Chapter 12-Questionable Actions

Naruto was web swinging through the trees near Taki. The forest area surrounding the country and keeping the small village itself from harm was in fact the perfect place for Naruto to swing through. He could move left or right at any point while swinging on his web line. Naruto knew he could also leap from tree to tree with his amazing agility, but felt that web swinging was more fun, and even good training for when he would need to move around in close quarters like this. With his senses and Kyuubi's help, the Uzumaki was confident he could find Fu before things got too harsh for the girl living in this small Shinobi village. If his childhood was anything to go by, Fu was in the same boat as him if not worse, and the blonde felt it was his duty to protect a fellow Jinchuriki from harm.

He did it for Yugito and it was only fair that Fu was saved from harm too.

"Naruto! Hey! Slow down gaki! Not all of us can move as fast as you," called out Jiraiya several...hundred feet behind Naruto.

"Not our problem you're becoming an old man Ero-Sennin," Naruto countered while he was swinging along the trees and getting closer to his target.

'Damn gaki. Not everyone is 16 years old, an Uzumaki, has stamina of that clan, has it all enhanced by a symbiotic organism, and is a Jinchuriki of Kyuubi. The gaki will no doubt be able to outrun people when he's an old man like sensei,' thought Jiraiya since he had been to Whirlpool during the time it was running strong and saw the elderly moving like they were a third of their actual age.

'Hey fox, do you know where this girl is hiding out? I feel I'm getting close, but I think she's also onto me, and is masking her presence,' thought Naruto, as he swung to a tree, and latched onto it while looking around for the female Jinchuriki.

"Hard to say. She's good at masking her presence. No doubt from years of practice," replied Kyuubi while Naruto narrowed his eyes at that.

"And not the good kind of practice either when you consider just how Jinchuriki are treated," stated Venom while Naruto and Kyuubi both agreed with him.

'Hide or be hurt,' thought Naruto knowing that mobs of people itching to hurt you was perfect motivation to master such a skill at such a young age.

This forest was perfect for someone like Fu.

"She's nearby kit. The girl is very close to the point where you could probably call out to her," stated Kyuubi, as he could sense the seven-tailed Biju now, and the giant insects chakra was all over this area.

"Come on out Fu. We came here to talk," Naruto called out to the girl.

"Like I haven't heard that before today," replied Fu sarcastically deep from within the trees.

"We're not an enemy. We are a friend. We just want to talk. Nothing more!" Naruto while sensing Fu move around silently from within the shadows of the forest.

"I've heard that one before too. Do you know what happened the last time someone said that to me? They tried to kill me!" exclaimed Fu hotly and Naruto sighed knowing that had happened to him growing up.

And like a stray dog being kicked after being coerced into being offered a treat...Naruto didn't believe anyone who said those words either.

"Because you're a us," replied Naruto before moving to dodge a swarm of kunai aimed at him.

"Why would another Jinchuriki seek me out?" asked Fu while throwing more kunai at Naruto.

"Stop throwing things at us and we'll tell you," answered Naruto while dodging more and more projectiles before they suddenly stopped.

"You have five minutes," replied Fu while getting ready to throw more weapons at him if he didn't start talking.

"That's all we need. The reason we are here is to inform you of the organization known as the Akatsuki. The group consists of S-Class Missing Nin with unique abilities that allow them to take down Jinchuriki by negating the chakra of the Biju. If they haven't already targeted you, then they will soon enough, and if they capture you...they will extract your Biju from your body with the end result killing the host body," explained Naruto while he sensed Fu being hesitant to believe him.

"Why should I believe you? Why should I trust anything you say? Just because you're a supposed Jinchuriki doesn't mean I'm going to take your words at face value," replied Fu knowing anyone could claim to be someone or something to convince others of things that might not be true in the slightest.

"Ask your Biju if we are lying. If you are connected as deeply with your demon as we are without our own, then you will know if our words are false," answered Naruto and waited for his answer.

