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Black Rain

He placed his mug down and cleared his throat going through the blueprints again. When he'd told his men that everything had to be absolutely perfect, he hadn't been exaggerating. Shinigami were weird about symmetry and would make you start from scratch if they found even the slightest imperfection about it. Shibusen, for example, was the forth attempt by his great ancestor before he got it right.

"Boss, aren't you being a bit anal about this? I mean the repairs should take maybe a week tops but if we do things like this-"

"You're repairing the house of a Shinigami. You want to piss him off you be my guest." The man opened his mouth a few times before sighing and running a hand through his hair.


"It's alright Danny. My family has been building shit for Shinigami for nineteen generations. Nineteen… And there's really only one rule. Do things right the first time. Do it right and they probably won't hang your soul in limbo or whatever other weird shit you've heard."

"Right, right. I hear ya." Danny sighed before looking up at the ceiling and then around the room taking note at the water damage. He mumbled something that was missed on his boss who went to look back at the blueprints but stopped when the door to the room opened. Their co-worker, Roy, entered looking a little confused.

"Have you looked around this place? I mean I just came from the bathroom and the freaking toilet paper is folded to an exact angle on both sides."

"Both sides?"

"Yeah. Like on either side of the toilet there's toilet paper. And not only that they're perfectly folded to an exact angel…"

"You measured the angel of the toilet paper didn't you?"

"I just didn't believe you when you said that Shinigami love symmetry…" Roy gained a thoughtful expression that cracked into a pleased gin "It's actually quite beautiful."

"And that's why I put you on my team."


Death is inevitable. Death is fate. Death is feared. Death is death…

Kid took a deep breath trying to synchronize himself back to fit form. He'd been dragged here, logic dictated that he should be able to claw his way out. This 'world' was just a bridge between this and the next after all. A mere intangible void meant only for darkness, insanity and banished souls.

Death is control. Death is known. Death is instinct. Death is final…

Stretching his arms in front of himself he concentrated. The darkness around him seemed to pulse and vibrate in irritation not liking his attempt to escape. Yet, he still tried. He ignored the pitching and lurching of the unequal darkness and sought an exit. There had to be one…

Death is tragic. Death is real. Death is balance. Death is forever…

He felt his body in the world beyond and attempted to make contact with it. Only to be violently denied and pushed away as though the body wasn't his. But in the short moments when he was near to where his physical body was, he could hear Patti and Liz talking. They were there, by his side. They would never abandon him…

Death is cursed. Death is hated. Death is mocked. Death is absolute...

He yelped and fell forward his hand immediately going to his shoulder. The darkness was pitching and lurching everywhere. He brought his hand away and stared at it. His fingers were slick with blood. He was wounded. Panting and unable to contain a whine he realized now how desperate the situation had become… He couldn't survive here forever.

A patch of darkness lunged forward and despite the tide of agony that attempted to sweep him away…He resisted. His back stiffened and his joints locked to remain…

Death is irreversible. Death is set. Death is certain.

He would hold on till the darkness wore him away and his existence was scraped to grains of shade.

Death is always coming...



Maka looked out the window while Soul took a seat beside her and stretched his legs out. They had managed to catch the last train to Dauff for that day. But it'd been close, they'd almost missed it. Black Star and Soul had jumped on board and had had to grab her hand and pull her on as she'd jumped from the edge of the platform onto the moving train. Now all four of them sat on the same train that Kid had taken just that morning. Maka glared out the window and felt her hands clenched into fists. If something could challenge and endanger Kid, they had a tough fight ahead of them. But she would be prepared for it. She would give it her all. She stared at Black Star and Tsubaki who nodded somehow knowing exactly what she was thinking.

"I hope he's okay." Soul grumbled beside her.


Liz rubbed Kid's hand between her palms hoping to bring warmth back to his fingers while Patti grabbed blankets from the other bed in the room and threw them overtop of Kid trying, in vain, to get him warm. It wasn't working. Had it really been just that morning where Kid had woken them up and told them that they had only ten minutes to get ready? Patti stared down at Kid who, despite not shivering, was becoming cool to the touch. Liz startled when she noticed her sisters eyes narrow in stubbornness.

"Patti?" She watched as her sister marched to the bathroom hearing a gush of water a moment later. A bath! Of course! She pushed the blankets off Kid and carefully picked him up still not certain what was wrong with him but guessing there was a point in being gentle. She carried him to the bathroom and hesitated when it came to removing the clothing. Not because she was afraid to see Kid naked, cause she had… numerous times in numerous accidents and incidents... Most of which made her lips always twitch into smile as she suppressed laughter… No she was not shy about stripping her partner naked but hesitant because Kid was anal about his clothes being iron board straight, symmetrical and perfect. God damn it though! He was freezing and needed the warm bath more then straight clothes. She set him down on a pile of towels Patti had thrown down.

"Big Sis, it's ready." Patti said turning off the faucet and testing the temperature before looking at her. She nodded and began undressing their partner wincing as she tried to take the clothes off unwrinkled.

"Sorry Kid." She whispered as she slowly pulled his arm out from his sleeve.

