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Sweat began to trickle down Wes' face as he ran down Pyrite Town's dirt path. He could feel the presence of his ever-faithful pokémon Umbreon and Espeon right behind him. The summer heat was unbearable for him. In his haste to escape, he had carelessly thrown away what little bit of clothing gave away his location. Thus, he was only clad in his ochre colored boxers and sterling silver customized spy glasses.

Wes continued to run. So caught up in his run, he didn't hear her the first time. It wasn't until he heard her say his name again that he heard what she was saying.


Rui! Rui was calling out to him.

Wes had almost forgotten that he left her behind. He had to. He had to get away. He couldn't stay and help her.

Rui. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

"Umbre! Umbreon!"

Wes' eyes snapped opened as he leaped to the left, almost making contact with a tree. He wobbled a bit but caught himself before he fell.

"Thanks, Umbreon!"


Wes heard the cry again.


Wes found himself grinding his teeth in frustration, knowing there was nothing he could really do for her now.

I'm coming Rui. Just hold on. I'm almost there! I'm almost finished! Just hold on!

This time he heard a different voice. A more forceful, more masculine one.


Wes furrowed his brow as he thought about the owner.


He too was left behind in his haste to escape. A wave of guilt washed over Wes, but he had to finish. He had to! For them! He'd come back, but not until he finished.

Hold on. I'm coming. I promise. I'm almost there. Just hold on!

"Wes! What're doing, boy? Come back!"

Wes grimaced. He couldn't go back now. He was so close.

"Wes!" Rui called out again.

"Wes! Baby, please!"

Wes ignored their calls. He was going to finished if it killed him.

Wes' eyes widened when he saw the end of the path. A wall of stone and mud about fifteen high stood there. It was a dead end. There was nowhere else to go.

With a huff, Wes began sprinting towards the heap of rocks and mud, his pokémon right behind him. As soon as he got within distance, he lunged at the wall. Umbreon and Espeon, surprised by their human's actions, opened their mouth in shock, but soon shook it off as they faithfully lunged after him. Together, they all grasped the edges of the bluff and began to mount it.

The whole mount up the wall those dreadful voices never ceased their assault on Wes.

"Wes! Boy, what're doing?"

"Wes! Please stop!"

Wes ignored them and continued his mount. When he reached the top, he saw that it was another dead end. He looked off the edge of the cliff and saw nothing but a sea of water. With a huff, Wes took a few steps back, preparing himself to dive into the deep sea.

"Wes! Come down from there! You're gonna hurt yourself!"

Wes turned his head to see his red-headed girlfriend stare at him scornfully, arms folded, and foot tapping. Beside her, he saw the owner of Pyrite's Colosseum and his bodybuilding friend Dunking with the same expression on his face.

"Boy? What are you doing?"

"Wes get down from there!"

Shaking his head casually, Wes turned his attention back to the cliff.

"Wes, you better not!"

Ignoring his partner's warning, Wes sprinted towards the edge of the cliff, his Umbreon and Espeon right behind him.


Wes continued to run until he got to the cliff's edge, where he dove right off and fell to the cold sea below him, his Umbreon and Espeon beside him, following him through all his actions.

"Wes!" Rui gave a piercing scream.

Wes folded is arms at his side and kept his legs together as he squinted his eyes in determination, getting closer to the icy cold sea below.

A few moments later, Wes opened his arms and legs, and twisted his body upward, heading feet first into the water.

"Wes, no!"

Before Wes could hit the water, a Flygon dove down under him, catching him and his pokémon before they hit the ocean's surface.

Rui gave a sigh of relief as she saw her boyfriend fly back towards Dunking's home/office.

"Good job Flygon. You got even closer to the water this time."

"Fly. Flygon."

"Alright guys. I guess we can head back to Rui and Dunking. Our training's done for today."

Flygon dove down next to her trainer's partner and let him off.

No sooner had his feet touched the ground that Rui enveloped him in a Snorlax-sized hug.

"Oh Wes I was so worried!"

"Well it's not the first time I…" Wes was cut off as he felt the burning feeling of a slap across his face.

"Ow…Rui, wha…"

"That was for pulling a stunt like that! You could have given me a heart attack!"

"It wasn't a stunt. I was training."

"Humph," Rui folded her arms in frustration.

"Aww, relax Rui. You can't blame the boy for wanting to get away for a little. But you could have given us a warning before you sprinted off like that, Wes," Dunking said as he walked up beside Rui.

