Can't Bear To Be Apart

She can't bear the idea of being away from Edward nearly as much as she can't bear the thought of losing him altogether. Call her crazy – she hasn't known him for very long at all – but she can't help it. Her stomach is a tangle of knots and worry and she needs him.

She needs him to be with her, where she knows he is safe and where he can protect her. She needs him and she knows they shouldn't risk being apart. Not now. They are stronger together and strength is what they are very much in need of.

She stares into the golden orbs that are his eyes and sees the same fear mirrored back at her.

There is something else in them too and it is that something – love – that makes her hopeful that things will turn out all right and persuades her to let him go.

She has always believed that love is meant to conquer all.