"I think I saw an ironing board in the closet." Patti supplied sitting on the edge of the tub and watching her undress their partner with gentle and careful hands. Liz heard herself release a long sigh of relief as she picked up the pace. Kid had longer limbs than the typical person but they were all double jointed giving her an easier time undressing him. After a moment she got the black shirt off and hastily folded it and set it aside to hopefully prevent it from getting wet. She took off the shinigami brooch from underneath his chin before working on getting him out of his white undershirt. She stopped midway however to press her hand over his heart noting that it was even more unharmonious then a few hours ago. Perhaps this entire problem stemmed from that.

"Big Sis, the water's going to get cold." Patti reminded and she quickly finished taking off Kid's shirt folding it and placing it on top of his black shirt. Her hands then slipped off his shoes and socks before they went to his pants and she snorted thinking of how Kid would behave when he found out that she had undressed him down to the nude. Taking the pants off, folding them, and then soon adding his underwear she was proud of herself for not blushing like a school girl as she picked him up and eased him into the bath. Kid didn't like water and she half expected him to trash like a cat and claw his way out, but he didn't. Patti helped her keep his head above water while she took a glass and dunked it in the rapidly cooling water to soak his shoulders, hair and neck. Water always turned ice cold when Shinigami came in contact with it. Liz distantly recalled the numerous times she had brought her warm lemonade to Kid for him to cool during the summers. He would always graciously do what she asked of him, so long as it didn't go against his code of symmetry and was reasonably safe. After a moment she pressed her hand against his forehead and smiled pleased.

"He's getting warmer." After her observation Patti gasped and pulled her hand away. Immediately her sister began laying his hair flat against his forehead and she felt her breath catch in her throat. Kid's white lines had receded.

"What the fuck does that mean!" She shouted at Kid startling even Patti with her language. She bit her bottom lip and hung her head…What she would give for him to open his eyes and bitch about his wrinkled clothes.

"We should get him out of the water." Patti advised being the voice of reason. "You dry him and I'll…I guess in a bit I'll draw him another bath."


Problems. Issues. Troubles. She hated them. Sighing she rotated the rings in her hands watching their glow dim. She placed the three rings back on her fingers and sighed laying back and holding them above her head. Such fragile beauty… In her minds eye she could see the shinigami youth somehow managing to endure the darkness where not even she could reside for long periods of time. Shinigami were frightening things weren't they?

"Rinder. Askin." She called only having to wait a moment before two men appeared dropping to one knee with their heads bowed.

"Yes my mistress?" They droned in unison.

"The Shinigami seems to have sent some men to retrieve his little boy. We're going to jump ahead of schedule here by a few days."

"You wish for him to be retrieved?"

"Yes." The men nodded and stood to their full height and turned to go but she halted them with a 'wait.'

"Yes mistress?"

"Grab his two little comforts while you're there. They'll make it easier to force his cooperation."

"And then you'll reveal what you've learned about Soul Equations?" The one man asked his eyes narrowing in suspicion and she smiled and nodded.

"Why yes. Of course." After they left she snorted.



Kid's hair never stayed wet for long Liz dimly noted as she ran her fingers along it. Liz had wrapped him in a towel but hadn't dressed him. There was no point; in order to get Kid to stay warm they had to dunk him in hot baths every half hour.

"Kid looks like something else when he's naked eh?" Patti said suddenly from her position on the other side of the bed.

"W-What do you mean?"

"Well, he looks…not like Kid." Patti mumbled blinking a few times as if to rid dirt from her eyes. "He's not like Black Star with his muscles or Soul with his cool air… He looks-" Patti's face twisted as she tried to think of the word. Liz felt her shoulders slump in understanding.


A knock on the door interrupted their discussion and Patti got up her face saying she was ready to make room service piss their pants.

Only… It wasn't room service.


Shinigami stood head tilted back to stare at the ceiling. He had always had a connection with his son that, he hated to admit, he frequently forgot was there... Forgot because it was usually so harmoniously synchronized with his own life. It was a bond that came from being connected to Sanzu, their hearts beating in sync with its acceptance of souls.

It was a connection that, for a young shinigami, could easily be destroyed. Kid had almost made it around that bend though. Five more years and his maturation would begin to change Kid into a true Shinigami. The staggering growth in power and leap in instinctual behavior would solidify Kid's connection with Sanzu till it became an almost indestructible connection to sever. But Kid didn't have that now. What Kid had was an adolescent connection to Sanzu that unfortunately would present little trouble in skinning him away from. And it would be an agony that even he himself had never had the luck to feel in his millennium of existence.

Spirit and the others would be there by now. But he knew as something began to smother Kid's presence to hide him that they would be too late…

The witch had his boy.


Spirit sat on the bed looking around the trashed room with his stomach doing nervous flips in his gut. Obviously there had been a fight and obviously Kid and his girls had lost.

"Why would they want Kid?" He said to himself looking around the room as Sid inspected the place and Nygus took care of the poor receptionist that had been brutally beaten downstairs. Stein took a seat on the only chair that hadn't been broken and stuck a cigarette in his mouth before lighting it.