'What do you think? Should we trust him?' thought Fu to Chomei and awaiting an answer from the Biju.

"He speaks the truth young larva. I sense no lying in this one. If this organization is after us and can nullify my ability to aid you combat...we may have a serious problem," replied Chomei and sensed Fu was going to trust Naruto...if only to a certain extent since there was always a chance for betrayal.

"My Biju says you are telling the truth. Now that you've talked to me, I respectfully ask you to leave, and not come back," said Fu and Naruto shook his head.

"We can't leave yet. Not without you," answered Naruto before moving to dodge more projectiles.

"I knew it! You want to capture me for some sick purpose, don't you?" exclaimed Fu while moving quickly after throwing more projectiles and decided to get in close combat to battle the nimble Kyuubi Jinchuriki.

"No! We would never do that to a fellow Jinchuriki," countered Naruto while sensing trouble and leaped back to avoid Fu from slicing through his neck with a kunai.

"Then why do you want to take me away from my village?" asked Fu while trying to land a hit on her opponent.

"So you can live in ours where it is safe!" answered Naruto before taking out a kunai of his own and began to parry the female Jinchuriki's kunai.

"As what? Judging from your headband you are from Konoha. Does your Hokage want another Jinchuriki for a weapon that badly?" questioned Fu while missing several strikes to Naruto's body and the blonde leaped over her with unnatural agility.

"No. If anything, she wanted us to inform you of the Akatsuki, and then leave you alone to fend them off the two they send by yourself since taking you with us would cause possible political problems for the Leaf. We wish you to return with us to Konoha for a better life. Nii Yugito formerly of Kumo is already living with us as we speak in the Namikaze Clan Estates and has been happy there for quite some time," answered Naruto and the green haired woman eyes him with caution.

Truth be told, Fu had heard that rumor about what happened in Kumo, and wasn't sure if there was any truth to it. Kumo had been raising all kinds of Hell in the last three years, which was one of the reasons why the blonde was sent went off to train with Jiraiya for that duration of time, and things began to quiet down.

"And if I do go with you back to Konoha? What happens next? Taki won't take this lying down," replied Fu and Naruto let out a chuckle.

"They will if they know what's good for them. They've abused you and made your life miserable. Not to mention you being out here means they don't let you into the village like you're some kind of fucking pet! You're Taki's guard dog. Their pet. You heel when they say heel. You fetch when they say fetch. They want you to roll over, play dead, and some of them probably want you dead for real. Are we right?!" exclaimed Naruto with killer intent from Fu rising and it was clear she did NOT like being called those kind of names.

"I'm going...TO KILL YOU!" yelled Fu, as she charged forward, and began lashing out at Naruto with the blonde moving much faster now to dodge her attacks.

"Why? Because what we have said is true? That they treat you like that?!" questioned Naruto while seeing Fu's eyes were filled with tears.

"Yes they do! All right?! Are you happy now?! I hate my life! I hate Taki, but I can't leave because if I do they'll hunt me down, and make my life worse!" exclaimed Fu, as she got through his defense, and hit Naruto with a shoulder block before straddling the blonde with a kunai to his throat.

"We are so like you its not even funny. We were like that too once. We did everything that was required of us and then some with no respect for it at all. We barely had a home that was occasionally vandalized and what valuables we had were stolen to be destroyed while they laughed at us. They felt demons shouldn't have any valuables. That we should be lucky to be alive and breath while under the rule of the 'superior species' as they kept on claiming they were in their eyes," replied Naruto and saw Fu was looking right in the eyes for any kind of lie.

"So why leave one Hellhole for another?" asked Fu with the kunai in her hand pressing harder against his throat.

"Because our Hellhole is being cleaned up. Our Hellhole is going to change soon and we are in the middle of changing it. Do you really want to be here while that happens? To wait for the Akatsuki to come here? After you? To capture you? Extract your Biju from your body and then throw your corpse away like it was trash? Konoha can protect you. WE can protect you. The Hokage is our Godmother. She will not allow them to take you, Yugito, or us for their own sick plans," answered Naruto with Fu narrowing her eyes even further at him.

