Blindness really isn't that bad. I've lived with it for a little over ten years, so I know.

And today, my blindness wasn't a liability. It was the difference between the flock's life and death.

"IGGY! Move, Move, Move!" Max's voice pounded in my ears. All the others had gotten the U & A signal, but I couldn't see it. I didn't see how Fang could stand to watch HER sleep at night. I loved her like a sister, but, oh my god! She was louder than a bulldozer, and during her voice attacks, snored like a CHAINSAW.

The flyboy right behind me was chanting something like "We are strong." I didn't care. Hard as a rock, I backpedaled and the flyboy slammed into me. It hurt for a moment, but this was a fight. No room for sissies. I spun around, giving him a left punch fast. Crap.

I'd missed, and hit Fang's shoulder. He clutched it(I'd swung pretty hard) and dropped a couple feet. I got his flyboy's punch. Stupid blindness! Sometimes I felt like punching myself. My anger fueled my next move. I flew up about three yards in the air, and crunched mine and Fang's opponents head-to-head.

According to Nudge(I got the story later) Fang and the-ever-so-loud- Max teamed up on the last one. It had no chance. The heap of scrap metal fell out of the sky, and hit someone's far-away house with a thud. (Sorry, whoever that was.)

We stayed the night in a cave where Nudge had the brilliant idea to play Mancala for the chocolate bars Gazzy had snagged when we'd had our last snatch-and-snack at a 7-Eleven for the first non squirrel(which tastes alot like jerky to me, and it's not like I can see it). I won a couple times, and then the worst thing that had happened yet.....Happened.

Some poser geek with a giant robot took us by surprise. Apparently, it'd pulled a Fang. We were all in it's clutches. We couldn't move. Some lasery thing shined on all of us(I could see for about a split second) And everyone was dead silent. The geek started laughing.

"Hahaha! You stupid mutants will never get your own will back!"

I blinked. Oh my freaking god, I blinked. You see, blind people don't need to blink, which is just refreshing the eye, and keeping dirt out of it. It sounds nasty, but blind eyes are pretty much just dead tissue. Dont ew me. It's true. I think....

Anyway. The geek began continuing on about how rich he'd be, and that he'd sell us. Whatever, buddy.

The robot, with the geek thinking we were all just puppets now, dropped us. I slowly crept away. God, what I'd have given for Fang's invisibility. Apparently, my blindness was saving us.

Heres why(watch, I'll get scientific and bore you all to death. Then steal your dessert. Woohoo.) You know that saying, "The eyes are the window to the soul"? Apparently they are. This supersize peanut-brain figured out how to take away free will by sort of hypnotizing us. I'm sure you can SEE why it didn't work on me. Really bad pun. Sorry.

So I snuck up behind him(wanting to hum Mission Impossible) and knocked him out. With his own gigantic calculator. It weighed, like, fifteen pounds. Dang.
When he came to, he was tied up. Then I had some fun.

Steps to dealing with the giant geek that just tried to mess with your family and sell you off:

1. Raid his fridge.
2. Eat ALL his food you can stomach(I ate nearly all of it, and saved the rest for the flock)
it in his face that a blind kid beat him.
sure to include unhypnotising your friends and singing "Old MacDonald" while he holds his tongue.
him in his spinny geek chair until he gets sick and pukes. You can't see it, so no problem.
6. Rub it in his face again.
him let your friends go.
his wimpy, friendless butt, and leave a note for his mommy.

We flew out of there, feeling like kings. We also stole one of his super-laptops, so Fang could keep blogging.(His other one had been lost in a fight when he was holding Akila. I'm surprised that dog isn't a splat somewhere on the ground.)

I guess blindness isn't that bad. But don't tell Gazzy, he'll want it too.