Chapter 1-Surprises

It had happened so quickly for the young demon vessel, as Naruto thought he might have been in a dream turned a surrealistic nightmare, and for the most part he wished he had. The sudden blast of wind had sent him tree after tree and it was something that Naruto could only describe as being a painful with anyone that he told having to take his word for it.

The last thing Naruto hit was a moss covered rock that strangely enough didn't feel like a rock when he hit it before shattering the object of nature to hit the ground of nature itself. Naruto had a feeling that if the Kyuubi sealed inside of him wasn't there, he would have been dead from this event several time over, and if that wasn't the case it would mean he would be in the hospital for months on end.

'Well it could be a lot worse. It could be the villagers trying to attack me on my birthday again,' thought Naruto lying on his back while trying to get up from the ground slowly, as he found his body trying to protest this action, and decided to let his body rest there for a brief moment.

What harm could it do?

As Naruto closed his eyes, a black liquid goop came out of the rock that was not a rock, but a metallic chamber that held the thing in suspended animation, and had been freed upon the boy's impact with its prison. The black liquid however, needed a vessel to live in soon, or else its new found freedom would not last long. Seeing the boy lying on the ground unconscious, but alive none the less, the black goop moved towards the boy, and entered Naruto via the seal that was currently invisible on his stomach.

(Naruto's Mindscape)

"Well well, what do we have here? Something that does not belong here like myself has decided to make its presence known to me," said Kyuubi, as it had been quit awhile since the fox had seen a creature like the black creature now in the cage with him making a crude manifestation of a humanoid form.

"Just when this boy couldn't get anymore intriguing, I find he is the vessel of another entity with an incredible source of energy, and I find my curiosity growing," said the black humanoid creature before looking over at the sleeping form of Naruto.

"Yes. I was sealed inside this boy the day he was born by his own Father and was meant to be seen as a hero. Unfortunately, human arrogance, and their hate for the things they fear caused the exact opposite for him. I can't tell you how many times that my vessel has had a close call with these foolish humans. They have stunted his growth so much in learning the ways of the Shinobi, making sure he had malnourishment, and the fact that the old fool of a Hokage being too spineless to protect the boy from those fools that share a seat of power with him," said Kyuubi, as he had been awake in the boy since the ink first dried on the stomach of the child, and had heard the arguments from the arrogant humans that wished to end Naruto's life.

"And he has survived long enough to have some measure of ability to fight back using what knowledge he has in his mind? Impressive all things considered. Though I sense all the knowledge he has learned is sealed away in his mind, which was helped along by all the abuse this village has put him through, as well as the betrayal he feels from his own teammates not acknowledging him in the slightest, and being ignored all this time by them. This part of him will not do. I need to fix this before things become a real problem for me now that he is my vessel. If you help me, I will see to it that the boy becomes a strong vessel worthy of being yours, and make him a being of unmatched power," said the black goo, as he sensed the boy's mind was only working at a limited capacity from the hits Naruto took to the skull, and the mental stunting the village did to him.

"Agreed. Too long has my vessel been too weak to fight back against the stronger foes of the world and if I am to survive then my vessel will need the strength to repel them. Tell me your name," said Kyuubi, as he was intrigued by this creature before him, and wanted to know more.

"We have no true name great fox, but the one given to us by our previous host will do, and it is a name that will bring fear to those that would become our vessels enemy. Call me...Venom!" said Venom bowing to the fox before making his way to the seal, only to be repelled by the cage, and causing the symbiotic entity to howl in pain.

"It seems the seal of the Shinigami refuses to let you pass through since you entered through it to get here. In order for you to be able to cross over, the seal needs to be altered in someway that it cuts off the means of repelling you, and to make matters worse that would also have to be done from the outside," said Kyuubi since the seal was the same in keeping his powers back for the most part and had to wait for Naruto to call upon his power.

"Then I will wait. If what you say is true, then there is certainly someone out there that can do it, and if my instincts are right...someone will do it," said Venom has the creature had been known to be correct from time to time.

"I think you're right. The kit's not here anymore," said Kyuubi seeing past the cage and saw that Naruto wasn't there anymore, but trying to catch up with his team, and find out what happened to them.

(Outside World)

Naruto shook his head at the strange feelings that were running up and down his body at the moment after waking up while swearing to himself that he thought he heard voices. Right now, he was racing to his friends, as he sensed a chakra spike in the direction that he was currently heading, and Naruto knew that when something like that wasn't good.

He arrived just in time to stop Sasuke from handing over their scroll to that Grass Nin, who seemed to be much stronger then a Genin should be, and punched the Uchiha right in the face. Some arguing and some fighting with the Grass Nin soon after, Naruto had called upon the Kyuubi's chakra to help him fight the snake that was summoned by the Grass Nin to get Sasuke, and protect a scared "Uchiha Prodigy" from being killed.

"What power you have inside of you little boy, as I thought you were the one that held 'it' inside of you with those eyes of yours, and the rage behind them from your childhood speaking volumes to me. However, this power you wield is not something I need to have around me at the moment, so please forgive me when I say I have to remove you, and the power you that's standing in my way of what I want," said the Grass Nin holding Naruto near him before hitting the demon vessel with the Five Prong Seal and threw him into the nearest tree.

'After being knocked out like that, Naruto won't survive the fall, and will die!' thought Sakura, as she threw a kunai at Naruto, and caught him on the tree he hit before his top of his orange jumpsuit tore causing him to fall into the darkness below.

"Oh dear, your intentions were noble little girl, but sadly while your aim was good, the actual plan itself was folly, and now your teammate is dead," said the Grass Nin, as he saw Naruto fall, and then turned his attention to a frightened Uchiha Sasuke.

(With Naruto)

Naruto had fallen into unwillingly forced unconsciousness at the hands of that creepy Grass Nin and had hit several trees before breaking through them during his fall. While this happened, Venom had found that due to the Grass Nin's unexpected attack on the Shinigami's Seal, he was able to move freely from the cage that held Kyuubi, and began to take action to prevent their shared vessels' death.

'I need time to make alterations to my vessel, so a little change in the boy's position is required, and maybe some privacy for this transformation to happen,' thought Venom, as he covered Naruto's hands with his presence, and shot a web line with the borrowed right hand to a tree to stop the fall.

Venom succeed with ease before using the other hand, he created web like cocoon around the boy, and began to go to work on Naruto's body along with his mind since it needed some maintenance at the moment. It was understandable from what Venom could see, as the seal on the boy's neck had absorbed all of the information Naruto was supposed to know, and keeping it there like a vault that held it all.

