DEATH OF THE ROKUDAIME- Angels on the Moon

A reviewer took great offence to my use of song lyrics, so this is it minus the lyrics. Except those I need, or felt would emphasize the emotions in the story. In the second chapter you should somehow listen to Thriving Ivory's song Angles on the Moon- it truly is a beautiful song. I apologize to any others that were offended by my overuse of lyrics. While I still use some, I hope they can be seen to enhance the emotion of the piece. I will be going through all of my stories that have song lyrics in them to edit them, with the exception of To Change a Life which I am completely revising. R&R. Thank you for your understanding.



It had all happened so quickly. One minute the Rokudaime and his second were fighting the Sound and Akatsuki invaders, the next the Rokudaime was being cradled in his Captain's arms after being run through.

"Sakura!" The ANBU Captain leapt into action, sprinting as fast as he could towards the edge of the battle. His fearful onyx eyes flashed as he scoured the buildings for a medical safe house. With his Hokage on one shoulder the Captain valiantly fought through the mass of enemies keeping him from his destination. He was quickly becoming enraged, how could such an insignificant pawn wound his Hokage? It wasn't looking good either, the Rokudaime gasped, coughing up blood as he desperately strained his lungs for air. Sasuke dropped on one knee to the ground. "Naruto" Tears rolled down his face as he supported Naruto's head with his hand as he sheathed his sword in order to clear the blood from Naruto's mouth and throat. He leaned forward, fastening his lips over Naruto's as he began the fight to allow Naruto to breathe.

"Naruto, I can't do this! You need help, I just… You're dying, I can't! Sakura, help!" Sasuke tilted his head back, howling mournfully, hoping desperately that hope was on its way. He leaned forward again, providing Naruto with precious oxygen. "Hold on Naruto… Rokudaime. Nothing so small can bring you down, smile, be okay. Tell that stupid Kyuubi to heal you double-time!" Naruto's startling blue eyes fluttered open, age hadn't dulled the bright will and sharp intelligence within them.

"Sasuke? What's wrong? Why does it… hurt?" Naruto coughed, a wet sound accompanied with the metallic taste of blood.

"Can you breathe?" Sasuke looked into Naruto's eyes, awaiting his response.

"For now, but I don't know how much longer. Kyuubi…" he shook his head weakly as blood ran down his nose and out his mouth.

Sasuke nodded, "I'm not leaving you. We're surrounded on all sides. I'll buy us time until help comes." Naruto shook his head, eyes widening, "It is what's best for Konoha." Naruto wheezed, fighting once again to breathe through his own blood. Sasuke forced himself to turn his back on Naruto and focus on the incoming nin.

He unsheathed his sword, falling into a defensive stance. He wasn't going down without a fight. Sasuke quickly flicked his hands through a series of signs and tilted his head back as far as he could, shooting out three consecutive blasts of flames. Hopefully someone would come.

"You want me?" he asked the surrounding nin, his face fell into its usual serene mask, "Then come and get me." With that Sasuke became a blur, flitting through sword forms, using mostly taijutsu as he wanted to conserve most of his chakra in case he had to take desperate measures.

Sasuke's limbs were beginning to feel heavy. He hadn't taken many serious injuries, but all his minor cuts and bruises were beginning to take effect. He looked at Naruto, still wheezing and hacking in a puddle of his own blood, there was so much of it! Naruto's eyes flicked up, meeting his as Naruto remained helplessly lying on the ground. Those brilliant, loving, blue eyes widened in horror as Sasuke felt a presence behind him. Damn the Sound and Akatsuki. He whirled his blade around behind his back, in his other hand Chidori blazed, chirping hungrily for his enemy's blood. Sasuke struck a fatal blow and fell back into position, silently inviting more attackers. They came. This time they worked together. Sasuke turned to engage the first three to come at him. One hung back, watching for an opening as the other two attacked him from left and right. Sweat was pouring from Sasuke. He was sure that the blades of the Sound nin, at least, were poisoned, he knew it was only his own force of will allowing him to stand. The third attacker's blade flashed as Sasuke deflected the kunai of the first attacker. Sasuke could feel excruciating pain flow from his hand, he looked down. His thumb and the two adjacent fingers had been severed. He glanced desperately back at Naruto. They were in trouble. Two more attackers rushed by Sasuke as he continued to fight, pushing through the pain in his hand. Sasuke just hoped that Naruto could defend himself, he was the Rokudaime after all. There was nothing Naruto couldn't do.

An agonized scream broke Sasuke of his battle trance. Panicked he looked at Naruto, he let out a sob. Naruto hadn't been able to stop the attackers, even now they were slicing at him, not so much wanting him to die as just wanting to see the beloved Rokudaime in pain. Sasuke snarled, letting a roar of rage escape his lips as he flew at Naruto's tormentors.

"Get the fuck away from him!" he screamed, effectively using his sword to push them away, he gave a grim smile as they both cried out in pain, gripping at their cut arms. Sasuke quickly gave the seals for Chidori, moulding the flashing lightning into the twin of his own blade. He crouched on the ground silently holding his swords. The group of nin around him were hesitant to attack. It wasn't often that one saw a Captain protecting his Hokage with such passion.

There was a tremor through the ground, Help? The Sound attacked, Sasuke prepared himself with one last, furtive, glance to his friend. Goodbye Naruto, its been an honour. Sasuke leaped forward. As he leapt he heard a bestial growl, Sasuke looked up while his attackers scattered. Akamaru. Help had come at last.

"Sasuke! Give me Naruto and follow us!" Sasuke never thought he'd be as glad to see Kiba as he was at that moment. With Akamaru standing protectively over him he picked up Naruto and set him down behind Kiba. He tied Naruto to Kiba's back and signalled Kiba to go.

"I'm right behind you Kiba" Sasuke whispered in his ear. Kiba gave a short nod and nudged Akamaru. Akamaru began running for the medical tents, Sasuke close behind. The two men and the dog just hoped they weren't too late.