Hello again. For those of you who remember me, I know it's been a long time since I've posted a story but I'm back with all new material: The Crow.

Out of pure chance I happened to watched The Crow and loved it. In fact, I loved it so much that I just had to write a fanfic about it. So here it is.

This is a little darker than the Mary/Marshall stuff I did previously and somewhat sadistic… a little… but that's what makes the Crow the Crow.

Remember, I always accept literary criticism to improve my writing. Enjoy.

Disclaimer: I own nothing of The Crow. The world's just cruel that way.

The Crow and the Dove

Chapter 1:

She was running.

She moved quickly and expertly, swerving around the debris that cluttered the alleys and slipping through narrow slits between the closely packed buildings. She didn't slow, not even when she bolted across the street, nearly getting hit by a passing car that honked angrily after her.

Her breaths came out in rapid plumes of white clouds that were ripped out of her mouth. Her long hair trailed behind her, growing more ragged and tangled as the wind whipped past her. Her clothes were ripped and her exposed arms and legs were scathed as she ducked under railings and pushed herself between iron gates in hopes of reaching safety. Blood trickled down her arm where a bullet was lodged in her shoulder. Her arm hung limply at her side, useless and searing in dull pain.

The rain pelted her from above as she splashed through numerous puddles that collected in the streets. It was cold and the drops of water pierced her numb body. She no longer registered the cold, or even the pain. She just kept running, not daring to look behind her. She already knew what was behind her. More specifically, who.

Shouting and gunshots chased after her, making her heart jump with every explosion. Who knew when the bullet would meet its mark again. This time, she wouldn't get away with a hole in the shoulder. These people wanted her head.

She veered off the street and headed down another long path of twisting side-streets. Her breathing was growing more ragged and she stumbled more frequently. She couldn't keep running for too much longer. But if she stopped, she was dead anyway. A constant tapping where a small object consistently bounced against her chest with every step kept her going.

"Found her!" a voice yelled above her.

Sarah cringed and looked up. A rugged man was standing on the roof and looking down at her through the barrel of a shotgun. Sarah lunged into another side-street as the gun fired, embedding a bullet in the spot she had been only a second before. Sarah hit the ground on her hands and tumble forward, landing back on her feet. She continued running as a stream of curses followed her.

She was almost there. She knew she was. Just a little more…

Her foot slipped in a puddle and Sarah crumbled to the ground, splashing in the mud. Coughing, she scrambled to her feet and rounded a corner as several shots fired behind her.

Desperate, Sarah looked around for a safe place to hide. She could feel tears of fear well up in her ears but she blinked them away. Not now. With her vision cleared, she finally saw her destination. A relieved smile brightened her features for only a moment before a bullet grazed past her face, splitting her cheek.

Sarah cried out and pressed her good hand to her bleeding cheek. She raced forward, forcing her legs to move faster. Ahead of her, the cemetery loomed only a few yards away. She was almost safe.

More bullets fired after her but they all missed their target. Sarah clenched her jaw and sprinted towards the iron fence that circled the cemetery. Just a little more.

She slammed into the fence and immediately started to climb it. The shouting increased behind her. Her pursuers knew they were losing their prey and there guns fired more fervently. With a cry, Sarah pulled herself up and over the cold fence. She jumped to the ground. Her legs gave out and she collapsed.

"Get her!" a harsh voice yelled followed by the sound of running footsteps. "Get her now!"

Sarah risked a look back and her eyes widened in fear as she saw the approaching men. Their guns glinted in the moonlight dangerously. Behind the minions stood their leader, Thrash, best known for the way he treated his victims.

Sarah pushed herself up and, with a ragged yell, rose to her feet and took off running into the graves.

The men skidded to a stop in front of the gate, staring hatefully after their prey as she escaped into the dark.

"What are you waiting for?!" Thrash shouted at them.

The men's expression changed to fear as they suspiciously eyed the graveyard.

"Go in there and get her!" Thrash exclaimed with enraged fury.

One brave man turned to face his boss. "We can't go in there," he whimpered.

"Why the hell not?!"

"Don't you know?" another cowering man asked. "They say that this is where people come back from the dead.

Thrash spat at him, making the man cringed and shy away.

"You good-for-nothing cowards!" he yelled. Yet he took no step closer towards the ominous gate. Just like all the others, he knew what had happened in this same cemetery six years ago.

A man had come back from the dead and killed off an entire gang including their ruthless leader: T-Bird.

With a low curse, Thrash spat at the cemetery and shot off the rest of his bullets into the graveyard. Fuming and breathing heatedly, Thrash spun around and stalked off back onto the street. With their chase over, the men pocketed their guns and trudged after their leader, allowing silence to one again envelop the cemetery.


So that's chapter one. A good attention-grabber I think. And yes, this is the same Sarah from the movie, just six years older. Those that make her 18 or 20. I don't know. The movie didn't mention her age. Oh well.

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