"This thing was put here about 2 years before the boy would enter the Academy, but by whom exactly I do not know, and from the looks of things was done rather crudely," said Kyuubi, who found that just because he was cut off from his vessel, didn't mean he was cut off from Venom, and vice versa.

"Yeah. It's a treasure trove of knowledge that if unlocked would give our vessel the means to surpass all others. While its design does seem second rate, it is effective in its use, but I think I can destroy it, and without any negative side effects from doing it," said Venom seeing the seal in the boy's mind and found certain weak spots in the seal that black organic life form was itching to exploit.

"You need to be careful, as my healing powers cannot help you, and even more now that I'm cut off from the boy thanks to that Grass Nin that smelled of snakes," said Kyuubi, as he had no means now to repair the mental damage that could be inflicted by this move, and hoped that Venom knew what he was doing.

"Right!" said Venom, as he used his tentacle like arms to worm his way into the many cracks of the seal, making them bigger, and wider until the wall collapsed under Venom's handy work.

Instantly, the information that had once been denied to Naruto all those years during the Academy, was now spreading throughout his brain, and helping the boy get stronger at an incredible rate. While Venom looked over his handy work inside Naruto's head, he then turned his attention to Naruto's body, and let out a heavy sigh knowing this would take a whole lot longer.

It wasn't like Naruto's team was in any danger? It had the "Uchiha Prodigy" after all, so it was only natural that the boy fend off the Grass Nin, proclaim his dominance (for now), and do his whole "lone wolf" thing in heading to the tower. Venom knew how much the Uchiha disliked Naruto from his vessel's memories, as well as the Haruno girl's constant belittling of him for trying to get better then the Uchiha, and hitting him in the process.

Something that Venom believed the girl's Mother encouraged and would continue to do if it meant hurting the "Kyuubi brat" continuously.

And it was something that Venom was going to change once he was done making all of the necessary changes to Naruto.

(With Team 7-Sometime Later)

Sakura wiped the sweat from Sasuke's forehead with the white cloth she had on hand that was from her first aid med kit she had taken with her for this event. She looked at the so called "last Uchiha" with worry, as her not so secret crush moaned in pain, and wondered what the strange pale man did to her Sasuke-kun?

Sakura had also set up some traps, as she had learned at the Academy to help prepare for any enemies that came their way, and hoped that her various defenses would hold long enough for Sasuke to recover. All Sakura could do was play the waiting game, as there was nothing else she could do, and made a mental note to seek out advise in terms of learning more then what she already knew.

"When do we move to strike? I want to knock that arrogant Uchiha around before we gut him like a fish," said Zaku, as he was itching for some blood at the moment, and at the moment was hungering for Uchiha blood.

"Soon. The pink haired one is still very much awake and it would be easier to wait a little longer when she falls asleep to take them both out," said Dosu, as he knew that while the plan was gore free, it was nonetheless effective, and would complete the mission given to them by Orochimaru.

"Something is wrong with this scenario. There should be a third person with them. Are you sure their other teammate died?" said Kin, as she was having some concerns about this mission, and wanted to make sure no unwanted surprises happened.

"Orochimaru said it himself that the boy fell to his doom and will not be here at all so quit your bitching so we can do this right!" said Zaku, as he was in no mood for Kin's worries, and second guessing of plans so late in the game.

'Says you bed wetter,' thought Kin, as she knew that boy had problems when it came to sleeping, and if it wasn't for the fact that the boy beside her would kill her if she told...she would have blurted it out sooner.

'Quiet! Our target's 'bodyguard' is dozing off now. We strike in the next 30 minutes to make sure it's not a ruse," said Dosu, as there had been situations that they were taught where the enemy would appear to be sleeping, and actually weren't.

"Got it!" said Zaku, as he was looking to satisfy his bloodlust, and if the pink haired girl was still alive...he would satisfy something else before removing the Uchiha's teammate from the equation permanently.

(With Naruto-35 Minutes Later)

The web like cocoon around Naruto began to move slowly at first, but after the first tiny hint of what could be called a twitch of movement soon became a jerking motion, and the web like material that saved the Uzumaki from falling to an imminent death had been ripped to pieces. Now in the place of Uzumaki Naruto, was a taller, more muscled figure covered in a dark bluish black with a large white spider symbol on his chest, and once more on his back. As the figure began to fall from the shreds of the torn webbing, as he was now a prisoner of gravity, the entity raised his right hand turned fist, and shot the same type of webbing made of the cocoon to a nearby before using it to swing through the trees.

Venom was currently in control.

The mind of Uzumaki Naruto was still unconscious, but Venom was not, and seeing as how the body needed to be seemed appropriate until the boy awakened. By that point, Venom would begin telling the boy everything that happened, and hoped the boy didn't freak out from it.

Sensing danger not far from his swinging, Venom directed his new found shared body to that location, and upon perching himself on a nearby tree was able to see the source of all it. Crawling along the tree's branch to the middle of the tree trunk, Venom saw a fight currently going down with Naruto's team fighting off the Sound Team with the help of Team 9's Rock Lee, Team 10 that was the InoShikaCho, and the appearance of Team 9 above on a tree branch looking down.

'The Scooby Gang is almost all here. Shame Team 8 couldn't be around to see this, as that Hyuuga girl would love to see her crush in action, and probably get a nosebleed,' thought Venom, as he had seen Naruto's memories of the girl, and knew that Hinata had a mean crush on the boy.

"You are surrounded. Give up now or else," said Hyuuga Neji, as he flared his Byakugan at the Sound Team, and saw all the various chakra signatures around him.

It was then that one Uchiha Sasuke decided to make his appearance known, as he came out with purple corrupted chakra field around him, and strange marks all over his body. He looked from Sakura to those around him, as if contemplating something in within his mind, and looked at the Sound Team with his Sharingan Eyes activated.

"Someone should have told me there was a party here, as I seemed to miss my invitation, and an Uchiha hates to be left out of anything important," said Sasuke, as he continued to stare at the Sound Team, and ignore everyone shocked faces.

"So Orochimaru-sama gave you the Curse Seal. This was not expected when he gave us the assignment of killing you," said Dosu, as he now saw the power behind the Uchiha's Curse Seal, and wondered if they had a chance in ever killing Sasuke.

"Yes he did. He gave me incredible power and I intend to use it to get what I want!" said Sasuke before he was behind Zaku and rammed a fist hard into the Genin's spinal cord.

'That was fast!' thought everyone, except Venom since the boy's movements were not beyond his eyes, and kept watch since things were getting pretty interesting.

"Those arms create air like blasts that creates a devastating force against anything it hits," said Sasuke, as he began to twist Zaku's arms out of place, and everyone was stunned in the process by this action.

