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Buffy searched the room again, looking for her best friend who she was fuming at, ready to rip that little red haired witch a new one when she finally found her.

Buffy couldn't believe she actually let Willow talk her into coming here tonight. She hadn't wanted to come and she didn't even know how Wil managed to get her here.

And not only that, the second they arrived, her little carrot top took off like lightening, dissappearing into the gathered crowd, leaving her stranded.

And pissed.

If this was how she was kicking off the New Year, with this horrible party, she really didn't want to look forward to any of it to come.

She was single, ditched by her best friend, and... she gasped in horror... looking like a complete idiot in front of the guy she'd been totally in love with for over a year now. Slinking back to a wall, she banged her head hard against it.

'Why in the world did he have to be here?!'

If she had known how much attention she was getting from him, she probably wouldn't have done that. In fact, if she had known, she'd done alot of things different.

But Angel knew the second she walked in, his eyes had been strained on the door, not too subtly, as he waited and waited. And it was more than worth it, watching her brighten the room up in a total of two seconds. She slipped her coat off and he felt an all too familiar lump in his throat.

He was so mesmorized that he hadn't even noticed Willow making her exit, slowly, cautiously coming over to him and letting him know they had arrived.

Like he would have missed that.

His eyes strained on the blonde and Willow left him with a knowing smile, going off to who knew where. She did her part and just wanted to know the details in the morning.

Buffy soon noticed her friend long gone and he smirked to himself as he watched her.

That was something he was quite used to and had no intention of stopping now.

Especially when he needed to know exactly where she was for when the ball dropped.

This was going to be his year. He had a feeling.