Never Been Sweeter

She stares out over the ocean and the gentle blue waves. The sky above stretches on forever and rays of sunlight cause the tips of the waves to sparkle.

She sees all of it and she sees none of it. While her eyes take the beautiful scene before her in, her mind is miles away back in the time of War.

War. She can still recall the battles she faced alongside John. She can still hear the screams of fellow soldiers as they fall victim to the terminators.

Blood and mangled metal had been all she'd known back then. Weapons. Harshness. Death.

Nothing had mattered but protecting John and ensuring they remain alive and together.

Cameron, too. Though she wasn't human, Cameron more than made up for it with her adamant need to keep John safe. She was like one of the family now and with the War over and won...

She swallows and her eyes lock onto the caps of the waves and the beautiful orange colour that is seeping over the horizon. It's peaceful.

Peace. That is what they have now.

She can still barely believe it. All they have been through and all they have done has paid off. There is peace in the world.

She makes a promise to herself that every time she looks out across the water, she will remember. She will look back on the past and remind herself what horrors they faced to get where they now are.

While they have come out victorious – the ocean is perhaps the strongest evidence of that – the situation can always change back. It's a fine balance. Fragile.

She also swears that when she watches the waves sparkle and the sky melt into bright colours that she'll enjoy the simplicity of it and the beauty. One cannot fight for something and not enjoy the outcome when they are triumphant.

One thing she knows as she settles back with a cup of coffee to do just that is victory has never been sweeter.