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The rest of the trip seemed to go by too quick. Soji was only just barely capable of connecting memories between leaving the Dorm that early morning to entering the hotel late at night. Perhaps there was some event at a club in some mall on the island that night, perhaps not, but Soji had been stuck in a sort of shell after his contact with his Shadow. Rise may have gotten trashed, or may not have. Soji found himself in the hall at the hotel after the time at the club, feeling fuzzy and warm and bubbly. The taste of alcohol was not present, yet he felt drunk and that may have been mostly to blame from his exhaustion and faint fever.

His shirt was faintly unbuttoned and skewed, and the hall seemed to tilt as he stood still with his back against his door. Somehow he couldn't remember how he had gotten here, or why he felt so dizzy. Holding the wall for some guidance, he stepped away, running his free hand through his mussed up gray hair. Had he just woken up? Had he been undressing? He didn't know. Something primal led him, though, and before he knew it, he was outside of the girls' room. The numbers were familiar, and he knew they weren't Kanji's, Yosuke's, and he's room. He touched the door, thumb tracing the handle in hesitation.

Minato was sleeping on his bed, he recalled. He hadn't had the heart to move him, so he had decided to shower off before going to bed, hoping the kid would roll over a bit while he did so. Soji must've been distracted while starting to undo his shirt, though. He'd ended up in the hall instead of in the bathroom.

It was late. Perhaps a little bit before or after midnight. Yet Soji felt no guilt when he rapped gently on the girls' door, wondering vaguely why the door was swaying. Maybe he was the one who was swaying, and he smiled vaguely in spite of this. Silly. He should go back to his own room, but he simply put more weight on his heels and waited for the door to open.

Chie answered, pawing at her eyes tiredly. She was dressed in her pajamas, but didn't quite have the look like she had been asleep. Perhaps she had just been snuggling in too. Soji looked down at her, and said plainly, "Is…Rise still awake?"

Rise? Why did he want to see Rise? Confusion flashed through him, but it was quickly smothered by an odd hunger. It wasn't a hunger for food, but for something else, and he knew that only Rise could comfort that desire. It wasn't particularly for sex, but more like the attention only she could give him. He wanted that. Making up for lost time would have made sense to the sleepy young man, but he was too tired and sick to care much for real reasons.

Chie looked back, then looked up to Soji. "Err…Maybe. She's still a bit loopy. What's up, Soji?"

"I want to see her. May I come in?"

Chie looked a bit surprised, glanced about, and Soji only had to mention the Camping Trip once to get her to groan and let him in. Moving in, the gray-haired male moved straight to the bed where Rise sat, playing with the frills on the bottom of her sleeping dress. She looked up in shock when Soji stood over her and she looked about. Yukiko was on the other bed, snoring softly and fast asleep. Chie looked at Soji nervously, then sighed and returned to watching TV on muted volume. Soji chose to ignore the other two. All he wanted right now was Rise.

"Soji," she said, smiling up at him. "When we were playing that game earlier, that was so much fu--" She was silenced when Soji leaned onto the bed and kissed her, gently lowering her until she was lying down completely. He was positioned above her, his hands keeping him from lying down on top of her, his knees jamming into the side of the mattress. Movement seemed fuzzy and smeared, and a heat had gone and made every touch against Rise's colder, bare arms sharp in his dizzy world. Before Soji had realized it, he was moving more into his kisses, desperate to keep constant, blissful contact. Her lips tasted like strawberries and his mind went through a fast commercial, starring his pop idol girlfriend.

Tired of kissing always being so bland? Try Strawberry Lip Flavor! It'll drive your boyfriends absolutely crazy!

"I love strawberries," Soji heard himself saying. "Mom used to call me Ichigo sometimes, just to make fun of me."

Rise only made a vague noise back, her arms looped around Soji's neck, eyes shut and lips moving gently against his. In the bed over, Soji thought he heard Chie giggle and he darted an eye up to check. It was hard to see past his messed up bangs, but he caught Chie's little smile. He ignored her. He wanted to busy himself with Rise, not think about Chie.

This wasn't to say that he had never been attracted to Chie. The same could be said about Yukiko, too. They were both pretty girls, and he had crushed quite hard on Yukiko before he had met Rise. Soji, unlike Minato, was intensely straight and doubted he could spread himself so thin over so many people. Having two girlfriends, that may have been a sweet deal for some, but Soji was very much content with all of the affection he received from one girl. Rise was enough for him a few times over.

Soji had burnt himself out after a little while longer of the intense kissing session, and he felt so very tired that he thought he might cry. He dragged his sorry butt from Rise's bed, though, knowing that if he was caught there, he'd be in huge trouble. Straightening his shirt a bit, he left the room without a single word, satisfied and feeling quite content. Somehow, the sick young man stumbled into his own room (how long had he had a key card to the room?) and he didn't even care this time through that Minato was sleeping and taking up most of the bed. Kanji and Yosuke were tangled up in each other, and as hilarious as that would have been to have captured on film, Soji was simply too exhausted. Collapsing onto the bed next to Minato, reduced to a corner, the male was asleep as soon as his head hit pillow.


Upon waking the next morning, everything felt heavy and loud. Minato was in the bathroom, coughing, and for a moment, Soji simply dismissed it and tried to roll over to fall asleep. Light peeked through his eyelids and he caught the time on the clock. It was only five in the morning. Kanji was snoring gently and Yosuke was half on the floor, legs pinned underneath the other boy. Soji squeezed his eyes shut, trying to push everything out and slip back to sleep.

