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Chapter 20: Birthday and Changes (Jacob's POV)

It had been two months since the day that Bella made her ultimate decision; the decision to choose me over her first love, Edward. At first I was a bit overwhelmed with the idea that she had chosen me. For some reason I kept having this thought that no matter what I did, I would never be good enough for her. But...I guess that wasn't the case.

I didn't like seeing her cry. She cried on the way home from their house; the whole entire way. I kept thinking I was hurting her by taking her away, but when we got back to my house, she had insisted she was fine. She hugged me tightly, "Jake, I love you. I choose to be with you." still weeping just a bit, "It was a hard decision, but it was the right one. I know it was."

Since that day she had been just fine. It was almost as if her kidnapping and decision making had never happened. It was almost as if...she never saw them again. She was happy, she was hanging with me, and she was still my girl. Everything felt just the way it was supposed to be; natural, normal, and flowing. I just kept hoping it would stay that way.

Oh, did I mention that Leah Clearwater and Seth Clearwater had shifted as well? It was a big surprise to the entire pack to have Seth, who was still so young, in his early teens, and even more of a surprise to have Leah, a woman. She was the first female werewolf in our history as a tribe. And boy did she have spunk! The history behind her and Sam's relationship made shifting into a werewolf a very uncomfortable experience. She despised Sam for his imprinting on her cousin, Emily; because of that, whenever we were shifted, she would show him memories of them being together, just to make him feel bad.

In a way I didn't blame her at all. If I was in her position I would be scarred for life! If Bella had chosen Edward over me those few weeks ago...I'd probably be just about as bitter and angry as Leah was. She seemed to hate everyone.

Sam was doing okay, though. We kept asking him in private, as humans, if he was alright. He kept responding with, "It was all my fault, I deserve every bit of this. I'll endure." and stuff like that. It wasn't his fault though; he imprinted! What could he have done about it other than ignore his fate? He definitely couldn't do that.

Speaking of the pack, I was pretty nervous about this up coming week. My birthday was only in a few days and Bella and the pack were acting very suspiscious. I kept poking at Bella for information, but she would just put on a face and act completely innocent. Oh yeah, sure, just try to lie to me now, Bella Swan, we'll see where it gets you when you're birthday comes around! I laughted internally. Oh, wait, she already had her birthday last month. Crap! Forgot about that... I nearly smacked myself for being stupid and forgetting about her birthday; why would I even do that? Bah hah.

What was pretty awesome is that this would be my seventeenth birthday; just one year away from being a legal adult! I already had it planned out: as soon as I was eighteen, Bella would be twenty. I'd officially be a legal adult and...I'd ask her to marry me. I was already dead certain I would never want to be with anyone else; she was my life. Oh, and imprinting? I wasn't scared about that anymore. I can tell now that because I'm already so in love, so enveloped in Bella, I could never imprint.

Her and I were going to be together anyway, so why worry about imprinting getting in our way? She told me she chose me, she even told her Edward that! Now there's nothing to stop us.

Two days before my birthday, I was laying under Sam's truck, trying to fix some loose pieces. Bella was off at her house, 'doing homework', more like planning something, and I just had to spend the day alone.

A few hours into the work, I felt someone come up and kick me roughly in the side. If I was a normal human, that would've broken a few ribs. Too bad I'd already healed all the way and was made of steel. "Who's there?" I grumbled, feeling impatient with the inner workings of Sam's truck.

"Who else would kick you like that?" Embry laughed, "You workin' on Sam's truck still? Thought you would've finished it a long time ago."

I continued to screw in a large pipe, "It's being a pain, to say the least. So what's up?"

"Not much, just came here to see what you're up to. I see Bella isn't around to keep you company." He mused, obviously picking.

"Yeah, she's doing...homework." I rolled my eyes at the lie.

He laughed like he knew what was going on, which knowing him, he probably did. "Yep, homework. A growing girl needs to finish her homework."