"Well, their blood can be used in healing and poison. Their bones for curses, eyes for foresight and heart for longevity. Their hair can be twined for the strings of an instrument that can strum the coldest heart to eternal slumber. Their entrails can be emptied, dried and strung for unbreakable ropes. Their souls can be shattered to bring centuries of calamity while their connection with Sanzu can be redirected and manipulated to control the flow of life and death. Prosperity can be extinguished-"

"Stein… Just stop." Stein looked to Spirit and shrugged as he took a long drag of his cigarette and blew smoke towards the ceiling. Sid came from the bathroom with Kid's clothes in his hands neatly folded and clean. Spirit rubbed his brow. There didn't seem to be any indication as to where Kid and his partners had disappeared off to.

"Shinigami is not going to be happy with this. Not with his Kid missing." Spirit mumbled getting an agreeing nod from Sid.

"That's the least of our worries." Stein lazily drawled. "A Shinigami is the ultimate ingredient for a witch. Any nightmares you had as a boy can easily become reality now."

"Fantastic." Sid grumbled sarcastically.


"Why is he naked?" She found herself asking as Askin laid the Shinigami she'd asked him to retrieve on the altar a loose towel providing the only cover.

"Was like that when we grabbed him." The man replied to her and she stared at him suspiciously not entirely convinced with his response. Askin swallowed hard and pointed an aggravating finger at the Shinigami.

"As tempting as he looks I would never screw a Shinigami."

"Ah, yes. But he's still a boy and your love of boys often overrules reason."

"He didn't." Rinder said entering into the room coming to his friends rescue. "Even if he wanted to I wouldn't have let him."

"The girls?"

"Locked downstairs. I had to knock the shorter one out though… She bit me." She sighed but wasn't surprised as she turned to the Shinigami a grin widening on her face. Since he was ever so conveniently here she might as well start the next step.


The darkness had ebbed away at the moment giving him the opportunity to gather himself together. Gasping and staggering back a step in exhaustion he dimly wondered what would happen if he slept here. He probably would be done for. There was a feeling of inhaling behind him and he turned a moment before he was jerk forward into the abyss. What…now?!

Kid felt himself arch off a flat surface as he was suddenly tossed back into his ice cold body. The darkness was replaced with bright searing lights. The world spun and it took a heroic effort on his part not to throw up. Where was he? Why was he so cold? Why did he feel so weak? What had brought him back? Where were Liz and Patti? Were they okay? What- He hissed as he felt someone grab his hair and lift his head off the surface.

"You look so disoriented." A feminine voice drawled by his ear the warm breath lapping at his cheek. "But I need you to focus now. I know you're in pain but you need to be conscious for this next step." He found the voice irritating, mocking and condescending. He tried hard to concentrate but his eyes burned and his head felt heavy…. He couldn't concentrate. The voice sighed before slamming his head against the surface of whatever he was laying on. As if that would help him. He hissed and made a sound deep in his throat that he hadn't made in a very long time. Most would've taken it as a warning and backed away in fear… this bitch laughed.

"My, my how frightening you are. You know that only young shinigami make that sound? It's actually kind of cute that you still haven't grown out of it."

"Bi-Bitch." He grounded out only to hear her snort and feel her slam his head against the surface again making his ears ring. He hissed and went to yank her hand away with his own but found he couldn't move them. Were they tied down? Had he lost mobility in his arms? W-Why? Why did he have so many questions?

"W-What are you hoping to-" He was cut off by her lips against his own and this time when she breathed into him he felt his heart burn and race. The pain was so much more excruciating as something inside of him thrashed, wanting to get away. Something integral to his existence.

"That face you're making is almost making me feel bad." She said releasing him and moving away while he found himself wanting to just tear his heart out and end the pain. It hurt so bad. It hurt so bad. It hurt. He w-wanted it to stop. He would do anything to get it to stop. He felt the tears slide down his face to join with the cold sweat that had broken out across his body.

He was in so much pain…

It hurt so bad.



Liz gently cradled her younger sister in her arms having desperately spent hours trying to wake her with no success. She was out cold. If Kid ever saw Patti looking like this he'd have a royal fit. Not that he could do much of anything right now…

"Don't worry." She whispered to Patti, trying not only to comfort her younger sister but her own nerves as well, "We'll get out of here, grab Kid and then he'll destroy everything in a five mile radius before..." She trailed off thinking of Kid and what they could possibility be doing to him. Her imagination ran wild but what really frightened her was that her mind might not even be creative enough to invent the horror of what he was experiencing. At least she had Patti in her arms, alive and in relative peace, with Kid for all she knew he could be screaming for death.

It was the not knowing that made her bow her hand and silently cry.


Maka was the last to step off the train following close on Soul's heels when the first raindrop hit her cheek. She absently wiped it away and conversed with the group on where they should head first. Soul suggested hotels while Tsubaki suggested that since Kid had come here to investigate something that the library seemed a good place to start. They had just agreed to split up when it began to rain harder. At first she thought her eyes were deceiving her as she noticed the rain hit Soul's hair. Extending her hand and catching a few raindrops the group stopped to stare at her.

"Black rain?"

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