"Why are you speaking in third person to me this whole time?" asked Fu while Naruto just raised an eyebrow at her.

"Because we are the host to more then one being," answered Naruto before his Shinobi outfit shifted to his Human Venom looking form.

"What the Hell?!" asked Fu in surprise and even Chomei was shocked too.

"We are the host to a powerful symbiote named Venom the reason why we are speaking to you in third person," answered Naruto to Fu's surprised question before recalling the mask from his face.

"You really are full of surprises," said Fu before removing the kunai from his throat.

"We get that a lot. Now if you would please uh...remove yourself from our person...," replied Naruto while motioning for Fu to get off his lap.

"What? Oh! Sorry! Sorry!" exclaimed Fu, as she realized how awkward her position was with him right now, and leaped right off his body.

"Its all right. Now where the Hell is that damn Ero-Sennin?" asked Naruto while getting off the ground and looking around for Jiraiya.

"Ero-Sennin?" questioned Fu with Naruto smirking at her.

"Jiraiya of the Sannin. Don't let him fool you though, the man is a self proclaimed Super Pervert, and is proud of the fact along with being an author to the Icha Icha Paradise book series he writes while peeping on women for his 'research' as he likes to call it," answered Naruto with Fu's eyes narrowing with female fury behind them.

"I...see," replied Fu before the Sannin himself appeared before them looking boisterous and happy to see them.

"Hey gaki! I see you found the girl. Nice! You're a real babe magnet," exclaimed Jiraiya before he found himself on his knees, crying out in pain like a girl after Fu kicked him in the nuts, and soon slumped over from blacking out in the aftermath.

"I'll go with you to Konoha. If its better there then my life here in Taki like you claim and you're offering protection from persecution...I'm not going to pass it up. But if you screw me over and this is this some kind of trap meant to make me into some kind of weapon for your will wish you were in the pervert's place right now," said Fu and was getting in Naruto's face while pointing at Jiraiya's twitching form.

"Betraying you never crossed our mind," replied Naruto calmly with Fu still being wary of him since trust was a major issue for her.

Like it had been for him.

(Konoha-Sometime Later)

Tsunade's eyebrow was violently twitching. How could it not? Naruto had brought the female Jinchuriki from Taki to Konoha despite what she wished for him to do from the start in just informing her about the Akatsuki. Instead, Naruto takes Fu away from her village to this one, and it wouldn't be long before Taki started complaining to her about it. Did Naruto look worried? No! This was like a regular day for him and quite frankly it was pissing the Hokage off. She loved the gaki. Tsunade honestly did, but this was now getting out of hand, and the blonde Jinchuriki was becoming a source of it all because he was doing things that ruffled a lot of feathers from people in high places. However, at the same time, Tsunade could see why Naruto did what he did, and couldn't fault him for wanting to change the status quo because it was horrible for Jinchuriki.

And Naruto and Fu were Jinchuriki.

"You do realize your actions could start a war, right?!" asked Tsunade while sounding like it was taking quite a bit of effort to hold back the desire to punch him half way to the other side of the world.

"And you do realize that Fu isn't loved in Taki and the Akatsuki would have taken her without any resistance from the village?" countered Naruto with Tsunade letting out a sigh while looking over at Fu currently staring back at her cautiously with calculating eyes.

'So much like her Father. She has his eyes and tan skin. Must have gotten the green hair from her Mother,' thought Tsunade before looking over at Naruto again with a frown on her face.

"She's not happy with us kit," said Kyuubi inside Naruto's head.

'I know fox. But I'm not about to let the Akatsuki win and get a fellow Jinchuriki killed because I didn't do anything when I know I could have done something,' thought Naruto and Kyuubi sighed knowing he had a point.

