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By Oridance Vance

He was watched carefully when he was a baby. It wouldn't be an understatement to say that in the first few weeks of his life he had at least five people within inches of his grasp at all hours of the day. This was because, despite being a Shinigami, he was born with completely jet black hair. Not that there's anything wrong with jet black hair but, for a shinigami at least, the absence of the white stripes meant that he was the most delicate of fragile things. That was due to the unfortunate fact that the stripes were a seal of a Shinigami's power and without them a Shinigami would weaken till even the slightest shift in temperatures could become fatal.

Thus it often happened that a Shinigami newborn would never have a chance to develop these stripes and succumb early in its infancy to death. His father for example was the only child to develop his stripes early enough out of his thirteen siblings to survive. Such a tragic result was obviously a big reason why his father had waited so long to have a child and why he too would wait if he ever wanted one…

According to what he'd heard there had been great tension and distress once he'd been born. Everyone had expected him to die because the firstborn of a shinigami never survived. So, as could be expected, his father had been advised, even before his birth, not to visit him due to the chances of survival being so slim. 'You'll get attached and cause yourself much unneeded pain', the nurse had repeatedly warned to the point where his father had ended up reluctantly agreeing. But it hadn't been a promise and when the time came his father discovered he simply couldn't stay away. It only took a week before his father, with the help of Spirit-kun to distract the nurses, came and visited him. 'I remember looking at your eyes kid-kun, they were already open and so undeniably intelligent that I found myself unable to believe that you'd die. I rarely say anything is impossible, but this, to me at least, seemed such a thing…'

And his father had been right, he did survive. He was nineteen days old when they first appeared to mar his beautiful symmetry. Of course he couldn't recall his father's reaction that day but as he'd been told countless times by the now late Madam Panna his father had been beside himself with joy, more so then the day he'd been born. For his son would live. That's what those white stripes ultimately meant.

But if he ever lost those lines no matter the age… It was certain death…


Kid looked at the position his father had made him take. His one arm was bent at a ninety degree angle his fingertips pointing towards the earth while the other arm, bent at the same angle, was pointing towards the sky. His legs were spaced allowing him to easily maintain balance but-

"Father, this has to be another one of your jokes. I feel ridiculous."

"But Kid! This is the standard position to take."

"…So I do look ridiculous, this you didn't deny!"

"You know Kid, for a four year old your speech is quiet impressive. Heh, so cute!" Shinigami put an affectionate hand on his son's head purposefully ruffling the hair slightly causing the youngster to yelp and rush a distance away to rearrange the dark strands. So the teachers hadn't been exaggerating. Kid's instincts as a Shinigami had, unfortunately, manifested themselves in a very peculiar manner. He only hoped that as his boy grew older and the powers he'd inherited fully began to entrench themselves that he'd grow out of this. It was dangerous for a Shinigami to have such an easy tick.

"Don't do that!" Kid yelled pointing an accusing finger at him and stamping his left foot repeatedly. "You'll ruin my symmetry!" The boy's voice was high pitched when he yelled revealing, despite the vocabulary being spoken, that Kid was still very young. Yes… very, very young. Shinigami couldn't help but marvel at how quickly his son was growing. Four years hardly seemed like a breath after lingering for close to a millennium and it struck a cord in his heart. The time when Kid would be a cute youngster with baby fat still in his face was a short one.

"Symmetry? But Kid your hair already has the lines so I-" Shinigami paused as he watched his son crumble in front of him as if he'd just been told that the very world was coming to an end.

"I-I'm worthless, useless, trash. I'm garbage!"

"Kid? You alright?"


Shinigami watched as his son easily buzzed around the open space on a simple, symmetrical skateboard he'd been given only a few weeks before. He'd taken to it like everything else, quickly and perfectly. The boy was a prodigy.

"I'm thinking about altering it Father!" His son exclaimed coming up to him and easily stopping.


"Yes! I did some quick research and after applying a bit of what I've read with what I've learned and instinctively know I've come to discover the power of Beelzebub! So I-"

"What!" He shouted unable to conceal his shock and worry. Beelzebub was not something a nine year old should be toying with... Not even he had messed around with it.

"Be-el-ze-bub." Kid repeated slowly either misunderstanding his exclamation, which Shinigami seriously doubted, or twisting the conversation in the direction he wanted it to progress. "It was really a furious energy but it flowed in the same repetitive pattern! That's unlike anything else I've ever felt!"

"Kid, what you've done is not only dangerous but highly intrusive and invasive. I don't want-"

"But Father we're Shinigami. Shinigami, with the right leverage and conduct can become a master of anything he chooses."