"Yeah, but I just had to get away, Dunking. I couldn't take it anymore. Those ONBS press guys were smothering me. I just had to get away from them. I mean I can only take so much."

"Yeah I hear you. But what do you expect? I mean, you did save Orre from an evil syndicate who tried to take over the world by controlling pokemon. You're a hero, son!"

Wes just sighed in agreement as he began stretching.

"Yeah, I guess you're right," He said with a yawn.

"Looks like someone's a little tired," Rui said with a smile.

"You would be too if you ran 25 miles, climbed up a steep cliff, and dove down to an icy cold, uninhabited ocean."

"Yeah but I'm not in shape," Rui said as she slid herself into her boyfriend's arms.

"Maybe the press should come more often. I like seeing my man all sweaty and glistening. And I really love how you look clad only in your boxers. You have the firmest, well-toned butt I've ever seen," She said with a sly smile, grabbing that part of his anatomy for emphasis.

"What ever happened to the 'look but no touch' rule? And just how many butts have you seen?"

"To answer your first question, that's in terms of seeing one of the opposite sex. You can look at a girl, but no touchie. Same goes for me. I can look at another guy, but no touchie. That rule doesn't apply to us directly. I can look and touch you as often as I feel. As for the second, it can be altered if you choose to follow my answer to your first one," She said giving her boyfriend a warm kiss on the lips.

"Okay, okay! That's enough, you two. I really do not need to see PDA right now. I just ate," Dunking said with folded arms.

"What's wrong, Dunking? Getting a little embarrassed by how close we are?" Wes asked with a smirk, slipping his hand around Rui's waist.

"No! I'm just thinking about the pokémon."

"Well, the pokémon are used to it by now. I mean, they've seen us kiss. They've seen us cuddle. They've even seen when we…"

"Boy, I don't want to know! Sheesh! What is wrong with you youngins today?"

"Aww don't worry about it, Dunking. It's getting late anyway. Think we'll just check into a hotel tonight."

"Hotel? You two not going home?"

"Well, we don't really have a home to go to, Dunking. I mean, I've been traveling all my life and Rui's home was destroyed when she was kidnapped."

"Then where have you two been sleeping all this time?"

"In a hotel."

"Wait a minute, you mean to tell me all this time you two been checking into a hotel all these years?"

"Yep," They answered simultaneously.

Dunking began to turn pale as he thought of how the young couple spent most of their nights.

"Oh God, Oh…Oh…I gotta go!" And with that, Dunking sprinted inside his house and slammed the door behind him.

"Wonder what got into him?" Wes asked with a confused expression on his face.

"Aww, don't worry about it, Baby. Let's just go. You really need to take a shower."

"And you really need to put some more make-up on your face. You look a hot mess."


"Gotta run. Flygon! Let's go!"

The dragon pokémon dove down to her trainer. Wes hopped onto her back with Umbreon in tow.

"See you at the hotel, Babe. Love you!"

And before she could respond, Wes was up in the air, soaring towards the nearest hotel in Pyrite.

Rui let out a huff as crossed her arms.

"Oh, that Wes. Espeon, can you teleport us to the hotel?"

Espeon gave her friend a confused look.

"What? I know it's within walking distance, but I want you teleport me there."

Espeon just got up and started walking towards the hotel, shaking her head in the process. This girl is something else.

Rui stood there, dumbstruck, with Plusle behind her. She almost forgot she brought the little mouse with her when she went to find Wes.

With a sigh, Rui began walking towards the hotel.

"Let's go, Plusle."

Plusle just furrowed her brow in confusion before following her other trainer.

Rui lightly closed the door as she entered Wes' room. Quietly, she tiptoed over to her boyfriend's bed. As she was walking, she saw Umbreon and Espeon sleeping beside each other, curled up on the soft carpet by the bed. She smiled at how cute they looked sleeping together, then continued her walk to the bed.

Rui's smile widened as she looked at her boyfriend. He looked so peaceful. His face was so calm and relaxed, so different than in the day when he gets a call from Chief Sherles.

She carefully rubbed her fingers against his bare chest, pausing every time she ran over the linings in his abs.

He looked so beautiful. So peaceful.