"Someone long ago once said 'The only way for evil to triumph is for good people to do nothing.' and I believe it. If Naruto here didn't bring the girl here, the Akatsuki would have nabbed her, and evil would be one step closer to victory," said Venom and saw the fox nodding since that was the case.

"In any case Naruto, I am not happy this happened, even if I do understand your reason for it," said Tsunade while Naruto nodded.

"We weren't about to have her be taken by the Akatsuki. Its bad enough each village hate every Jinchuriki they've ever made, but to be hunted, and no one from the villages lifting a finger is even worse! We decided to change things and will challenge anyone that dares to stop us," countered Naruto and saw Tsunade narrowing her eyes at the hidden threat.

He would fight her if need be in the event she didn't side with him on this matter.

"I'm not going to stop you Naruto. If anything, I personally like what you're doing since my Grandfather gave each Shinobi village a Biju to promote peace, and they have been turned into weapons of war. However, as a Hokage, I have to focus on what is good for the village, and what you did in bringing Fu here is not healthy for Konoha," explained Tsunade with Naruto nodding.

"If it becomes a problem, we will deal with it, and ensure Konoha doesn't get hurt...too much," replied Naruto with a grin and saw Tsunade scowl at him for that last part.

"I know you still have issues regarding Konoha and its people Naruto, but...please don't let the people living here get hurt simply out of spite. Not everyone deserves it and you know that much is true," stated Tsunade and Naruto nodded in understanding.

"We understand Granny. Its just we are tired of people seeing us as some kind of monster without a family to call our own or them questioning the claims of our heritage. We feel the that the history of Konoha to acknowledge the contributions of the Uzumaki Clan and their connection to Konoha since its founding. The people in Konoha need to be properly reminded of our family's contributions and how they spit on the legacy of our family. It is high time the people of Konoha know the significance of the Whirlpool symbol some of them wear on their Shinobi clothing and even the Leaf symbol that was adopted by this village. Its time to remind them of the past and how ungrateful they have been to us in the present," replied Naruto and Tsunade winced knowing that was something the Councils had been adamant in removing when the Sandaime came out of retirement after Kyuubi attacked.

They wanted to make sure Naruto didn't have knowledge of his lost family or any right to claim anything in Konoha that he was entitled to should he wish to claim it.

"I'll make that known though you can expect resistance on the matter when it is brought before the Councils though the Clan Heads will support you in the matter," said Tsunade with Naruto raising an eyebrow at her.

"And you?" asked Naruto with Tsunade looking surprised by the question.

"What do you mean?" questioned Tsunade.

"Will you support us regarding that matter when it comes to voting?" asked Naruto with Tsunade looking down.

"I can't," answered Tsunade with Naruto scowling angrily and so was Fu though more out of confusions on her part then anger.

"Can't or won't?" asked Naruto with Tsunade sighing.

"I can't Naruto. At least...unless it comes down to a tie as stated by Konoha Law. I can at least push for the motion to make it happen, but I can't vote on the matter unless it comes down to a tie. When the motion to remove Whirlpool and the Uzumaki Clan from the history books was made during the meeting shortly after the Sandaime Hokage came out of retirement, the Clan Heads with the exception of the Uchiha Clan were the only ones fighting the motion. Unless you can get some of the Councils to side with the motion to reverse the decision to the point of a tie...," explained Tsunade and let her answer hang in the air.

"You can't vote and we get fucked," Naruto finished for her and the Hokage could only nod.

"The only way you could sway them is if you gave enough of those members on each of the Councils something to make it worth their while," explained Tsunade with Naruto letting out a sigh.

"And we don't want to give them anything. At least...not something WE have that they would want. Unless...," stated Naruto and it was clear to the other two were seeing his brain burning with an idea.

"Unless what Naruto?" asked Tsunade knowing the gaki had something.

"They want the Uchiha's bloodline unsealed so he can revive his clan right? Then we let them have exchange for what we want," answered Naruto with Tsunade looking at him like he was crazy.

Maybe he was...if only a little.