Sasuke would have succeeded in his mission, had he not been jerked right off his feet, and into a thick tree trunk knocking the Uchiha unconscious.

"Humans are such violent and stupid creatures. Don't you think so little flies from Sound?" said Venom, as he made his appearance, and was hanging upside down with a web line allowing him to descend about midway between the tree branch and the ground.

"Who the hell are you?" said Dosu, as he looked at the strange thing all covered in black with the spider symbol on his chest, and wondered just what was inside this Forest of Death that Konoha didn't want anyone to know.

'How did he get here without me seeing him with my Byakugan? And why can't I pierce his skin to see his chakra network?' thought Neji, as he tried, and failed in trying to see the figure's chakra network.

"Our name is not important, as we have no reason to give it to one such as you, and will not considering you will report us to your master if we let you live," said Venom, as he looked at Dosu's narrowing eye, and sensed the man was going to try something with his arm bracers.

"We'll see how important you are when I destroy your internal organs with my sound bracers," said Dosu, as he braced his legs to jump, but before he could, Venom acted faster, and shot a web line at Dosu's bracers that covered the devices completely before getting sent into a tree like Sasuke had been only face first snapping his neck in the process killing him.

"Do you really think we would give you a chance? This isn't a game of Tag oh ever so little fly. This isn't game of anything, except that of survival, and right now such an extensive game such as this has turned against you along with the rest of your team," said Venom seeing Zaku glaring angrily at him while Kin seemed almost glad to have this sudden intervention.

"You think you can take us freak? We were hand picked by Orochimaru himself to enter this exam and we are not going to let some monster like you prevent us from completing our mission," said Zaku, as he prepared to fire his arms at Venom, who did nothing in terms of moving from his upside down position, and waited for Zaku to fire.

The result was Zaku's arms exploding completely off from the elbows down.

"If you had been paying more attention to your hands, you would notice that there was a strong web covering the holes needed to send your attack out, and when you tried to fire...well we think the condition of your arms says everything," said Venom before he let out a chuckle at seeing Zaku fall to his knees while staring at the space where his arms would be while his mind seemed to be trying to process what had happened.

Key word would be trying.

"My...a-arms! Look what...what you did my arms!" said Zaku before he let out a scream of pain, as the realization set in, and soon his mind shut down to escape the reality of his body being in pain.

"And then there was one!" said Venom seeing the frightened girl that was Kin now trying to make a run for it, but she found herself strung up by her ankles by one of Venom's web lines, and soon found herself hanging upside down a few feet away from the spider symbol wearing figure.

"Please don't hurt me! I was against this idea the whole way, but if I said anything, then Orochimaru would kill me, or worse use me for one of his sick experiments," said Kin, which was true, as many had voiced their reluctance to partake in a few missions, and each had either died or wished they had at the hands of Orochimaru.

"We imagine you were little female fly, so we are not going to disfigure you like we did your two teammates, as we have a better idea in mind, and while we would like nothing more then to discuss it here...well there are too many ears along with eyes aimed in our direction," said Venom, as he knew that the best way to deal with this was to get this girl to the Hokage, and make sure she spilled her guts to him about what this Orochimaru had planned.

"Can you protect me? Do you work for the Hokage?" said Kin, as she was shaking quite a bit, and it was sending vibrations throughout the web he was hanging her from.

Her second question got everyone's attention.

"We do work for the Hokage and will be more then happy to take you to him. However, you must be taken someplace safe that will allow you to speak with him privately, and we know of such a place," said Venom, as he was feeling the tug of Naruto's conscious mind trying to awaken, and was trying to keep it down for as long as possible.

"I'll do anything you ask. Just please protect me from Orochimaru. He's a monster," said Kin, as she was now practically in tears at this point, and Venom sensed her fears for the Sannin.

"Then we shall take our leave from here with you in hand," said Venom flipping the girl right side up along with himself and wrapped a muscled arm around Kin's waist making the girl blush a healthy shade of red.

"Hey wait! Could you help find our teammate?" said Sakura, as she hoped the strange figure would help find Naruto, and hopefully get him back to them in one piece.

"Why do you care Haruno? You abandoned the boy for the Uchiha after he fell into the shadows fighting Orochimaru," said Venom getting shocked looks from Team 10 and Team 9 at that news since they were always told to never abandon their teammates.

'How did he know that? It's not like I wanted to, but Sasuke-kun is from a noble clan, and if I spent anymore time lingering around where I was while looking for that baka I could have lost Sasuke-kun,' thought Sakura, as she saw the angry, and disappointed looks in the eyes of the others.

"Uzumaki Naruto does live, as we have made sure of that, but the next time that you do see him, he will not be the same as you once knew, and the next time you try to punch not be surprised if he decides to punch back! Oh, before we forget this, Team 7 should take Dosu's scroll to qualify for getting to the tower in the center of this so called 'Forest of Death,'" said Venom before swinging around on his web line to a nearby tree branch.

"What do we do with these two? I mean, one's dead, and the other is dying. This is so troublesome," said Shikamaru, as he rubbed his head in thought, and wondered where Naruto could be right now?

"You would do the wise thing and leave him. He'll be dead before you can get him any medical attention and his scent will no doubt bring about animals of the predatory kind," said Neji, as he knew from his training with Gai, and at the Hyuuga Clan Compound that animals of the predatory nature will follow the scent of blood depending on how much of it was spilled.

"What about Naruto? You heard that weird guy with the spider symbol on his chest. Did his own team abandon him?" said Choji, as the news of his fellow ramen consumer was weighing heavily on his mind since the two were good friends at the Academy, and the blonde was always considerate when it came to his weight.

It was as if Naruto knew what it was like to be discriminated against.

"He also said Naruto was alive and we'll probably meet them at the tower. Since we all have our needed scrolls, I don't think we need to take anyone else's here, and since most of the 'Rookies' are all here it makes sense for us to just all go together to the tower in the center of the forest," said the lazy Nara while seeing Ino help her pink haired rival for Sasuke with her hair, as he too wondered what became of Naruto, and the strange figure with his warnings of Naruto "punching back".

"I wish to see Naruto again as well and see what has transpired that his Flames of Youth may have been diminished or changed from what they once were!" said Lee, as he was all fired up, and was ready to go much to his two teammates' displeasure.

If only they could leave him in the Forest of Death.

(Forest of Death-Central Tower-2 Days Later)

The 3 Genin Teams made their way into the tower with mixed expressions on their faces, as they couldn't help, but wonder about Naruto, and felt a sense of curiosity towards the information they were told. They were surprised when several of their senseis appeared from their scrolls along with Iruka, who told them all about the meaning with the written inscription when they entered, and each sensei was surprised when asked about Naruto.

