IT'S IGGY, LADIES! I know you missed me. Right? Right? I AM , I know I haven't updated this journally-thing in... months? But I figured you should get to hear more wonderful stories about my exciting life. -insert blind kid wink here-

Yeah. So we were resting a few days ago on the coast of some Californian beach....I really wish I would have seen the girls. I'd kill to see the girls.... And Fang was describing the bikini-clad teenagers and even the women to me. People don't wear much in California, you know that? I actually got some trunks and changed into them before we left and.... Sorry, let me get back to the action.

So this giant.... thing shows up and blocks Nudge's sun. I don't know why she needs sun! Don't ask me. So she yells at it, things like: "What are you doing?" and "Get OUT of my SPOT!" Finally she turns around and screams that a 'Like, huge lizard is gonna eat us and stuff'
......... haha .
And we go over there and... Ten points to Hufflepuff if you guess where we end up!
THAT'S RIGHT! Strapped to it, headed God-knows-where, Unable to move. Freaking ropes were so tight no one could focus long enough to use a power. A few of us passed out. But it was better than those damned trucks I've had to ride in. And God knows I can't handle anymore duct tape ripping off my beautiful skin. Fang muttered something about it being white, so I turn around and stare at its skin. After a while I can see scales. And the scales have little codes in them. It's wierd, they're like really BRIGHT white on his whitish back.

I put two and two together, but got 4. Whoops. Should've been 22. Haha, again. You don't have to be so criticising. GOD.
That told me it was machinery, or lab-created, because why else would it have white codes? I figured Geek-Boy was back with Ultra-Mommy. I was wrong. This was different. This was worse.



It was his big brother. We played a great game of Dodgeball, watched some TV.....well, I HEARD some TV..... and kicked his ass thoroughly. But the bad part was that the only thing that was on.
WAS BLEACH. -maniacal laughter- I'm kidding. I don't hate Bleach that much, for those of you who know what it is, but the majority of the freaking anime is fight scenes. So I hear GRUNT! CHINK! "I'll get you Grimmjow" and a bunch of sand. Not very exciting. Which is why I like Fullmetal Alchemist. So many more words, even when they fight and.
Sorry. Rambling again. And confusing people. Sorry.

Anyway, we kicked ass and got us a new Lizard. So we're hanging out, still, in this little cave in California, playing hide and seek with a ten foot T-Rex toy.

See you soon. -crazy laughter for no apparent reason- I KNOW THIS CHAPTER SUCKED! REVIEW OR THE JOURNAL GETS IT! -Holds giant club to laptop-