"After that damn traitor tried to leave Konoha? Why would I even consider giving them a chance to breed more traitors?" questioned Tsunade while Naruto smirked at her.

"Relax Granny. Just because you unseal his bloodline doesn't mean he'll get any girls to have his children. The Councils may not see it, but we do. Support for the Uchiha Clan is down to an all time low since information about how the Uchiha were really traitors to Konoha was made public," answered Naruto with Tsunade nodding knowing that was true and the Uchiha Clan name was considered almost as low in terms of respect in the village as Orochimaru's had been when he went traitor after his twisted experimentation was made known.

The only one wanting to be with Sasuke was Sakura, even after Tsunade took her along with Hinata on as students, and only tolerated the girl's devotion because of her talent not unlike the Hokage's own for the Medical Arts. Tsunade had made it clear to Sakura that she was to keep her opinions about Sasuke and Naruto to herself if she wanted to learn how to be a great medic. So far, the pink haired kunoichi had kept her opinion about the two, one positive (about Sasuke), one negative (about Naruto) to herself when around the Hokage, but that didn't stop Sakura from speaking about them to the public, and sadly for Tsunade...she couldn't shut the girl up no matter how much she wanted.

And Tsunade REALLY wanted to shut Sakura up.

"So in return for them giving you what they want and you give them what they want all the while knowing what they want is going to be next to impossible. Its still risky. They could demand one of the girls living at the Namikaze Estates be used to have the Uchiha's offspring," replied Tsunade and saw Fu's eyebrow twitch at the mention of the women living with Naruto.

"We understand. Our answer of course will be no. If they don't like it, then tough crap for them, and their future plans with the Sharingan. We are younger then all of them and can outlive their decision. My future descendants and the descendants of my descendants can make the push in my place if this becomes a long run battle," stated Naruto knowing that might be the case.

"Hopefully it wont come to that and what you are offering them will be enough to make them add the history of your clan back into the fold of Konoha's history," replied Tsunade and saw the young man nod.

"There is only one way to find out," Naruto shot back with a smile.

"And in regards to me?" asked Fu while pointing at herself.

"You will be staying at the Namikaze Estates for awhile until things blow over with this situation regarding Taki and the Akatsuki organization. Lucky for you, the residents of the place are female by majority so don't worry about any perverts leering at you," replied Tsunade with Naruto snickering after Fu let out a sigh of relief.

" worries about male perverts anyway. We wouldn't let your guard down around Anko, Kin, Tenten, or Temari since they've openly become female perverts in my house. We would stop them, but...well they spoil me too much," replied Naruto with a chuckle and Fu looked fearful while Tsunade looked angry.

"Because you corrupted them!" exclaimed Tsunade in the belief women were "corrupted" into being female perverts by male perverts so they could get away with perverse things like peeping on women.

"Prove it," Naruto shot back and Tsunade growled at him.

"Sadly...I can't prove it. Not yet," answered Tsunade in defeat.

"Game and match the victory goes to us. Come Fu! Let's leave the defeated of this verbal spar to drink herself away while doing paperwork!" exclaimed Naruto while he grabbed Fu and was web swinging across Konoha with the girl being held in his one arm.

Tsunade herself fumed before reaching for some sake to drink...only to find it was gone.

"DAMN YOU NARUTO!" yelled Tsunade furiously knowing he had taken it when she wasn't looking.

Either that or it was Shizune.

(Hokage Tower-Sometime Later)

Sure enough, the Councils were drooling over the idea of having the Uchiha being able to access his bloodline, and impregnate some women to produce Uchiha Heirs. Of course when the terms of what the Hokage was asking in return after Naruto told them would have to be given...they weren't thrilled. Not surprising really. The idea of giving anything to Naruto left a sour taste in their mouth, but those were the terms Tsunade dictated to the Councils, and it was clear some were refusing flat out.