This of course, brought them to an interesting reaction from all of them at seeing the news, and very much improved Uzumaki Naruto.


"Do you know where Naruto is Asuma-sensei? That guy in the forest said Naruto would be here," said Shikamaru, as his team was walking into the main area of the tower with their sensei, and the other teams had followed.

"Yeah! I mean, its not like I care for the blonde baka or anything, but he's still a Konoha Shinobi, and deserves to have someone ask about him," said Ino, as she was finding what happened to Naruto to be most curious, and wanted to know more.

"Thanks a lot Ino-chan and here we thought we were good enough to ask you on a date," said Naruto appearing from the ceiling above scaring the crap out of the team and their senseis.

'I didn't even sense him,' thought the Jounin and Chuunin walking with the majority of the Rookies.

"Naruto? Is!" said Choji, as he had dropped his chips, and stared at Naruto in shock like the others with the females of the group having blushes on their faces.

"In the flesh so to speak," said Naruto, as he was now taller, more muscled, and his spiky hair was even spikier with dark clothing that around him with a large leaf symbol on his back that was white.

'His voice is deeper. Kami he's hot!' thought Ino and Tenten at hearing his voice with his grin making their faces turn cherry red.

"Naruto you baka! Where were you when we needed you? I thought you died and if I have half a mind to punch you through a wall," said Sakura, as she was screaming like a banshee, and would have moved closer to him to punch his lights out if it wasn't for the Haruno being pinned to the wall with an angry looking Kin pressing a kunai to her throat.

"Stay way from Naruto-sama or I'll finish what I started in the forest," said Kin, as many were surprise to see her there, and the fact she said Naruto-sama instead of just Naruto.

"Now Kin-chan be nice. We need her for this portion of the exam," said Naruto, as he saw Kin move away reluctantly from the pink haired girl, and moved to stand by her Naruto's side.

"Forgive me Naruto-sama," said Kin in a submissive voice and it made everyone's eyes bulge out of their sockets.

'Again with the Naruto-sama!' thought Ino and Tenten finding themselves increasingly jealous before they both each realized one thing.

Hinata was going to be pissed!

(End Flashback)

As they walked to the main area, Naruto had explained while saying "we" instead of "I", which was noticeable to a certain Nara that the Hokage had put Kin under his protection, and Konoha prepared in secret for what Orochimaru had planned. They also asked his sudden growth, muscles, and voice increase to which Naruto told them was a growth spurt that was long overdue. When they asked about that guy with the spider symbol on his back that interfered in the fighting, Naruto told them that guy was a close personal friend of his, and deserved to be treated with respect.

While most of the group bought it, Neji, Shikamaru, an angry Sasuke, a slightly scared Sakura, and the other adults of the group knew otherwise.

With the various groups here, Kin in the Hokage's Office within the tower, and the other remaining days past the time had come for the Preliminaries to begin. The Hokage did his usual talk on what exactly the Chuunin Exams were for, as a means to keeping the peace, and after a certain traitorous "Genin" left the competition did the selection for who fought who began.

Subaku no Kankuro VS Akimichi Choji

"Ha! What an easy win I'm going to have. Me against the fat kid of that group," said Kankuro, as he made his way down, and stopped when he heard Choji begin screaming for his blood for calling him fat.

'Kankuro you asshole,' thought Temari, as she looked at the puppet master of her family, and wished he hadn't done that before she looked over at the blonde male on the other side of the room to let her mind wonder into many fantasies she was having of him.

She wasn't the only was, as Hyuuga Hinata was secretly trying to get close enough to Naruto to touch him, and see if his new appearance was real or a henge. Whenever she got close, Naruto would turn in her direction, and she would be back at her original position with him looking at her before giving her a kissing motion with his lips making the Hyuuga turn a heavy red. All the while, perverted thoughts were running through the Hyuuga Heiress's head, and it was because others were in the large room that she didn't act on them.

Kiba was feeling intimidated by Naruto with Akamaru whimpering at the sight of Naruto since the boy had clearly become an alpha of sorts. Shino had listened to his bugs, which told him that something unnatural had happened to the Uzumaki while strangely saying that his body was "alive", and refusing to say anything else about it. While it wasn't a threat to the Heir to the Aburame Clan right now, the bugs themselves were too afraid to land on the boy for fear of being devoured by his skin, and again it puzzled Shino that his bugs would say such a thing.

Yuhi Kurenai was having mixed feelings between worry because of Naruto's sudden as well as new look may have been caused by the Kyuubi and that of finding herself now finding she was attracted to Uzumaki's new appearance. She tried desperately to keep her thoughts away form the boy while focusing on her secret relationship with Asuma, but was finding it difficult, and the fact that she could see Anko looking all giddy had made Kurenai think like the Snake Mistress that caused the Genjutsu Mistress to have further problems.

As for the Preliminary match below, a sickly pale looking Jounin that was the proctor had made the announcement that Subaku no Kankuro had won after the Akimichi had been hit with a gas based sedative. Not long into the match, Choji had turned into a big boulder that tried to crush the puppet user into road kill, and the said puppet user had thrown what he had wrapped on his back to the side at the end. The result let Choji destroy Kankuro's body, which turned out to be the actual puppet that looked like Kankuro, and was filled with knockout gas.

In the end, Kankuro was the winner, and Choji was sleeping like a baby while dreaming of food causing everyone to sweat drop.

'Nice Choji. Always thinking with your stomach even in your sleep,' thought Shikamaru, as he sighed at that while looking over at Naruto, who laughed at the sight, and made the women in the room swoon with blushes on their faces.

Uchiha Sasuke VS Subaku no Temari

"We are beginning to wonder just who is running the board," said Naruto to himself with Venom in full agreement and had a feeling that the Councils were pulling the strings for this behind the scenes.

The Naruto and Venom had also become glad that they had the Hokage keep the whole things with Sasuke having the Curse Seal being sealed being made known to the two Councils. That along with the Uchiha being forbidden from using chakra or his Sharingan out of the fear it may stimulate the Curse Seal being made known to anyone was another bonus.

"Time to show you guys the real standard in Konoha you'll have to follow after I'm done with this weakling from Suna and a girl no less," said Sasuke, as he always felt that the female of the species was only meant for breeding, and serving the Uchiha males like they were servants.

"That Suna girl is going to kick his ass," said Venom from within Naruto while Naruto himself agreed and turned from the arena to Hinata, who moved faster then Lee to move back to her original spot, and he gave her another kiss motion that caused the girl to blush a mix reddish purple shade.