I rolled out from underneath the truck and gave him a quizzical look, "You know what's going on, don't you?"

He nodded, grinning like a child, "Sure do! And you won't get a peep out of me. Nor will you when we're shifted; all of that know are keeping the plans out of our thoughts."

I growled, "This is frusterating! I'm so curious as to what's going on!"

"Well," he started, "You already know it's for your birthday. It was all Bella's idea, we're just helping her."

I pulled myself back under the truck, steadily trying to focus on the work at hand. Still my thoughts wandered off to whatever Bella was planning. Embry stayed beside the truck, just fiddling with some tools while I worked.


The actual day of my birthday seemed rather...quiet. I walked out of my room, stretching, and noticed my dad sitting in kitchen eating breakfast. He smiled kindly at me, "Morning, Happy Birthday son!"

I smiled back, sitting beside him, "Thanks, Dad." I motioned to the full plate in front of me, "Is this for me?"

He chuckled, "It's your birthday breakfast; 'course it's for you."

I grinned, after all there was just about every good breakfast thing on my plate! Sausage, bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, onions, and grits.

After the breakfast I saw dad wheeling out the front door. He turned his head and smiled, "I'll be back in a bit; you go off and have a good day."

The first thing I could think to do was spend time with Bella. I grabbed my pants, throwing them on quickly, then dashed to leave. As I pulled into the driveway, I noticed Bella cooking lunch for Charlie. It was a Sunday so Charlie was off work, probably laying on the couch watching television.

I didn't even bother to knock; they were already used to me coming in when I felt like it. Bella turned, her eyes glowing. She put down the cooking tools and walked over to me, grinning. "Happy Birthday, Jake." she smiled, wrapping her arms around my bare torso.

I returned the hug, picking her up into my arms, "Thanks, Bells."

After placing her down, she still stood beside me, grinning like an apossum. I smiled warily at her, "You've been acting sneaky for days."

She shrugged, rolling her eyes, "Maybe I have. Oh," she stood beside the stove again, finishing Charlie's food, "Don't make any plans for the evening, okay?"

I blinked, "Sure," assuming this was the secret that she'd been planning; whatever it was.

"So what are you doing today?" I asked, wrapping my arms around her waist from behind as she cooked.

She shrugged, "Just some stuff...what are you doing today?"

I nuzzled into her hair, "I wanted to hang out with you."

Just as she started giggling, somebody opened the front door quickly, and I heard familiar footsteps. I rolled my eyes and groaned, turning around to face them, "Quil, Embry, what are you doing here?"

Both of them ran up to me, each one grabbing one arm, dragging me out of the house. I looked over to see Bella smiling wistfully. I pointed at her as they drug me out, "You're gonna be in trouble one of these days!" Her beautiful laugh chimed happily as they finally got me out of the house and into the driveway.

Once they let me go, somewhere near the woods, I pretended to brush off invisible dirt and glared at them, "What's this all about?"

Quil chuckled, "We're takin' the birthday boy out for a day of fun."

I crossed my arms, still glaring at them, "What if I wanted to hang out with Bella?"

Embry shrugged, "She's busy."

"Busy doing what?" I said, eyeing him.

"Stuff." he answered back with a smile.

I 'humphed' and sighed, "So what exactly are we doing today?" It seemed like I didn't have a choice, even though it was my birthday.


The day itself was pretty good, even though I wanted to spend it with Bella, the guys did make it fun. We hung out, took a run, had a few races, played football on the beach, and finally sat down for drinks in my garage.

I sighed contently, popping open a root beer and chugging almost the whole thing with one gulp. Embry and Quil were sitting on some boxes, happily chugging down their soda's as well. "Thanks you guys, I had a good day. Really." I laughed, "And man can Paul do a mean football tackle." Jared, Paul, and Sam had joined us for the football game earlier.