"Kid, that is a very bold an arrogant statement to make."

"Hmm." Kid regarded him with a stare that a nine year old simply should not have before shrugging and continuing on with the conversation.

"Anyway, I plan to integrate a fragment of Beelzebub into my Skateboard."

"Kid! I'm easy to get along with and have been pretty laid back about most of the things you do but this I forbid." Kid's eyes widened before narrowing and nodding.

"I understand Father." He examined the way his son said this and took a deep breath hardening his tone a bit.

"Kid, you've not given me your word that you will not do this. Give me your-"

"I apologize but I plan to proceed. Even without your consent." Those bright yellow eyes of Death the Kid were not only challenging him but had reigned in something he'd rather not see quite yet… Fearlessness.

Two weeks later Kid, despite his best efforts, had somehow managed to succeed in not only integrating Beelzebub into his skateboard but had also learned the art of effectively summoning it. Shinigami had slumped into a chair once he'd made this discovery and sighed in relief wondering if all parents worried that one day their child would get themselves killed.


Kid looked around watching as the mice scurried off squeaking in what he would guess to be distress. Animals, whether it was instinct or some other sense, avoided him at all costs. The only animal that seemed able to tolerate his presence were, strangely enough, crows and ravens. It wasn't as if the birds were stupid, they always made a point of staring at him with their beady eyes as if letting him know that they were aware of what he was. But, as odd as it was, they seemed to understand him to some level. He guessed they too were misunderstood. People didn't think they looked beautiful and the songs they sang weren't as pretty as all the other songbirds' but-. Kid paused in the alley and looked up smiling slightly as a crow hopped on the edge of a building staring down at him.

"What a world huh?" The crow ruffled its feathers and looked away from him.


He really should stop walking down alleys, they brought nothing but trouble. But, maybe trouble was the inappropriate word for this. The young woman before him, worn down from the obvious strain of living on the streets, shoved the gun harder under his chin demanding money and anything else valuable he was carrying with him. He openly stared at her examining her more thoroughly his eyes sweeping over her expanse of exposed skin and clothes. This was someone who hadn't been able to keep up with the sweeping changes of life. Bruises adorned her flesh and her face was slightly hollow showing that she hadn't been eating three square meals a day. This woman, in a quivering voice, threatened him once more before changing places with her partner, the pistol she'd been using a moment before. Apparently his unresponsive behavior had shaken her up a bit. He felt his heart still however when he instantly noted the identical beauty between her and her partner...

Despite their hostile tones and threats he offered his hand towards them a sincere smile on his face. These women, sisters as it were, had just taken residence in his heart. The thought of being able to maintain symmetry while in the ferocity of combat nearly made him weep… Everything was beautiful.

"Food, clothes, warmth, safety, security… I can give you all this." He said trying to maintain his composure and keep his excitement in check. It wouldn't do to have a symmetry freak out and scare them away.

"As if, we're not stupid." The taller one said her face twisted with hurt at what she thought was a mocking offer.

"I'm Death the Kid, a Shinigami, and you two are the most captivating pair I've ever seen." He didn't lower his hand or take back his offer. "Twin pistols… It's perfect. I will of course admit that becoming my weapons will be hazardous and pose a danger but compared to the lifestyle you're currently enduring…" He trailed off and hardened his tone. "I will protect you if you give me the honor to fight with you." The sisters glanced at each other and then looked at his hand as if still believing this all to be a joke.


Liz looked away from the mirror her face softening when she spotted Kid, fast asleep, some distance away. His head was resting on a pile of papers he'd been furiously writing on some moments before his one hand now dangling beside him a pen still held loosely in his grip. That he would even fall asleep in the midst of doing something signified how exhausted he was. But, even in sleep there was stress in his face and his eyelids would twitch as if protesting the sleep he'd finally succumbed to. It was during times like this she found herself wishing she could do something more for him. Getting up she gently removed the pen from his fingers and laid it on the table next to the small hardcover books he'd been reading through. As she began to sort through the papers Kid had been using, being careful to keep them in order and not to rip anything, the door to the room opened. Liz paused in what she was doing and turned her eyes to Patti as her younger sister came up behind the sleeping shinigami and draped a blanket over his shoulders. They smiled at each other and despite the hours that passed by…they never left his side.

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The Sanzu River: Also known as the River of Three Crossings is a Japanese Buddhist tradition and religious belief. Most Japanese people believe that on the way to the afterlife, the dead must cross the river.*Taken from Wikipedia*

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