Rui wished he could look like this all the time. In the day, she'd never once she his face so calm and relaxed. It was always scrunched up in determination and frustration. He was always getting assigned to go on missions from Dunking and Chief Sherles. If he wasn't on a mission, he was at a meeting. If he wasn't at a meeting, he was with the press. If he wasn't with the press, he was on a mission. Every day was the same. Rarely has he ever had any time for himself. Anytime he did, he was either training or running. It was just as simple as that. If he wasn't working, he was training. Not once has he ever stopped to just take a breather.

Rui often worried that maybe all this work was too much for him. Too overwhelming. Most times, Dunking would call him early in the morning to talk to him about some things. She had no idea what it was since he wouldn't let her come, saying that she needed her rest. Truth was he was the one who needed it. Often times he'd come back with little black circles under his eyes and a little disheveled. He'd claim he was okay but Rui knew that wasn't entirely true. Getting two or three hours of sleep a day was not healthy. What was worse was that Wes didn't look like it was taking any kind of toll on him. He'd keep pushing and persevering until he was done, which in most causes isn't bad, unless it's affecting you in a negative way. Wes didn't let it show even if it was affecting him. He didn't even let his pokémon fight or work when they were tired. He'd just go by himself and try to complete a mission without them.

Rui sighed. He really was stressed. He really needed his rest. And she'd make sure he got it. Starting tomorrow they were officially on vacation. No missions, no meetings, no press conferences. Just the two of them and their pokémon. This wasn't just something they wanted. It was something they needed!

Wes was hesitant about it at first, but soon gave in after Rui did some…convincing. He did need a break, no matter how much he denied it, and he was going to get one.

Lifting her hand, Rui began caressing his face, tracing his features. He began to stir a little and twitched his nose. Rui pulled her hand back slightly, fearing that maybe she had woken him. She didn't want to do that since she knew he really needed to sleep.

When he didn't move, Rui gave a sigh of relief and began staring at him once more.

She couldn't help it. She loved looking at him this way. He truly was a sleeping beauty.

Rui slowly began to turn back when she slipped on the hard floor and fell down. She shrieked as she fell hard on the ground and winced as she hit her arm against the bedside.

Instantly, she covered her mouth as she looked back up to the bed. She stood up and looked at Wes to see if he had woken up.

He didn't. Though his face was scrunched up, almost as if he saw something disturbing.

Rui saw his eyelids begin to flutter. He was always a light sleeper since he was always being called by Dunking about something he had to take care of.

Rui hastily started walking back towards the door to get back to her room, hoping that she could get out before he woke up.

She wasn't so lucky.

Before she reached the door she heard him call out to her. She turned around to see him rubbing his tired eyes. He sat up slowly and squinted his sleepy golden eyes at her, trying desperately to see her in the darkness.

Rui cursed herself for coming into the room wearing socks. The floor was just waxed before they went to bed. Thanks to her, Wes wasn't gonna get the full hours of sleep he deserved.

Slowly, she walked back over to the bed, sitting next her boyfriend.

"Hey, Baby."

"Rui, what…yawn…what are you doing in here?"

"I…uh…" She began to say. Wes looked at her with confusion in his tired eyes.

"Is something wrong?"

"No, no. I was just…lonely." She said quite innocently.

A small smile formed on Wes' face.

"You wanna sleep here tonight?"

"Really? You sure?"

Wes just gave her a nod. He gently pulled back the covers to let her in.

She shivered slightly as she crawled in.

"You cold?"

"A little."

"You want me to close the windows?"

"Won't it get stuffy in here?"

"We could leave the door open?"

"What and leave you open to start signing autographs and take pictures for a bunch of wild fangirls? I don't think so."

Wes smiled at his girlfriend's remark. He got out of the bed and began stretching. Rui's eyes widened as she noted that he was only wearing his boxers underneath the covers. She watched him closely as he walked over to the windowsill. He really did have a nice, firm, well-toned butt. She was surprised by how much she enjoyed looking at it.

Wes caught her gaze and smiled at how she was marveling at him.

"See something you like?" He said as he shut the window to stop the draft from coming in.

Rui blushed slightly when she realized she had been caught.

"Oh, yeah. I like a lot. Now I really want that door shut." She said with a sly grin.

"Interesting…" He said as he walked back over to the bed.

"Baby, how to you get it to look like that?"


"Your butt. It's so sexy! I mean, I just can't take my eyes off of it!"

"Is that supposed to be a compliment?"

"Of course it is. Why wouldn't it be?"

