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75 Years Prior to the Events of Ocarina of Time

Dark storm clouds loomed in the sky above, blotting out the sun like paint on a white canvas. The sky itself was colored a fiery red, far different from the benevolent blue that had been seen earlier that morning. An angry gale tore at the village, striking fear into the land as it swept through buildings and streets. The stench of rotting decay pulled on the nostrils, as the corpses of his fallen comrades lay around him. The very earth trembled violently, spewing flames from the forming fissures like an angry dragon. As Kari looked desperately around him, he could only despair at the utter destruction of his beloved village Kasuto. Stalfos and Dinolfos clawed viciously at the entry gates, defended by a few brave Sheikah.

The young Sheikah turned his red eyes to a Bubble that had flown over the gate. It's demonic green eyes locked onto the twenty-year old magician. The wind pulled Kari's black hair and cape violently against him, revealing his matching blue tunic and trousers underneath. Kari furrowed his eyes and stared straight at the demonic skull quickly approaching him. His hand reached quickly into a pocket hidden in his sleeve and pulled out a conductor's baton. It had been given to him by his father, and was no ordinary instrument. It was said to possess the power to communicate with the Goddesses themselves, and bestowed upon its user the ability to control the wind. A treasure handed down in the Sheikah clan; they referred to it as the Wind Waker.

His cloth-wrapped hands waved the silver baton gracefully to the sky and then circled it to either arm. He pointed it at the Bubble, which was only a few feet away at this point. "By the power of Farore, I call upon the wind," he yelled, his gaze not backing down. Suddenly, the wind that had been tugging at his cloak halted, changing directions abruptly as if it had a mind of its own. It blew fiercely at the Bubble, who was no match for the mighty windstorm. Its bat-like wings fought desperately for control as the monster crashed heavily into a ruined house; its fragile skull shattering into several pieces and the flames of its eyes quickly extinguished.

"Kari, why are you still here?" a voice called out to him, trying desperately to rise above the fierce gale that screeched in the sky. Kari glanced quickly to see an older man approaching him; the village chief. His pale face was bruised, but he still moved with much vigor. The veins from his arms and forehead bulged as he ran desperately. The light from the fiery sky reflected the sweat dripping from his brow, sliding down to his white sleeveless shirt and black trousers. All of his hair was gone, most likely from the incredible responsibility he shouldered being chief of the Sheikahs, the chosen race of the goddesses.

"I'm trying to help," Kari replied resolutely, showing not the slightest hint of cowardice in his expression. "The village is being overrun even now, and the gatekeepers can't hold out much longer." He looked to the struggling Sheikah defending the gate. They were vastly outnumbered, managing to hold against the vast siege only by maintaining a protective barrier. Unfortunately, their power was waning and holes were beginning to form in the wall. It wouldn't be long before the entire village was overrun.

The village chief, Sharlo, shook his head and sighed. He looked sternly at Kari, placing both hands on the young man's shoulders. "There is no hope for our village. We will fall, and we will accept our fate proudly. Such is the destiny of Sheikah. We sealed our fate when we began experimenting with the dark magic, and now we are paying the price for it."

"Then why are we still fighting?" Kari asked, looking desperately at the dark clouds behind Sharlo.

"Because," Sharlo replied, his eyes shining. 'We will not go to our graves alone. We cannot die until the evil that is decimating our village is sealed once again."

"And how will we do that?" Kari slipped the Wind Waker back into the pocket on his arm.

The man did not answer right away. His grip on Kari's shoulder tightened as his lips moved inaudibly beneath the loud crashing around them. His face clenched into a grimace for a few seconds, and then slightly relaxed. The young man felt a shock on his shoulders; an ember from one of the nearby flames must have jumped on his skin.

Sharlo finally looked up to face Kari. "The village will continue to fight as long as there is even one Sheikah left standing. It was the dark magic that brought us into this turmoil, and it will be what ultimately seals away this evil. Though it may cost us our lives, I am positive that we will grant peace for a time."

Kari whipped Sharlo's hands off him, stamping his foot down angrily. "We're all throwing our lives away. What's to keep the evil from coming back and repeating this whole process over again?"

Sharlo was silent for a moment, gazing keenly into Kari's eyes. "You, my son."

Kari was speechless. He backed a few steps away, gazing at Sharlo wide eyed. "What do you mean? You're not making any sense!" he shouted.

Sharlo's eyes saddened. "I believe with my whole heart you will know what must be done when the time comes. The goddesses chose you to master the Wind Waker above all other people. You have been entrusted with the legacy of our village."

The village chief eyed the gate nervously, and then quickly turned around. The tremors were getting worse, causing a giant fissure to open and split the village in two. Smoke as black as night emerged from the dark depths, further darkening the fiery sky.

Sharlo looked at Kari urgently. "Be quick and leave this place. Time is short, and I must go now to banish the evil away from our realm of light and cast it back into the darkness from whence it came." His chalice-covered hand lingered for a moment on Kari's cheek as the village chief pulled away. "Goodbye, my son." Without another word, Sharlo turned around and ran off into the smoke, leaving Kari behind.

"Father!" Kari cried desperately, grasping at the empty air. His heart lurched in his chest.

Suddenly, he heard an ear piercing screech from the bowels of the fissure, unlike anything he had ever heard before. The sound was filled with malevolent energy, nearly paralyzing Kari with fear. He had always hated dark magic, the main reason why he had chosen to harness the power of the wind instead. He knew in his heart the evil was drawing closer. There wasn't much time to act!

He retrieved the Wind Waker once again from his sleeve and held it in both hands. He knelt and cried as loud as he could, his pleas echoing off the ruined buildings and reaching to the very heavens. "Oh, Great Farore, show me what I must do, so that this village's sacrifice may not be in vain." Kari closed his eyes, tightening every muscle in his body.

Nothing happened. He got up, opened his eyes and looked around him, but nothing changed.

"The monsters have broken through!" rang out a desperate cry. Kari turned instantly to the gate, only to stare in horror as the barrier shattered. The gathered Stalfos and Dinalfos stampeded through, trampling the valiant Sheikah who had fought until the very end. Kari's eyes widened in unadulterated fear as the monsters began heading towards him. He was going to die; he knew it.

Suddenly, his arms began to glow. He looked down, noticing it wasn't just his arms but his entire body. His head felt light as everything blurred into a collage of colors and shapes. Suddenly, an excruciating pain shot through his chest; as if his soul had been torn from his body. His thoughts and memories faded to nothing. Existence blackened around him.

According to legends, the village of Kasuto faded into nothing, along with its people. The cause for its destruction remains a mystery, buried in the sands along with the many souls who perished alongside it. Now, the name is rarely mentioned, seen as an omen that invites evil merely by uttering it. The Sheikah's legacy lived on, seen in the founding of Kakariko Village a few years later by another branch of the tribe. A secretive and illusive people, they stuck to the shadows and never divulged the secret of what happened on that fateful day when the entire village of Kasuto was destroyed.