'Naruto made a kiss motion towards me again! Now all I need to do is go on a date with him, lead him to someplace quiet, and then...,' thought Hinata, as she tried to keep the big red blush, and the nosebleed that wanted to come out under control.

"Ready to lose to me weakling?" said Sasuke, as he smirked while trying to act tough while he silently wished that Kakashi would let him use his Sharingan, and his chakra for this fight.

"Konoha Shinobi are so arrogant. I'm looking forward to knocking you down a peg," said Temari, as she prepared to use her fan, and grinned at the Uchiha with a smile that said she was going to enjoy hurting him.

"She's going to hurt him so badly," said Kankuro grinning evilly since getting on his big sister's bad side wasn't good for anyone.

"It doesn't matter so long as there is blood to be spilled," said Gaara, as he looked from the match to Naruto, and heard "Mother" calling for him to kill the "fox" across from him.

"Begin!" said Hayate, as he jumped back, and got ready to call the match like he saw it.

Sasuke chose to dash forward while throwing a few shuriken and kunai at Temari to get her to take action against it. Temari simply dodged them all easily and hit Sasuke with a Wind Scythe Jutsu that sent the Uchiha into a wall that knocked him out in one shot.

"That was boring," said Naruto while shaking his head at Sasuke's tactics that were predictable and straightforward.

"Winner! Subaku no Temari!" said Hayate, who looked at the Hokage with eyes that said "how the hell did Sasuke get this far?", and the Hokage just sighed knowing that all of the reports on the Uchiha were no doubt exaggerated by the Councils own hand picked Academy teachers that sucked up to them in hopes of getting a big raise.

Within moments, Kakashi appeared next to Sasuke, and took him away to the hospital where he would stay in his own private room before he was taken out of it to get the Jounin's hands on training. Among the many things Venom had told Naruto during their time together, it was that Kakashi was a hypocrite that never followed the rules he gave, and that favoritism was something that the Jounin was going to do in regards to Sasuke.

'Oh Kakashi, if only Minato saw you now, he would be ashamed of you, and the rest of this village,' thought the Hokage, as he let out a light sigh while putting his pipe back in his mouth, and let it's addictive properties take hold once more.

"Not bad, but the fight could have been better," said Venom, which made Naruto frown in confusion, and wondered what it was that could have been better?

Aside from the Uchiha being killed that is.

'How could it have been better?' thought Naruto, as he turned his attention to Temari, who winked at him, and shaking her rear in his direction when walking up the steps.

"That is how my dear vessel. Though personally it would be better if she let us see what color her panties were," said Venom giggling like a pervert and Naruto mentally sighed while physically his eyes were staring at Temari's back side.

'How dare that slut from Suna do that to my Naruto-kun! He should be staring at my ass when I walk up steps,' thought Hinata, as she was glaring at Temari, who grinned at the Hyuuga, and it only made the silent Uzumaki stalker more infuriated.

Inuzuka Kiba VS Uzumaki Naruto

'Someone is trying to screw Naruto over and I have an idea of who it is with it not being just a single person either,' thought Sarutobi, as he scowled at the names being drawn, and knew this was far from random.

"Sweet! Come on Akamaru, let's show this puberty hitting dead last what it means to take on a real alpha," said Kiba, but Akamaru wouldn't budge, and ran behind Kurenai so Kiba wouldn't pursue him.

"We're waiting Kiba. If your dog doesn't want to fight, then don't force him to, and get your ass down here," said Naruto tapping his foot impatiently at the Inuzuka's attempt to get Akamaru, which almost result in him diving for the dog, and the chance of him seeing up his sensei's skirt.

Surely a sight for all who wished to see try, but the possibility of coming out of such an attempt with a sane mind, and an unharmed body would be impossible.

"Fine! I'll show you just who is the better of the two of us and then Hinata will give up her crush on you to go out with me," said Kiba seeing the Hyuuga girl look at Naruto with a heavy blush, pushing her fingers, and then looked up at her sensei for some sort of help.

All Kurenai could do was shake her head while wishing Hinata the best of luck to her in explaining to the Uzumaki boy the whole stalking him and doing secret pervert acts when they got older.

"Begin!" said Hayate, as he saw the two Genin square off against the other, and for a moment the Jounin thought he was staring at a young Yondaime.

Hayate made a mental note to double his medication for his sickness after he checked it for any side effects that would bring him hallucinations.

Like Sasuke did with Temari in his match, Kiba moved quickly to attack Naruto with his clan's speed that while not on par with Rock Lee, was still pretty fast for a Genin, and aimed to maim his opponent. The plan might have worked in the beginning had Naruto not jumped effortlessly over the Inuzuka Heir and landed gracefully while smiling his ever confident smile at Kiba.

"Now Kiba, we know you wish to find a mate soon, but we don't think we're your type, and we would prefer you didn't try to force me near you just you get a kiss. We just do not swing that way," said Naruto making several people around them laugh at the angry Inuzuka while Hinata was admiring Naruto's behind while her inner self was telling Kiba to stay away from her Naruto-kun and that she would make the dog commanding boy pay for blurting out her secret.

"When I get a hold of you, I'm going to beat you within an inch of your life, and show just how I am better then you to Hinata! 'Piercing Fang!'" said Kiba, as he tried to use his clan's attack, and Naruto dodged again while looking very bored.

"And how exactly are you better then us again?" said Naruto, as he raised an eyebrow at Kiba, and dodged Kiba's attacks again.

"Because I'm not some filthy demon that hides behind human skin!" said Kiba throwing a smoke bomb onto the ground while Naruto narrowed his eyes and let his face become protected thanks to Venom creating his mask for him since no one would be able to see past the smoke bomb for a little while.

While this happened, Sarutobi narrowed his eyes at Kiba, and wondered just who had told the boy about Naruto's "guest" before making a mental note to have Ibiki take a crack at the Inuzuka Heir to get some information.

"You make it sound so simple for everyone around us Kiba-teme. Why don't you help us try to shed our 'human skin' to reveal the demon you claim we are to them," said Naruto, as he moved left, then right, another right, a left, did a one-handed handstand, and then jumped out of the smoke to land on his feet.

'That mask!' thought the various Genin and Jounin watching Naruto.

"Gladly! 'Piercing Fang" said Kiba, as he leaped forward spinning, and aimed directly for Naruto's chest.

"Pay attention everyone, as you are about to see why no one invites us to play a game of Twister," said Naruto he bent back at an impossible angle with only one of his feet on the ground with his other foot hitting Kiba right in the face sending him high into the air with gravity soon reapplying itself to him before making the Inuzuka fall to the ground...hard!

"Winner! Uzumaki Naruto!" said Hayate, who looked to the Hokage, and sent him a look that said "how did he do that?" that was answered with shrug from the Hokage while the medics took Kiba away.