Namely the Councilwoman Haruno Mebuki. She had actually been the one to suggest that Whirlpool Country and the Uzumaki Clan all together be removed from the pages of history. Not just to spite Naruto (though it was the primary reason), it was also done to erase the memory of Kushina from the Leaf village, and make what the Uzumaki Clan gave them as a gift become a natural part of Konoha. With history altered or removed regarding such things, Konoha wouldn't have to have the shame of being given such gifts. Konoha could claim them as there own and no one would be the wiser within another generation or two with Mebuki being able to say on her deathbed she won a major victory over Uzumaki Kushina along with her bastard of a child.

"Why should we let Whirlpool Country and the Uzumaki Clan be made known to our children? Whirlpool Country is dead and the Uzumaki bloodline itself has been reduced to a mere trickle. They have no power. Its a waste of money, resources, and I for one will not stand for it one bit!" exclaimed Mebuki and she glared at Naruto currently sitting at the Namikaze/Uzumaki Clan seat now that he was old enough to be the Clan Head of both of them.

"Careful what you say about the Uzumaki Clan when in our presence Haruno-san. Do not forget the Uzumaki Mito was Hokage-sama's Grandmother. By insulting our clan, you insult not only the Hokage, but her Grandmother too!" Naruto shot back and saw the woman shutting her mouth.

"That is true. In fact, not many people, or even the younger generation know much about the Uzumaki Clan these days. Several of the younger generation have even begun asking the teachers at the Academy about the clan and they have been unable to answer," replied Aburame Shibi while seeing many on the Councils were sneering at him.

"The Uzumaki Clan have no business being apart of Konoha anymore. It doesn't matter if they were important to the village at one point," Homura spoke now and Naruto scoffed.

"Its because of Whirlpool Country and the Uzumaki Clan that Konoha still exists. Or did the First Shinobi War slip your mind?" Naruto countered and saw Homura stiffen and the blonde Uzumaki knew why.

During the First Shinobi War, Konoha had made an alliance with the Uzumaki Clan, and the marriage between them with the Senju Clan helped solidify it. The Uchiha had been very much against the Uzumaki Clan being remotely in Konoha, they considered the clan like the Senju to be the weakest of the three bloodlines that were descended from the Sage of Six Paths, and hated the fact the Rinnegan was from the Uzumaki bloodline that surpassed the Sharingan. Several among the Uzumaki Clan had actually unlocked the Rinnegan, but died from quickly overusing it before any could truly understand its power, and record all of its abilities so others could use such knowledge to their advantage in the event others unlocked it later on. However, despite all of this, those who wielded the power of the Rinnegan were able to live long enough to use such power against Iwa, and Kumo when the two villages allied against Konoha. The Leaf village was a mere length of a fingernail away from being defeated when those with the Rinnegan's power flanked both allied villages and crippled the enemy forces at the cost of Uzumaki Clan members using the Dojutsu their own lives.

The end result had made Suna sending an envoy to be a long standing ally of Konoha and Mist to sign a Nonaggression Pact that lasted until near the end of the Second Shinobi War when Whirlpool was destroyed. During that time, Konoha had prospered, grown strong, and could stand on its own two feet instead of being knocked onto its back before having a sword stab through its heart.

"How do you know such things brat?" Danzo asked with his eye locked onto the boy and found his Sharingan Eye had no effect on him.

"We found our Mother's journal in the Namikaze Estates. Uzumaki Mito is mentioned in here and how the woman knew several of the Uzumaki Clan members who wielded the Rinnegan Eye to save the Leaf village before they died of using up their chakra in what many would deem to be a very reckless suicide mission. Kumo and Iwa had Konoha dead to rights in victory before our clan saved it almost literally from the jaws of death. We would think such an important piece of information would be made known to the students at the Academy when the Shinobi Wars were brought up by the teachers teaching them the history of Konoha," replied Naruto and saw Danzo narrow his eye at him while on the Councils scoffed.

"That is in the past. The Uchiha is the present and our future. I say we just unseal his bloodline and have several of the women in the Namikaze Clan Estates be used for the breeding process," said one Councilman and getting nods of approval from the others.

