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Chapter 1: Deaf (Bella's POV)

Adrenaline rushed through my body as I stared intently at the crashing waves oh so far below me. How high was I? Two, maybe three stories up? No, I shuddered, I must be at least four stories up. It didn't really matter how high I was, I just wanted to hear his voice again.

Edward, oh Edward. It felt like forever since I'd seen him. It felt like I'd never stop reliving that nightmare of a day when he left me. He had every right, though. Who was I to think that someone so...breath-taking as him, would want someone so ordinary as I? He was better off finding another gorgeous vampire to be with.

Still I couldn't help but crave his voice. I noticed just a few weeks back that whenever I put myself into a dangerous position, his voice rings clear in my ears. At first I thought it was just my delusions, but as it become clearer and more often, I realized I really must be insane. This is the reason I was standing on the edge of a cliff so high above the rocking waves of the icy ocean.

Looking up I noted how the clouds began to darken, as if to tell me this would be the end. That would be okay though, as long as I got to hear Edward again.

I heard the rustle of pebbles fall as I shifted my feet further to the edge. Giving the ocean one last glimpse, I closed my eyes and began to lean my body forward, ready to drop.

To my chagrin, two strong arms wrapped around my waist and pulled me quickly away. I sighed, disgruntled, "Jacob...what are you doing?" I asked impatiently, "Let go of me!"

He snapped back immediately, "Bella what is wrong with you?! I go off on patrol and come here to see you jumping to your death! Can't you see the waves are much to dangerous to be landing in? Sheesh Bella!"

He was right, and I knew he was right. Yet once again I really didn't care if my life had ended then, not that I wanted to end it, just that I didn't really care. The only thing stopping me was Jacob. That tall, masculine Quillet boy who has always been the one to stop me from being ridiculous, and to brighten every sad moment I've had since Edward left.

His grip loosened just a bit from my waist as he sighed, "Sorry Bells, I didn't mean to yell at you. You just scared me, y'know? We can cliff dive some other day. When it's...safer."

I sighed, "Geeze Jake I don't need a babysitter! I would have been fine!" I lied; I know I wouldn't have been fine. "I mean," I paused, trying to sound less bitter, "...I mean I guess I shouldn't do it...shouldn't have even tried...I.." I paused again, "Sorry, Jake."

Oh great. I could feel him grinning behind me as he spun me around and gave me a tight bear hug. "Bella, Bella, Bella. When will you stop putting yourself into these stupid, dangerous adventures?"

I smirked into his hug, trying to push away but failing against his brute strength. Instead I just gave in and hugged him back. He really did...feel warm...and I was cold...

He felt my shaking, "You 'kay, Bells? You're awful shaky. I think you need to go inside before you catch a cold." Wrapping one arm around my shoulders he walked with me back to his car, 'the rabbit' as he affectionately called it, and drove to his house. Or cabin. Whatever you want to call it.

After helping me into the house, which I didn't really need, I mean I can walk, he sat me down on the couch and ran to the kitchen to make some coffee. His father, Billy, must not have been home at the time. I didn't hear him anywhere.

"Hey Jake, where's Billy?" I called out. Not long after he came rushing back in with two hot cups of coffee in his large hands, handing one to me, then sat down beside me. "Oh, He's actually with your dad. There was a...football game, I think. Something like that." Silly Jacob, he probably didn't realize he was taking up most of the small couch.

I cuddled into one of the nearest blankets and sipped carefully on my coffee. Jacob wrapped one arm sluggishly around me, pulling me into his warm embrace. Casually he clicked the T.V. to life, and put it on some cooking network. I eyed him suspiciously, "Y'know, we can watch what you want to Jake...I don't mind." He grinned back down at me, "I wanna watch what you want to, Bells. Plus, I'm tired...I might just fall asleep anyway." I nodded.

And that's what he did. Half way into the half an hour long program, Jacob's head was leaned back on the couch, arm still around me, and snoring. I smirked as he snored, then looked up to his face.

He really was handsome; very, very handsome. I couldn't help but realize his hair had grown quickly and was brushing against the back of his neck already. His deeply russet colored skin looked more firm than it had before; it seemed no matter how much I tried to hold onto the boy he was before he became a werewolf, my Jacob, he still continued to grow.

To grow into a man.

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