Which was a lie since Naruto explained everything to him in his office in the tower.

(Flashback-Several Days Ago)

"So let me get this straight Naruto. You are telling me that this creature inside of you, calling itself Venom, is a symbiotic organism that bonded with you in order to live, and has basically altered your body to be at an otherwise perfect performance?" said the old Hokage, who was getting a headache from this information, and so was Kin after already telling the Hokage about Orochimaru's plans for Konoha during the finals.

To say the Hokage was surprised was an understatement, and would like saying the old Hokage was...well old! He knew that Suna had fallen on some bad times, but this was not good for the Leaf, and even more so if Orochimaru could lure other allies away from being just that to Konoha. Not only that, but what happened to Naruto was nothing short of amazing, but the news of a seal being placed on the boy to lock away any knowledge he gained made him worried, and suspected that members of the Shinobi Council had a hand in that.

"That's right old man. We are one so don't be surprised if we start speaking differently in terms of speaking like we are two and not one. Got it?" said Naruto seeing the old man rub his temples while mumbling something about having a headache.

'I pissed off someone in a past life,' thought Sarutobi before looking at Naruto and then over at Kin now shifting nervously since she had jus defected over to the enemy of her former master.

"Now that you have our story old man, we need to know what becomes of Kin-chan here, and how do we stop the Councils from screwing us over," said Naruto, as he saw the old Hokage wince at that since the Councils had been messing with things for some time, and it had been a major thorn in the old monkey's ass for over a decade.

Since Naruto's birth actually.

"Well for you Naruto, there is little I can do, as the Councils are determined to make sure you never see past your 16th birthday, and I've been doing everything I can to stop them. As for Kin, the Councils will want her viciously interrogated by their own people, and no doubt thrown away saying that her usefulness is over to them. The only thing that we can do, given how she described everything all the way up to her capture, is to make her your slave, and secret...concubine," said the Sandaime, as he secretly prepared a Sound Barrier Jutsu under the table 2 seconds before their faces went red, and Kin's became red with anger.

"I HAVE TO WHAT?" yelled Kin, who wished she had a kunai right now so she could cut off the old man's balls to stuff in his stupid Hokage Hat.

"Would you prefer that the two Councils get their way? They've tried numerous times to remove Naruto or turn him into a weapon despite what the Yondaime's dying wish was. They will torture you as if you were someone from Iwa and then dispose of you how they see fit. They will use means to make you one if not a servant to all their needs by using a law that has been around since the Shodaime founded the village. I would also prefer that you were the slave and concubine of someone around your age, who will at the very least will treat you like a person, and not like some object to be used like a thing for one's own agenda," said the Sandaime, as he had seen many prisoners of the female variety be taken by the high level Council and Clan members with the most pull that became slaves.

From what Sarutobi learned from his informant, the one's that became the Uchiha Clan's slaves soon killed themselves within a week of their enslavement, and that was if they were properly fed before going to the Uchiha Clan.

"We wouldn't treat you like property Kin-chan. Not our style," said Naruto looking at the girl, who while still angry at the idea of being someone's slave, and secret concubine felt that the alternative was far worse.

"All right. I did say I would do anything to be free from Orochimaru. I assume I have to get some kind of seal or tattoo of some kind to mark me as his?" said Kin, as she was taught that girls that were in this situation were always marked by some kind of seal to show they were someone's property.

Like the Branch Family members of the Hyuuga Clan.

"Correct. Now, since keeping you a slave, and a concubine needs to be kept a secret for the most part, the seal will have to be placed in a certain area of your body," said the Sandaime, as he saw Kin blush at that since she had not been told where such marks were placed, and next to her Naruto was feeling a little red in the face too.

'He better be big down there,' thought Kin, as she could tell Naruto was a nice guy, and while being intimate with him was the last thing she wanted to do at the was going to happen sooner or later.

(End Flashback)

It had taken the days waiting for the other teams to get here to apply the seal and let the ink dry to make things official for the former Sound Shinobi to become Naruto's living property. The two were then sent to Anko, who upon seeing Naruto nearly jumped the boy for looking so hot, and had to be restrained with the Hokage there to prevent it. The Snake Princess pouted of course, as she wanted to get a test run on Naruto's knew taller, well built, and athletic body that she wanted to ride until doomsday. She did however, comply with the Hokage's orders in telling Naruto, and Kin the rules behind being both master as well as slave.

Rule #1: The Master's commands are law. Almost anything he or she says must be done within reason so long as they don't involve betraying the village or more importantly...the Hokage.

Rule #2: No one can hurt the Master's slave or they (if more then one person) will pay both physically to the point of death and financially to the point of assets being taken to help pay for medical bills for the slave's injuries.

Rule #3: The slave, while losing most of his or her individuality is allowed to have some form of an identity outside of the house if the Master says they can. The Master cannot physically harm or kill his or her slave if he or she disobeys the Master's commands if they are impossible for the slave to complete. Example: Have a slave that has Chuunin level chakra reserves create an army of Shadow Clones. To do so would in fact violate terms of ownership and would be punished the same way as someone under Rule # 2.

Rule #4: A Master can free his or her slave to have them become his or her husband/wife depending on the gender and age of given slave. Note: This is only allowed if both parties are recognized as adults of the village. Example: If slave was once a Shinobi, then he or she is considered an adult, and will be forced to follow rules as such like an adult. If the slave is a civilian, then he or she will not be considered an adult until he or she is over the age of 16, and will be considered an adult by the Hokage.

But that's past history.

"They know about us...sort of," said Venom, as the mask that was around Naruto's face released, and saw many people drop their jaws at that.

'Well at least they aren't calling for our immediate death or calling us a monster,' thought Naruto to which Venom agreed and wondered how everyone else was going to take it.

"Good point," said Venom, as Naruto now made his way up the stairs, and saw all of his fellow "Rookies" looking at him in wonder.

"What? Do we have something on our face?" said Naruto, as he was now grabbing his face to touch various spots of it with his black fingerless gloved hand with the white patch on the back, and looked at everyone with innocent looking eyes.

"You're the one that stopped Sasuke from mutilating that Sound Shinobi and killed that other kid with the wrappings around most of his face," said Neji, as he was currently annoyed that this nobody had deceived his Byakugan, and wondered what the Uzumaki's secret to it was.

"Perhaps. Or we are that person's long lost cousin?" said Naruto making the now slightly annoyed Hyuuga Branch member become even more annoyed at the poor attempt at witty humor.

"There is also the fact that you say 'we' and not 'I' when you speak Naruto. The guy in the forest did the exact same thing," said Shikamaru, as he had already suspected it, and his genius mind hadn't failed him yet.