"Double-standard, Babe. Had I said that, you probably would have slapped me hard across my face and put me out of the hotel, even if I do have a right by the First Amendment to stay in."

"That's not true."

"Is it?"

Rui pondered on it for a while.

"Okay, maybe it is."


"But I'd still love you."

"I don't know. You women are so confusing. You'd have me running around the place desperately trying to win you back and at a bar in two minutes, having me thinking you've ripped out my heart and that it's all over, when in fact, it was just a little bump in the road."

"Is that a compliment or an insult?"

"Neither. It's just a simple statement of facts."

"Okay…anyway, answer the question."

"What question?"

"How do you get your butt to look like that!"

"God, you are so blunt."


"Training, Babe."

"Training? You mean with your pokémon?"

"No. I mean with me. I train myself. I go for runs, I lift weights, I do push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, tummy crunches, all of it."

"Tummy crutches? I hate those!"

"I love them. They strengthen my abdominal muscles and hip flexors."

"When do you do this?"

"In the morning. I get up bright and early and start running. Then I lift weights and bench presses…"

"Bench Presses?"

"Yeah, it's actually very nice. Keeps me focus and helps to relieve stress."

"Baby, I don't want you overexerting yourself."

"I'm not. I enjoy running and training."

"That may be so but I don't want you to turn into a big time bodybuilder like Dunking. It's so unsettling. I'd swear I'd throw up if you were even close to…" Rui turned pale as she pictured Wes' head on Dunking's muscular body.

"Aww, Eww! Eww!"

Wes laughed heartily at Rui.

"Don't worry, Babe. That's not gonna happen."



Rui smiled as she gave Wes a warm kiss on the lips. Her smile instantly changed into a frown as she thought about what she wanted to ask him when she saw him sleeping earlier. Wes noticed this, and his cheery expression changed into one of concern.

"What's wrong?"

Rui looked around the room before meeting his golden eyes.

"Baby, when you were sleeping earlier, your face scrunched up."

Wes' eyes fell to the floor as he realized where she was going with this.

"Why did you look so disturbed? Was it because I came in here and woke you?"


Rui looked at him as concern spread across her features.

"Wes? What's wrong? Is something the matter?"

"It's nothing."

"Now you know that's not true. Something's bothering you and I need you to tell me what it is."

Wes closed his eyes as he continued to keep his head low.

"Wes look at me."

He didn't move.

"Look at me."

Wes slowly looked up to meet her blue sapphire eyes.

"What's wrong?"

Wes hesitated before he answered.

"I had a bad dream."

Rui's concerned expression turned into one of contempt.

"Is that it? My God, Wes, you had me thinking this was something serious."

Wes furrowed his brow at her remark.

"C'mon Wes, you're 20 years old. Aren't you a little old to be crying over a petty little dream?"

Wes' frown got deeper and his brow wrinkled even more.

"It wasn't some petty little dream."

Rui made a rude sound as she flicked her hand at her boyfriend.

"Please. What, did someone die or something?"


"Was someone sick?"


"Then it was a petty little dream."


"Whatever it was, Wes, it's not real."


"When you wake up, the nightmare ends."

Espeon's eyes flickered open as she heard Rui's voice. Her eyes widened when she saw that she and Wes were fighting. She gently nudged Umbreon to wake him up.

"Be Espe…" Umbreon, wake up.

"Beeeee…" Mmmmm…

"Be Espeon-on." Umbreon look.

"Be?" Huh?

The two of them looked up to see their humans fighting.

"Be. Be Umbreon?" Why are they fighting?

"Be Espe. Espeon. Be Espe." I don't know, but they're scaring me. Look at Master's face.

"Be. Be Umbreon Umbre. Umberon-on." You're right. He looks frustrated.

"Espe-on Espe. I don't like this.

"Umbreon Umbre." Me either.

The two pokemon keep looking on at the display with worried faces. It was never a good thing when their trainer was upset.

"Get over it, Baby! You need to…"

"Rui!" He screamed as he stood up.

Rui paused and looked up at Wes. For the first time she noticed that he was upset. And that he had been crying.


"It wasn't some small petty little dream!"

"If no one died or was severely injured that was important to you, then how is it serious?"

"It's more serious than you'll ever know!"


"Yes, it is!"

"No, it's not!"

"Yes, it is!"