"And the Uchiha's failed rebellion? The current Uchiha locked away, who planned to leave Konoha for power, and betray the village? Are we just going to forget such things simply because its an inconvenience only to you?" asked Naruto with the Councils now getting impatient with him.

"Listen here you brat! We of the Councils will not be-AAACK!" exclaimed Koharu before her mouth was webbed shut and a strong layer of webbing was wrapped around her face to keep it there.

"No! YOU will listen. That includes AAALLLL of you! We are sick and tired of you idiots trying to get your way when we both know such attempts not within your power. So do not go around barking orders like you run this village because you DON'T run it! This is a Shinobi village and that means the Hokage runs things. You don't like it? There is the door! Don't let it hit your ass on the way out!" exclaimed Naruto while getting up and pointing to the door.

"How dare you?! I will not stand for this outrage. Its bad enough we let this abomination live so long, but to be here as a Clan Head, and trying to kick us out is the last straw. I demand the demon brat be killed right now!" cried out a fat and bald Councilman now standing up while pointing a finger at Naruto.

"I second the motion!" said Homura with many other Council members doing the same.

"Enough! No one is executing the son of the Yondaime and Uzumaki Kushina. I will not tolerate this crap anymore!" exclaimed Tsunade after slamming her fist down onto the table and blasting the idiots calling for Naruto's death with killer intent.

"He is a menace. He needs to be controlled!" said Koharu, as she finally got the webbing around her mouth off, and decided to voice her opinion.

"Controlled by whom? You? Your teammate? Danzo? Some civilian who doesn't know a damn thing about being a Shinobi?" asked Naruto with the Councils glaring hatefully at him.

"Anyone who knows your place is out our feet like a good pet and weapon like yourself should have been from the start is more then qualified," answered Koharu with Naruto scoffing at her.

"This is getting nowhere and our patience is running thin. This is a simple give and take on everyone's part. You vote in the return of Whirlpool Country being put back into the history books and the Uzumaki Clan being crucial in Konoha having long term health. In return, the Uchiha gets his bloodline unsealed, and can make you little Uchiha babies that may or may not activate the Sharingan in the distant future," replied Naruto with many on the Councils seething since they didn't want to give the Uzumaki what he wanted.

All they wanted was to take, take some more, and take until the one they were taking from was hurting from it. Still, they knew that the Uchiha currently in their possession needed to produce heirs to save his bloodline from being wiped out, and since Itachi was not an option...they needed to swallow their pride for the moment.

"Fine! You can have your filthy clan's name back in the history books and the backwater land they all came from too. I hope you choke on it along with the rest of those demon loving whores in your home!" shrieked Mebuki angrily before she and the Councils left in a fury while glaring at the Uzumaki.

"Sore losers," mumbled Naruto with the Clan Heads and the Hokage laughing slightly at his words.

"It can't be helped Naruto. At least if the Uchiha does have children, we can make sure they don't act arrogantly, or power hungry," replied Tsunade and Naruto nodded.

"Our advise in the event of such children being born would be to treat them all like they were ordinary people. No special privileges like Sasuke got, but don't treat them like crap either like Konoha did us, and just...treat them like normal people," said Naruto since it would keep the Uchiha Clan from being like...well like the other morons of the Uchiha Clan.

"Agreed. Though this is in the belief the Uchiha will successfully impregnate a woman the Councils choose for him," replied Tsunade with a smirk and Naruto returned it.

"We wouldn't bet on his success if we were you Granny," replied Naruto with everyone in the room nodding and laughing at the same time while Tsunade fought back the urge to hit him.

She knew he'd just dodge it thanks to his speed, agility, and stupid Spider Sense! How she hated that last one! Stupid internal premonition based defense against harmful things that could hurt someone like her fists hitting someone's face when becoming very angry at being called Granny!

Oh well. She could just take it out on Jiraiya when she saw him next. The pervert was no doubt peeping in the female section of the hot springs anyway and was overdue for a beat down.

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