They laughed too, "He sure can. Jared has a mean throw, too." Quil smiled, "But I'm the strongest."

Me and Embry rolled our eyes, "Yeah right!"

Embry stood, stretching, "Alright let's go." he checked his watch, "Yep, it's 6:00, perfect timing. C'mon." he started towards the door, Quil following. I arched an eyebrow, "Where?"

They didn't stop walking, just continued and yelled back, "Time for your surprise!"

I blinked, Oh yeah, Bella had said something about not making plans for the evening. In a split second I was by their sides, striding towards wherever they were headed.

Suddenly they turned around, grabbing me by the arms yet again, "What the heck?!" I struggled against them. Quil held me while Embry wrapped a bandana around my eyes. I growled.

They pulled me, occasionally letting me trip over tree roots while we went. The fragrant smell of salt reached my nostrils; we were at First Beach.

I heard a fire crackling and popping just a few feet away, and a few people murmering under their breaths. "Can I see now?" I asked, my patience running thin.

Their grip was loosened, and I felt two small hands pulling the bandana off my eyes. Bella was in front of me, grinning and holding the bandana, "Hello birthday boy."

I smiled, "Bella," taking in her beautiful visage. She had her hair tied back in a loose pony-tail and was wearing a blue blouse, followed by a knee-length brown flowing skirt. The light from the moon and the light from the fire danced on her face.

I heard a few people chuckling; obviously I'd been staring at her too long. I broke my stare and looked around. Chairs were set up neatly around the fire, almost everyone I knew from La Push was there. Christmas lights were hung on the nearest trees, and a few tables were set up; food one some, presents on others.

I grinned, "Wow! Everything looks great!" then smiled down at her, who was smiling contently back at me, "So this is what you've been planning. It's wonderful Bella, but you didn't have to do all of this for me."

She shrugged, running a hand down my forearm, "I wanted to make it special. That's all." then grinned at me, "After all I do love my wolf-boy enough to make him a special birthday get-together."

I held her tightly against my side and started walking to the crowd of friends, "You guys were pretty good at hiding this, I have to say."

They all laughed; Charlie was sitting beside my dad, lounged up with several beers. "Happy Birthday, Jake." he said, smiling. Several others wished me a happy birthday until nearly everyone was screaming it at me. I laughed, "Thanks you guys."

The night consisted of games, which I almost won all of. Pin-the-tail-on-the-wolf, that one hurt for sure, volleyball, a pie eating contest... all of it was generally easy, but very fun. I enjoyed watching Bella's eyes light up every time I would look happy; she'd obviously worked hard to make this a great night for everyone...for me.

As the evening began to slow down, people started gathering around the fire to warm up. I took this chance, now that the attention was finally off of me, and grabbed Bella's hand, pulling her with me. We walked quietly in eachother's presence, just taking in the atmosphere, until I finally found the urge to break the silence. "This has been one of the best, if not the very best, birthday I've ever had."

She smiled, "Really? Wow, Jake, I'm so happy to hear that!" She looked up to me and grinned, at the same time losing her balance and tripping on what I assumed was a rock. I caught her in my arms, carefully, and smiled, "Always so clumsy, hun."

She blushed, "S'why I have you there to catch me, right?"

I hugged her, "Yeah. I'm always gonna be there to do that." I sighed, thinking out loud, "Though things have changed in the past year, they've all been for the better." I chuckled, "Decisions were made that made me the happiest guy alive."

I felt her grip around me tighten, "I love you, Jake."

I pulled back to see her face, stroking it gently with my thumb, "I love you too, Bella Swan." then dipped my face down, gently kissing her under the light of the full moon.

What I said had been true; a lot of things had happened in that last year. Bella went from depressed and broken, to happy, smiling, and fullfilled. She was finally mine, and I hers. Things were great, as they would continue to be for years to come. I was positive that more things would happen in the upcoming years, some good, some bad, but anything that did happen, I would be beside her. Protecting her.

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