"You're awake, Wes! Whatever it was that happened in your sleep is over! It didn't happen!"

"Yes, it did!"

"No it…"

"Yes it did happen Rui! What happened in that dream is real!"

"Wes, it's over…"

"No, it's not!"

"Wes, what happened in that dream spooked you. I understand that…"

"No, you don't! You don't understand a damn thing that happened in that dream because you weren't there!"


"…You know what…Just forget it."


"Forget it."

"What do you mean, forget it?"

"I mean drop it. I'm ending the conversation, and I'm going to bed now."

"No, you're not."

"Fine. I'll go brush my teeth, then."

Wes turned around and walked towards the bathroom. Rui sprung up out of bed and ran in front of him, blocking the entrance to the door.

"No, the hell you're not! You're gonna sit here and tell me what's bothering you!"

"I don't need to tell you shit. Now excuse me."

Wes walked around her, but she grabbed him by the arm pulling him closer towards her.

"Excuse you?"

"Let me go."

"What's the problem, Wes?"


"Are you on crack or something?"


"What are you cheating on me? Is that what you dreamt about?"

Wes shakes his head in disbelief at what he was hearing.


"What's her name? Is it that slutty rider chick who's been flirting with you ever since we first got here?"


"Or is it that blonde whore who was hitting on you at the Pokemon Center the other day?"

"The hell are you talking about? I'm not cheating on you! This has nothing to do with you!"

"Oh really? Then what is it? You do something illegal or something?"

"Let me go!"

"What did you do?"


"Did you kill someone?"

"Let me go!"

"Did you abuse someone?"

"Dammit, Rui! Would you stop with all your damned accusations and let me go!"

"What did you do?"


"What's wrong? What's your problem?"

"I don't have a damn problem!"

"Yes, you do! I find it hard to believe that a simple little dream could…"

"It wasn't some simple little dream!"

"It wasn't real!"

"Yes, it was!"

"Whatever it was shouldn't be affecting you!"

"Yes the hell it should! You can't expect a child to be physically abused for 7 years to walk away and not be affected by it!"

Rui stopped and looked at Wes with a furrowed brow. Wes paused when he realized what he said and stared at Rui.

No words were spoken for a while. Wes pulled away from Rui and walked over to a corner in the room, leaning his head against the wall. Rui just looked at her boyfriend with concern in her eyes. That same look was reflected on Umbreon and Espeon's face, who stared at their trainer sorrowfully.

"Espee…" Oh no…

"Umbre. Umbreon…" Not that again. He's been through too much.

They each shared a worried glance and walked over to their trainer. A wave of guilt flew over Rui as she stared at her boyfriend. She slowly walked over to him.


He didn't move.

"Wes, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I didn't…"


Rui paused before she spoke again.

"Wes, what happened?"

"I can't tell you." He slowly turned around to face her, his eyes closed. Tears stained his face and were glistening in fading moonlight.

"Wes please…I need to know."

"…It's not something I can tell you."

Rui bowed her head at his answer.

Wes looked back up to meet her gaze. He could see that she was ashamed at what had happened earlier and was really sorry about the whole thing.

He sighed.

"Do you really want to know?"

"More than ever."

Wes again gave a small sigh as he walked away from her. He walked into the center of the room where the light from the moon shone brightest. He turned around for her to see his back.

Rui nearly screamed at what she saw.

All of Wes' back was covered with long thin scars. They were long, thin, angry red and purple marks. The places that weren't scarred were severely bruised and burnt. Everywhere on his back was injured. Every place on his back was sore. Welts and broken skin bordered his waist, while the scars went in all directions and sliced his skin, some burying deep into the bruises. His whole back looked sickly and the wounds didn't look like they were really fading away let alone healing.

Espeon rubbed her head against Umbreon, who just nuzzled her back, trying to comfort her.

Rui began to cry she looked at her partner's bare back. Her crying became hard sobs as she walked over to Wes and lightly touched his back. He winced in pain and she immediately drew it back.


"I starting getting them when I was 10. It continued until I was 17. Snakewhips, Signal Whips, Irons, Excessive Kicking, Excessive Punching, Electrical Shocks, Knee Strikes, anything you can name."

"…Who did this to you?" She said almost inaudibly.

"Some of them began to heal but that's as far as they're gonna get…"

"Who did this to you?" She asked a bit more forcefully.

"Some of them are gonna remain the same since…"

"Who did this to you?"

