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Monster Allergy fan fiction

Heroes Come Back

Chapter 1 - Growing Up Creepy

Old mill, It's been a while since this old town had experienced much of an adventure. Four years have passed. But nothing much on the old town has changed. Except maybe some youngsters who grew, slightly.

Elena Potato's family was back from a summer with her relatives at another town. And that also meant back to school for Elena. Which she was willing to bet, she won't enjoy. It was early in the morning when they got back home. Elena wasn't slightly at all sleepy. She got to her room, with Purcy in her arms, and slid her backpack off. The room was dusty, and smelt weird. Of course, she was gone for days. She opened the window. And glorious air entered. Across she could see the Barrymore house. And Zick's window. She wondered if he was still asleep. She smiled. Ever since Zick lost his powers she knew this was when he needed her most. And since she's a good friend she quit hanging out with the other keepers to keep him company. Both went back to plain old normal school. It was boring, yes, not much adventure and excitement going on, but it was never boring at Zick's house. Sometimes she wonders if there was a possibility for him to regain his powers. She even consulted the monster tamer's manual. But there seems to be no possibility and if she overlooked one, well, how were they to do it anyway? So basically all she could do was be there for him. And to make matters worse (for Zick), all the other Tamer kids are always busy with their little monster hunts. But after all their adventures there hasn't been much of a trouble coming from THEIR world. And without his powers, he can't actually be much help with hunting with the other kids. But, although it was never admitted by Elena, she kind of liked it when it's just the two of them hanging out. Like old times before that stupid teddy, showed up. And then Lay showed up….., things got a little out of hand inside of Elena, she doesn't really get why. Maybe she just doesn't trust easily. And besides, who wouldn't want to wipe off that dopey look on Zick's face every time Lay makes a stupid remark about him? Where were they when he really needed them, huh? And where was she, Elena, the true friend? Just goes to show. And anyway, she's too much time reminiscing. She climbed down and out of her house. "Elena, you've still got things to – "her mom began. "Later, I promise!" she called back. The house was still practically covered with plants, and still very nice and pleasant. The door was unlocked, meaning Greta was already out, maybe Zob was too. She thought maybe she'd wake Zick up, if he was still asleep. She passed Zick's grandparents, Theo and Tessa, on the way to his room. She just smiled and mumbled good morning. Now, you'd think Elena may have become less of a blabbermouth throughout the years, well, that's where you're wrong. Well, that's partly right, but for Zick, she tries to not change as much. Since everyone knows girls mature faster than boys. But change can not be stopped. Elena had grew a few inches taller, her hair grew a little bit too, too long to handle sometimes that her braids style isn't enough. So this time she had her hair pulled back in a ponytail and a cap on. Her style of clothes hasn't changed much either. But is it possible for her potato buttoned nose to get small in the process of growing up? that's kind of unlikely, but hey, who cares? That never bothered her much anymore. Some big shadow appeared before her. Something was behind her. "Bombo!" she exclaimed. "I missed you!"

"You is not so not big no more?"

Elena nodded. Then she cocked an eyebrow and squinted her other eye. "You haven't bee causing trouble for Greta while I was gone, were you?"

"Is not, Bombo be good all time."

"Okay, then.'

"Elena?" Zick said from his room. The sound of his voice was a bit weird that she almost didn't recognize it. But the tone of it convinced her otherwise. She walked toward his room, Bombo followed.

" Zick!"

Zick had grown tall. Not that tall, but taller than her. He was still kind of pale. Eyes were the same. But you could tell that he grew up in a way. She just couldn't describe it. And this happened all summer? She really shouldn't go out of town often. They both stood staring, awkwardly at each other. And since they aren't much of the type who hugs each other a lot, the move was not made. "Uh, Hi. When did you get here?"

"This morning."

They stared for a moment then both blurted out. "You've changed." Then they shuddered in unison at the sentence. Then laughed.

(Later on in the living room)

"So how was you're summer?" asked Elena. The monsters were all huddled up behind her.

"Fantastic. It was all exciting." Zick said in a bored sarcastic way.


"Uh-huh. Worse part is tomorrow is the day of all deaths."

"School." Elena had on a weakened expression at the inevitability of her own words.

"And do you remember who won the elections last year, for this year's student council president?" Zick made a meant-so-much-to-annoy-you smile.

Elena scowled. "Patty, and the vice is Mattie, disgusting." She shuddered.

"Yeah, sure is gonna be fun."

(Middle School)

"Eeeegh! Wrong! It's not gonna be fun!" Elena was stomping her way towards the building. Zick stared innocently. "Well, at least your dad didn't scream out to the heavens, 'remember you're a Potato' like he does every year." Zick tried to make things seem better.

Suddenly Elena had a series of flashbacks about that. She shuddered.

Zick laughed. But there was one thing that never seemed to change, even after all that, Patty and Mattie are still trying to claw her away from Zick and into their clutches. Last year they even offered to give her a 'friendship bracelet' in exchange for her never to be friends with that 'serial killer' again. Some people just never give up. What's so special about a dumb bracelet anyway? And this year, they definitely aren't going to give up. As usual they were waiting by the door. both grew too, of course. Both have long hair now, and both have them free on their shoulders.

"Why hello, Elena Potato." Said Mattie

"We're just here to greet the students of Old Mill middle school, since we are the student council's best leaders." said Patty.

They were talking with their eyes closed, once they opened them, Zick and Elena were already walking away.

Okay, the first Chapter ends here. This story kind of follows what happened to Zick and Elena, cuz I think there must be more adventures after that. You can't keep those two away from trouble. Heheh, and yeah, they're old now, but still they're still not together! (*rolls eyes*) Zick still doesn't get it. haha. Anyway, pls review and whatever.