"Then there is the fact that girl from the Sound Team named Kin clings to you like a lifeline," said Ino, as she felt she had to become involved, and felt that to not speak up would be stupid.

"Yeah, you might want to keep you mouth shut on that for the better part of a Month, as we don't wish anyone to know she is with us," said Naruto getting confused looks from the others.

"W-With you? How N-Naruto-kun?" said Hinata, as she was secretly hyperventilating, and her inner self was praying what she was thinking was not true.

"It's a long story Hinata-chan, but if you wait for the better part of a Month, we will tell you, and leave nothing out. Deal?" said Naruto turning to his shy Hyuuga stalker whose face was now burning up at being so close and her realization of it became apparent to her when it did.

"D-Deal Naruto-kun," said Hinata, as she was glad she could get an answer of some kind, and hoped things weren't what they seemed while her inner self fainted from being called "Hinata-chan" by her crush.

"That's our girl," said Naruto with a smile that made Hinata's face glow like a 100 watt bulb that was just about to explode from him saying that.

"Umm...not to interrupt your moment here Naruto, as troublesome as it is already, but the next match is up, and it's quite a headache sized one too," said Shikamaru, as he pointed to the screen that ran the names, and everyone looked to see that it was indeed quite a headache class problem.

Hyuuga Hinata VS Hyuuga Neji

"That...can't be good," said Venom with Naruto agreeing, as he noticed all of the color in Hinata's face leave her, and she became so pale that the Hyuuga Heiress could have made an albino have more color by comparison.

'Perfect!' thought Neji, as he was looking forward to fighting his cousin, and showing just how weak she was in front of everyone.

"Don't worry Hinata-chan. You can take him. All you have to do is believe in yourself and it will happen," said Naruto, as he knew the girl would need lots of encouragement, and he was the best one to give it.

'He believes in me!' thought Hinata, as she steeled her resolve to fight, and went down the steps with Neji already down there waiting for her with a sinister grin on his face.

'This could get nasty,' thought Hayate, as he saw the Hokage frowning, and was in full agreement with it.

All the Leaf Jounin were, which was why they were secretly on standby, and make sure that there was no life lost here.

"If things get nasty, we will have to make ourselves known in order to protect the shy one, and severely cripple the arrogant one," said Venom, as he sensed the bloodlust that was coming from Neji, and knew his vessel was going to have to act soon.

"Begin!" said Hayate, as he moved his hand down, and watched the two now go into a staring contest.

"I have looked forward to this moment for a long time Hinata-sama, when Fate would smile on me, and give me a victory over the Main Family. My only regret will be that this moment not be seen by as many people as I wish it could be. If you were smart, you would just quit, and let me advance while you still keep some form of Hyuuga dignity," said Neji, as he got into his Gentle Fist stance, and watch Hinata get into her own.

"I won't quit Neji-nii-san," said Hinata, as she felt Naruto's eyes on her, and knew that holding back was not an option in this fight.

"Begin!" said Hayate with his hand going down, as the two Hyuuga Clan members now attacking the other viciously with their Gentle Fist skills, and began hitting the other with devastating blows.

"Hinata's moving pretty fast! And here I thought she was this shy frail girl that was too scared of her own shadow," said Ino, as she was impressed with the fierceness of the Hyuuga girl, and realized Hinata was not the frail thing everyone thought she was.

"She may be shy, but Hinata is hardly frail," said Naruto, as he saw Hinata was pushing herself to keep Neji from gaining any form of advantage, and he also saw Neji struggling to press for an advantage.

This continued until it seemed Hinata landed a hit on Neji, but in fact it was the other way around, which revealed Neji had been holding back enough to weaken Hinata to put her in a bad state, and made the Hyuuga Heiress cough up blood. However, much to her opponent's surprise, Hinata did not surrender like Neji thought she would, and said some hard hitting words to the Branch member. Neji became so angered by her words that he rushed to end the girl's life despite the proctor telling him that he won the match, and Neji would have succeeded had the Jounins not interfered.

That and Neji's hand he was going to use for the kill shot was covered by webbing and was pulled back on a line of the spidery substance that led all the way to one Uzumaki Naruto.

However, Uzumaki Naruto's physical form was not what it once was, as it was now covered in bluish black, had a large white spider symbol, and his masked face had the appearance of something demonic. His form was wider with more muscle behind it, his hands were larger with claws, and the mouth that appeared on what could only be a living mask was filled with 2 to 3 times the average teeth a human would have never mind the tongue or jaw size that far exceeded a human one too.

Add to the fact that this creature that was once Naruto was fully pissed at Neji, it was not a good day to be the Hyuuga Branch member, and from the bloodlust radiating from the creature...Neji thought so too.

Leaping from his position, Venom somersaulted over the scared people below to land right next to Hinata's own while hitting the ground hard with the echo of it proving he did, and the stopped themselves from touching the fragile looking form of Hinata. Naruto had already disengaged the web line from his body, as the two entities acting as one look at the girl with worry right before she opened her eyes to see him, and they retracted the scary looking form of Venom to let the Hyuuga girl look at the real Naruto behind it.

"Hinata-chan, don't move! The medics are coming right now so you'll be all right," said Naruto while wondering what power inside of him or Venom for that matter could save this girl from certain doom.

The only thing they could think of was the fox, but the seal Orochimaru hit him with had messed up that possibility completely.

"D-Did I...m-make you p-proud?" said Hinata coughing soon after she spoke, as she saw his blue eyes she loved to look at looking back at her with admiration and respect for fighting so hard to prove herself.

"Yeah. You gave it your all and that is what that matters," said Naruto smiling down at the Hyuuga girl smiling slightly at him and the Uzumaki boy wished he had some kind of power to heal her.

By this point, the medics had arrived, and were trying to ignore the fact that Naruto was by far anything they had ever seen before that could be considered human. They carried Hinata away on the stretcher with Naruto looking at her being taken away, and felt the unmistakable feeling of pain in his heart.

"Do not feel sorry for that weakling. She was a failure and like all failures they meet the same Fate of losing to their superiors," said Neji, as he didn't even feel remotely sorry for what he did to his cousin, and showed it with a smirk on his face.

When Hinata was finally out of sight though, Naruto's eyes turned to Neji, and his caring ocean blue eyes turned to cold icy ones before the black symbiotic mask that transformed into a demonic face. Naruto looked down at the blood Hinata coughed up and retrieved it with his clawed fingers, not caring that everyone was focusing on him right now. Taking out his inhuman tongue that could rival Orochimaru, Naruto licked the blood off of his fingers with careful precision while the white part that showed where his eyes were on his "living mask" had closed in concentration. Once he was done, Naruto's "eyes" opened, and he let out a sigh like he was savoring a rare wine before turning to Neji fully now while letting out a very unnatural growl.