Wes was silent for a while, his eyes closed. He slowly turned around to face her.

"Team Snagem…"

Rui looked at her boyfriend in disbelief.


"It was when I still worked for them. I wouldn't do a few things they asked me to and…well…"

"What? They did this to you?"

"Rui, keep it down. You don't want the other guests to hear you."

"I don't care! They hurt you! They abused you!"

"Rui! Shussh!"

"Don't shush me! You're hurt!"

"I've been worse."



Wes covered her mouth as he looked towards the door.

Rui thew his hand off her mouth as she stared him directly in the eyes.

"Who did this?"


"Who did this?"

"All of them! Okay? They all hit me! The whole team!"

Rui paused for a while before she began shaking her head and walked over to the phone by the bed.


Wes ran up to her and grabbed her arm.

"What are you doing?"

"I'm calling Dunking to tell him about this," She said as she pulled away. She picked up the phone and began dialing.

Wes took the phone from her and put it back on the hook.

"No. You're gonna go back to bed and lie down."

"The hell I am!"

Rui picked back up the phone and began dialing again. Wes again took the phone from her and slammed it on the hook.


"Go to bed."

Rui picked up the phone again. Wes snatched the phone from her hands and unplugged it. He then opened up the window and thew it out.


"Go to bed."

"You show me all those scars on your back and expect me to do nothing?"

"Yes. That's exactly what I expect you to do. You wanted to know what my nightmare was about? There you have it, now go to bed."

"Oh, hell no. Where's my pager?" Rui went to get her purse off the dresser by the closet. Wes, seeing this, sprinted towards her and grabbed her arm again.

"Give me that!"

"Lemme go!"

"Put down the purse!"

"Let me go, Wes!"

"Put down the purse!"


"Put down the purse!"

"Wes, you're hurting me!"

Wes immediately let her go, taking a few steps back, looking at her with concern in his eyes. Rui snatched her purse and took out her pager as began paging Dunking.

Wes, realizing his deception, grabbed Rui's wrist and restrained her by tightly putting his arm around her waist and squeezing it.

"Give me the pager!"

"Let go of me!"

"Drop it!"


"Drop it!"


Wes grabbed Rui and slammed her against the wall, kneeing her with his leg to keep her secure and prevent her escaping.

"Drop the damn pager, Rui!"


"Drop it!"

"Wes, you're hurting me."

"Drop the pager!"


"Drop it!"

Tears began to fall down Rui's face as she felt her side go numb. Wes, seeing her cry, released his hold on her. She fell to the floor, griping her side with one hand, while supporting herself with the other.

Wes began shaking his head at what he had done. He took a few steps away from her and began looking around the room, confused and angered with himself at what he had done.

Rui gently picked herself off the ground and looked at Wes. She saw that his face was wet once more. His eyes were partly closed as he stared at her, his face full of shame.

She began walking towards him, but he stepped back even further. She continued to walk towards him and he continued to step back.


He continued to step back until he hit one of the walls, instantly falling to the ground as the contact between his bare back and the wall caused a sharp pain to shoot up his spine. He grunted in pain as he slumped to the floor, not moving.

Rui, Umbreon, and Espeon were at his side in a heartbeat.


He didn't respond. He just kept his eyes shut as he tried to relax his muscles so that the pain would ease out.


Wes let out a small sigh.

"I'm sorry, Rui," He said, keeping his head down and his eyes close. "I'm so sorry."

"I'm sorry too. I…I shouldn't have…"

Wes just gave another sigh as he dropped his head lower. Rui looked at him sorrowfully.

"Wes, what happened?"

Wes slowly opened his eyes. He still wouldn't meet her gaze.

"I wouldn't do a few things they asked me to. I got into arguments. I wouldn't listen…"

"Wes, why haven't you told anyone?"

Wes paused before he answered.

"I didn't want anyone else involved. I didn't want anyone else to get hurt."


"Rui, Team Snagem isn't just some petty little gang. They're a dangerous evil syndicate organization. They are not ones to be messed with and not to be taken lightly."

"Wes this is serious."

"…I know…"

"…Okay, I'm taking you downstairs to Nurse Joy right now."


"Wes, you're hurt…" Rui said as she got up and began walking towards the door.

"I know that but there's nothing you can do…"

"Wes, we need to report this…"


Wes got up and ran after her. He took her by the shoulders and spun her around to face him.


