any further. His mind whipped through what this meant, and after a few moments of deciphering and reasoning, he turned to Igor. He had ideas of what this boy was, but dared not speak up to be proven wrong. Soji did not like to be wrong in front of those who he felt the desperate desire to impress. If he didn't impress Igor, he worried his powers would be taken away. So he stayed silent until Igor chuckled again and explained.

He gestured to the boy and then crossed his hands under his nose again. "This young man was a former guest of ours. Your predecessor, to be correct. He has the wild card Persona ability, just like you. His eminent return to your world while his soul strengthens again has been what has caused your body some grief--two wild cards so close to each other has an effect similar to that of two positive, or negative, magnets." He paused to chuckle, and Margaret gestured with her own hand as she took up the speaking part.

Soji listened, not sure how he was going to come into this yet, but he was figuring it out quick enough. So this kid was like he is, something happened, and he had to protect the world from some bad Personae. His soul was getting too worn down, though, so Elizabeth had to go get him and bring him back to our world. Alright--that seemed to be the summary of what they were saying. Soji was too tired to really be absorbing this much at once, but he couldn't go back until Igor was satisfied, so he sat patiently.

"We want to ask you," Margaret said quietly, watching Soji with pleading eyes. "To watch him and take care of him until he's strong enough to return. He can fight in the world of Shadows with you and your friends, but do not ask him to fight for long. He may also wish to see some of his old friends, but I believe it is up to you what you will do for him."

"Take care of him," Elizabeth croaked out quietly, her eyes lowered and her free hand moving up to brush back the boy's hair. He continued to sleep without disturbance.

"What's his name?" Soji finally said, and Igor laughed quietly.

"That is your only question, of course," he mused. "His name is Minato Arisato. You will find him waiting for you at the bus station tomorrow--he will know your name and what you look like, so he will greet you."

A silence passed, in which Soji took that moment to absorb again what he had been told. With a final glance to the slumbering Minato Arisato, he nodded and Igor mimicked the action.

"Well, until we meet again…" he bade. "Farewell."

Soji woke instantly, bolting upright and staring about his dark bedroom. A few moments of disorientation consumed him, but once he figured out he was here, at his home with the Dojimas and not at his home back in the city, he recovered. He stood, a hand sliding through his hair and then falling to rest on his hip, and wandered to his window. A clear night greeted him when he drew back the curtain, and he watched the lights outside for a while as he processed what was going through his mind.

He had been ordered to babysit the former Velvet Room guest, Minato Arisato, while his soul patched back together. Another wildcard Persona-user, like him…His body ached and he exhaled, and then nodded. Well, that was fine. Another hand in helping solve the murder would be nice. Besides, Soji didn't really believe the police could handle catching their suspect anyway. It kept Dojima away just about every night, and he only got tonight off because he had Adachi doing some work for him. Soji let his curtain fall back and he returned to his futon. He fell asleep again, gradually, as his mind took some time to put some things together and relax.

What was the other wild-card Persona-user like?