Then he realized what Minato's coughing was, and he stood up gently, sore in his back. Making out passionately with Rise was only vaguely in the back of his mind, reminding him that being bent over someone on a bed could do that to you. Staggering to the door, leg a tad asleep, Soji peeked blearily into the lighted room. A hoarse, "You okay?" escaped him, causing the blue-haired male to jump and look behind himself quickly.

"O-Oh. Soji," Minato sighed, relaxing. He wiped his mouth. Soji moved in, wincing at the smell. Minato had thrown up? What was that about? Was his health in worse shape than before? Soji went through a tired, mental panic for a moment. Then he realized that perhaps Minato was just sick from having his Shadow attack. Soji settled down beside the blue-haired boy on the floor, looking at him quietly.

"Are you okay?" Soji asked quietly. "Is this something I should worry about?"

Minato shook his head feebly, smiling a bit despite the green to his face. "No…Just a bit woozy. Room is spinning. I think it's from being in the TV…"

Soji nodded. "I'm not so hot myself. I understand," he replied, and then lay back, propping himself against the bath-tub side. It was a cramped bathroom, even without the two boys, and so some adjustments had to be made in position to be comfortable. Minato flushed the toilet a few times, then rested his head on his arms, which he folded on the seat.

For a while, neither of them said anything, and soon Minato started to gag again. Soji moved to rub his back, trying not to be sick himself at the sound of the retching. Minato moaned a little, flushing and wiping his mouth again when he was done.

"You should go back to sleep," Minato whispered. "I'm sorry I woke you."

Soji shook his head. "No. It's okay. I wasn't sleeping too well either. Can we turn off the light, though?"

Minato nodded, and Soji moved just enough so he could reach the switch. As soon as the lights went off, both of them sighed in relief, the brightness having been a pain to their impaired vision. Soji moved, trying to feel Minato's temperature by using the back of his hand against the other's forehead, but it felt the same temp as his hand. Soji smiled sickly.

"I'm sorry, Minato. I should have behaved better toward you. I really let you down."

Minato chuckled lowly, peeking above his folded arms, staring at the back of the toilet. "No, Soji…I purposely tried to rile you a lot of times. I'm sorry too…"

They were quiet a bit longer, before Minato shut his eyes and exhaled quietly. "My parents died when I was little. It was a car crash. I loved them very much. That day, I felt something in me change. I didn't know it was because Death had been placed inside of me, but I grew very hateful of my world. I didn't talk. My relatives had not wanted the responsibility of me as it was, and so the feeling was mutual between us."

Hearing Minato speak this much perked Soji and he looked to the boy a bit dizzily, wondering what was bringing on the conversation. Maybe, Soji thought, it's because I said we needed to talk.

Minato continued. "I lived out in the country for a little bit with my aunt and uncle. I was little and I had lost most everything, but I never felt lonely. It was like something was warm in my chest, and so I never ached because I was alone. I ached because I missed my parents and my home."

"Tell me about your parents," Soji interrupted. He didn't want to hear about the sad parts. He knew how painful being without parents was. His were alive, yes…but they might not as well have been. He wouldn't dare say that aloud, though. Alive parents who were never there were still very different than dead parents.

Minato sighed gently, fondly. "My dad…He was really tall. He had blue hair, like me, and it was always in a ponytail. He wore glasses when he read to me. He was like a professor, I think, or maybe a teacher. He was smart. I remember trying to read his books, but I couldn't, because they were full of hard words. But he was always really nice. He'd play with me when he could."

"And your mother?"

"She was really pretty. I wanted to marry her, because I loved her so much. She spoiled me stupid, I think. I can't remember a time when she wasn't bending over to give me some sweet of some kind. She had my gray eyes, and they were so kind. So kind," Minato breathed gently, sounding a bit pained. It was a good pain, though. These were words he hadn't said aloud in ages, if he ever had. Soji was glad he may have been one of the first to hear it. "We'd go on walks a lot. I remember seeing a brother and sister once, and I told her I wanted a baby brother. She gave me this look…"

Minato looked to Soji tiredly. "Maybe she wanted me to have one too. I don't remember."

"Did you have any friends?"

Minato shut his eyes. "I was small. I don't remember if I did or not. I can't recall."

Soji rubbed Minato's back again and gave him a gentle smile. Minato gave him a sad, lonely look, and then let out a soft noise. "I miss them, Soji. I miss them…and I'll miss all of my friends…"

"Koromaru is staying with you, until you have to go away," Soji soothed. "I'll stay with you. My friends will stay with you. We won't let you be lonely. Your friends will never forget you, either. Maybe they'll name a kid after you, or something." He smiled, and Minato made a sputtering noise that may have been a laugh.

Minato cried for a little while into his sleeves, and when he was done, the two young men stood up dizzily. They crawled back into bed, knowing they could possibly only get in another twenty minutes until an official wakeup call would be sent up. It didn't matter. Any rest was better than no rest, and Soji knew that sleeping on the train would be an option too.

In the very back of his mind, he felt the faint stirrings of a true bond between Minato and he.

The World Social Link has been established

Soji and Minato smiled into their pillows.



If you caught the reference, good for you. The 'Ichigo' bit. Soji's voice actor (as well as Adachi's) is Johnny Yong Bosch, who has been in just about every game/anime in existence, but he is also the voice actor of Ichigo from Bleach. So. If you caught that, you win a nice pat on the back