"I don't want you involved!"

"Wes, this is dangerous…"

"You don't think I know that? That's why I didn't report it in the first place. Why do you think they were so vexed with me when I broke out? It wasn't just because I stole their portable snag machine. It was because they knew what would happen if word got out about what they did to me. They already had a reputation. My telling what they did would have worsened it. I didn't want anyone else to get hurt."

"Baby, we need to report this."



"What good would that do?"

"For one, get you the help you need."

"No it won't!"


"Rui, the whips and excessive beatings I got were hard and they penetrated my skin very deeply. I bled a lot, Rui. The markings on my back are not gonna go away with any kind of treatment. I'm scarred for life."

Rui shook her head. She couldn't believe this. How could he have kept this from her?

"No Wes, No…"

"You can't do anything about it. No one can."

Tears continued to flow down her face as she watched her boyfriend in disbelief.

"Wh…Why haven't I seen this before? I've seen you bare back lots of times. Why haven't I seen the markings?"

"I use a special cream that I mix together to cover them up."

"Does it…"

"It doesn't heal my wounds."

Rui's mouth slowly closed.

"It only covers them up."

"What, and it doesn't come off?"

"Not unless I take it off."

"…I don't believe you."

"Rui, I made it myself. Trust me, I made sure they were covered."

"What, you kept doing this all these years?"

"I didn't want anyone to find out."

"So why don't you have it on now?"

"I don't know what will happen if I leave it on too long. I take it off in the morning when I take a shower and before I go to bed at night."

"…Wes, you could have an infection."

"I know. But I can't do anything about it."

"I'm calling Nurse Joy. You need some kind of ointment or something…"

"No, you're not. I already tried every kind of ointment available and I told you you're not getting involved."


"I just got Team Snagem off my back with this whole Shadow Pokemon fiasco thing. I don't want them to come back. I don't even know if they're not gonna come back some day and try to kill me."


"I wouldn't be surprised if they did."

"Wes, how could you…"

"It's happened before."


"Before I met you, I tried to run away once. They hunted me down and I received the beating of my life. I didn't try to escape again until I gained their full trust."

No words were spoken for a while. They continued to stare at each other for long time, searching for any signs to see if the other would yield.

They didn't see anything.

Rui was the first one to break the silence.

"Are there anymore markings on your body that I should know about?"

Wes hesitated and didn't respond.


With a sigh, he began to tell her.

"You see this white stripe across my face?"

Rui examined his face again.

"Yeah, you mean it's not facepaint or something?"

"No. Not even close."

Rui gave her partner a worried look.

"Wes, what is it?"

Again he was silent.


"It's a chemical burn. Gonzap did it to me the first time I tried to escape."

"Wes…it's white. Chemical burns are red."

He didn't answer.


"Let's just say it was a special type of chemical he used."

"But it doesn't even look like a burn."

"That's the point. The burn didn't cut me deep like my other wounds. It scraped the surface of my skin and burnt all the flesh I had there. At least the top layer."

"Does it hurt?"

"Not so much. I got used to the pain."

No words were spoken for a while. Espeon began to cry as she replayed in her head the events that happened all those years ago, while Umbreon tried desperately to calm her down. Rui again was the first one to break the silence.

"Wes, tell me what happened?"

"I already did."

"No, you didn't. You gave a very brief summary of what they did to you. I want the whole story. How you became involved, what you did when you were there, how you escaped?"

Wes looked down to the floor and closed his eyes.

"I don't wanna talk about it."


"Rui, please…Not now…Please don't let me relive what happened."

Rui looked him deeply in his golden eyes. He was hurting. And very badly. Very deeply. She could see this was a very sensitive topic for him and that he really didn't want to talk about it right now.

She gently put her arms around his shoulders, careful not to touch the bruises and scars on his back.

"Okay, Baby. I won't. But promise me we will talk about this?"


"Wes, this is important. If we're gonna have any kind of future together, I need to know."

Wes didn't say anything for several moments. Finally, he spoke.

"Alright, Rui. We'll talk about it someday, but not anytime soon."


Rui gave him a light warm kiss on the lips. They stayed that way for several moments before a knock on the door caused them to separate.

They looked up to see the hotel manager there.

"Excuse me, Sir?" The slim man seemed a little embarrassed to see the hero of Orre and his girlfriend so close to each other, wearing nothing more than boxers and a completely opaque, but gave the impression of being transparent, shiny silk nighty.