"It's been a long time...since we tasted blood from a pure soul Hyuuga Neji," said the inhuman voice of Naruto in his Venom state that put so many people on edge.

Gaara included.

"He makes 'Mother' nervous," said Gaara, as he stared at this creature below him, and it unnerved him when he felt the slow rise of killing intent that was barely being restrained at the moment within the blonde haired boy.

"We do not fully understand why you hate this pure soul that is Hinata-chan, but we do know is that she did not deserve it, and as such we feel that you...must...PAY!" said Naruto blasting the Hyuuga with an incredible amount of killer intent that froze the Genin along with the various Jounins around him having rarely felt such desire to maim another human being.

Charging forward with incredible speed, Naruto dodged Gai, leaped over Hayate while slamming the Jounin into the ground doing so, and shot webbing at Kurenai's hands to stop her from making a Genjutsu. Right after Naruto landed, he tripped said woman with his right leg with a quick a leg sweep, and finished with an open palm to Asuma's gut after hitting Gai with an elbow to the gut when the spandex wearing Jounin tried to stop him one more time.

'He just took down 4 Jounin without breaking a sweat!' thought everyone watching and was too surprised to move seeing this demonic thing reach his prize.

"You seemed to enjoy spilling the blood of an innocent woman Hyuuga Neji. We now wonder to ourselves just how it might feel for us if we were to spill the blood of a guilty man just like yourself," said Naruto grabbing the stunned and terrified Hyuuga Branch member by the throat while his wicked tongue was less then an inch from Neji's face.

"Naruto, stop this at once! If you do this now, I'll disqualify you, and how do you think Hinata-san will feel if that happens?" said Sarutobi, as he felt wrong to play on the boy's heart like that, but it was for the good of the boy, and to keep him off the chopping block with the Councils...again!

"She would be displeased. This much we know old man, which is why we are leaving a message for this fool to remember long after this is over, and that you should not get comfortable over what you did to Hinata-chan. We will visit thee again of this matter Neji, oh rest assured this is not over" said Naruto, as he let out a sinister chuckle when he spoke the last part, and moved away from the now quite shaken Hyuuga Neji.

'Said the spider to the fly,' thought Shikamaru, who knew from his childhood years that Naruto was very protective of his friends, and in this case with Hinata...the Hyuuga Clan might as well have the funeral parlor get ready for Neji.

With Naruto's piece said, he turned his demonic face to a normal masked one without the various teeth that would be a dentist's worst nightmare, and after his form slimmed down a bit just jumped onto the railing above him before his "uniform" changed back to normal clothing. Getting off the railing, Naruto turned around to look at the Hokage with a look that said "we better get him or it will be your ass in his place", which the Hokage didn't really want at the moment, and wondered if the Kyuubi had been cut off from Naruto thanks to Orochimaru.

'I'm getting too old for this shit,' thought the Hokage, as he nodded toward Hayate, who had some dirt on his chin to proceed, and to let the incident with Naruto to slide.

Had the Uchiha done it, the two Councils would have praised the spoiled bastard, and it was only fair for the Hokage bring that up should the Councils decide to try punishing Naruto.

The rest of the matches went better for the most part with Kabuto's two teammates being eliminated by Aburame Shino and the other by Subaku no Gaara. Shikamaru forfeited against Lee since the mini Gai could move faster then the Nara could think and decided to lose without an injury from the match. Instead, he got his from Ino for quitting like that against another Shinobi, and was overjoyed at fighting Sakura. It had ended in a double K.O. of course, as neither of the two were really that strong due to being Sasuke fan girls, and the Yamanaka threatened to use her Mind Transfer Jutsu on the lazy Nara. Going into detail about how she would have him walk around in girly dress long enough for his ever sweet man whipping Mother to take pictures of him trying on various female clothing.

The poor Nara nearly had a heart attack from the start of Ino's first sentence of the threat.

In the end, only Tenten didn't have to fight, as they now had 8 competitors for the final part of the exam, and all that was left was to pick out a number for each Shinobi. Anko walked over to each one with a box with slips of paper with the numbers 1-8 on them, and each of the competitors took one of the slips in the box at random.

"State your name and number you have," said Ibiki, as he looked at Neji first, and saw the boy show him the number in his hand.

"Hyuuga Neji. I got # 2," said Neji showing the paper with the number written on it.

"Subaku no Temari. I got # 4," said Temari showing her slip of paper with the said number.

Subaku no Gaara. I got # 7," said Gaara, as he had his sand hold the paper with the odd number for him.

"Rock Lee. I got # 8. YOSH!" said Lee only to be smacked on the back of the head by Tenten next to him.

"Baka! Oh sorry, I'm Isis Tenten. I have # 6," said Tenten a bit sheepish at being the current center of attention while showing her slip of paper to Ibiki.

"Aburame Shino. I have # 3," said Shino showing his paper with the given number while Temari inwardly gagged at having to fight the bug user.

Though it was still much better then facing her own little brother Gaara.

"Subaku no Kankuro. I got # 5," said Kankuro while silently dancing around inside at not having to face Gaara or his sister since both could kick his ass all over the place.

"Uzumaki Naruto. And we got # 1, which is kind of interesting since we thought we were always that number, and intend to fight to keep it," said Naruto turning his head to Neji, who was now sweating a bit nervously though he tried to keep his face stoic, and trying to keep the horrible demonic looking face from appearing in his mind.

"All right. We have your names, numbers, and who you will be facing one Month from now in the finals in the Chuunin Stadium," said Ibiki showing them the list on the board.

First Match: Uzumaki Naruto VS Hyuuga Neji

Second Match: Aburame Shino VS Subaku no Temari

Third Match: Subaku no Kankuro VS Isis Tenten

Fourth Match: Subaku no Gaara VS Rock Lee

"You now know who you are fighting in one Month. Good luck to all of you, as you will need it for the road ahead in preparing for what lies ahead of you, and make your nation proud," said the Hokage, as he looked at the competitors while stopping at Naruto's form, and saw the grin that never left the demon vessel's face at seeing himself paired against the Hyuuga Prodigy.

'Hyuuga Neji, you better give your soul to Kami before our match up, because when the time come for the day we do battle...your ass will belong to US, and no one is going to stand in my way!' thought Naruto, as Naruto let out a chuckle while his second guest in his body covered him in his Venom like state, and he shot out a web line to take off to see Kin to tell her the news.

Then the fun would truly begin.

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