The man was glad the room was dark so that they wouldn't see his red face.

"Um, e-excuse me Mr. Wes, Sir, but our others guests called me saying they heard screaming and banging earlier? They sounded really worried and asked that I come and check on you."

"Oh. No Williams, everything is fine. Rui just decided to come in here earlier in the night because she said she felt lonely. A few words were spoken and, hehe, it kinda got outta hand."

Williams' eyes widened at Wes' response.

"Yeah. We're sorry we disturbed the others. We'll try to keep it down."

"I told you you were too loud."

"Well I couldn't help it. After you showed me those things I ready to scream it to the world."

Williams eyes bugged out of his head as he tried desperately to reach for the handle.

"I-I'm s-sorry I-I d-disturbed you. I'll, uh, I-I-I'll just go tell the others that everything's fine."

The little man yanked on the handle and dashed out the door and down to his office before anyone could see how red and hot his face was.

"What is with everybody today? First Dunking, then Williams?"

"I don't know?"

"It's like he thought we were…" Wes' voice trailed off as he replayed the conversation in his head. His eyes widened with understanding as looked back at the door.

"Oh my God…He thought that you…me…we…"

Rui just gave him an innocent look as a small smile spread across her face.

"Aww, man! Wait til' ONBS hears about this! The tabloids gonna hit the market by Friday! Everyone in the world is gonna think that we…Aww, man!"

"See Baby, this is why we need to take this vacation."

"Rui…" He a little less than eloquently.

"Not what I meant, Baby. Although…Look, you need a break. You've been stressing yourself out with all these meetings and missions and press conferences…"

"I'm not stressed."

Rui raised her eyebrow at his comment.

"Okay. Maybe I am a little bit overwhelmed."


"Nothing I can't handle."

"Wes, this isn't healthy. Getting only an hour's worth of sleep a day isn't good. You need to rest. To relax. To get away from it all."

"What if something comes up? I need…"

"What you need is to rest."


"Dunking and Sherles can handle it. That's what they're paid to do."


"Baby, you can't do everything? You may be Orre's hero but you're also a human being. You need your rest just like everybody else does."

Wes just sighed in agreement. As much as he didn't want to admit it, Rui was right. He was stressed. He needed to rest but he never let himself do it.

"So, starting tomorrow, you are officially off duty. For 3 months you will not be known as Wes, the hero of Orre and savior of all pokemon. Tomorrow, you will be known as Wes, single, everyday ordinary guy, who's on vacation with his girlfriend and pokemon. Okay?"

"Yeah, okay. But 3 months is a long time."

"Considering how long you've been active? Not long enough."


"C'mon Baby, let's go back to bed. Checkout isn't until twelve so you can sleep in as long as you want."

Wes gave a small chuckle.

"Sleep in? I don't know the meaning of the word."

"Then I'll teach you," She said as she gave him another warm kiss on the lips.

Umbreon and Espeon let out a sigh of relief as they watched Wes and Rui climb into bed together and fall asleep.

"Bee. Umbre Umbreon." Whew, that was close.

"Be, Espe Espeon-on." Yeah, but I don't think it's over yet.

"Umbreon Umbre." You may be right.

"Espe, Espe-on-on Espe." I just can't shake this strange feeling that that conversation is gonna come up again.

"Be, Bre Umbreon-on." Yeah, I feel the same way.

"Espe Espeon-on?" Umbreon, what are we gonna do?

"Be. Umbreon Be Umbre. Be Umbre-on-on." Nothing. Just hope and pray for the best. I don't think Wes can take much more. He's strong, but he's still human.

"Beeee. Espe-on Espe." Umbreon, I'm worried. He really has been through a lot.

"Umbre. Bee Umbreon." I know. That's what scares me the most.

The two of them look back at their trainer to see him sleeping peacefully.

"Espe Espeon-on." I really hope this vacation is worth it.

"Be-on. Bre, Umbre-on Umbre. Be Umbreon Bre-Bre." Me too. C'mon, we better go back to bed. We have a long day ahead of us tomorrow.

"Bee. Espe Espeon." Okay. Good night, Baby.

"Umbre Umbreon." Good Night.

The two pokemon quietly put their heads down hoping for sleep to come and take away them away if only for a little bit, and hoping that their trainer's past wouldn't show up like they sensed it would.

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