Destinies Entwined – A The Day the Earth Stood Still FanFic

Summary: (Based on the 2008 version) With Helen's help, Klaatu realized that humans could change. But he knew they needed help and he knew he couldn't abandon them in their hour of need. But, he also had another reason to stay … Helen.

Pairing: Well, I'm going for a Helen/Klaatu piece. I'm well aware that Klaatu could not comprehend human emotions during his time spent on Earth. I don't want to ruin his unique personality, but I just wanted to give my readers a glimpse of what I hope might be a warmer and slightly more inquisitive side to Klaatu. Plus, the elder of his race whom he met in the McDonald's somehow learned to comprehend love. So, I'm hoping that Klaatu can learn as well. :)

Rating: T for some thematic elements, some probable language and possible future adult situations.

Disclaimer: I don't own TDTESS or anything related to it. I don't own The One who is Keanu Reeves either. Darn.

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As she watched Klaatu battle his way through the massive locust storm to the gyrating sphere, she found herself crying out, pleading with him not to abandon them if the worst should happen. With a great amount of effort, Helen tore her gaze away from their guardian and ordered Jacob to cover his head with his arms to protect himself.

Then, before she could do anything else, a blinding white light erupted from the sphere, a massive EMP wave blasted by them, and everything went absolutely still.

Helen opened her eyes slowly, not knowing what to expect once she did. The blinding light was fading, but she still had to squint into the glare to see anything. Then, after staring into the nothingness for what seemed like forever, she could discern a figure striding toward her.

"Thank God." She murmured, relief coursing through her.

She couldn't exactly explain why she was relieved … but she had a feeling she would find out soon enough.

Then, a moment later, Klaatu was standing before her. His somehow world-weary expression was unchanged, but he looked a little beaten. Helen reached out and gently touched his shoulder where his suit was torn and a shallow cut was visible.

"Are you alright?" she asked quietly, unsure of his response or if he even felt the minor injury.

Klaatu raised his gaze to hers and his dark brown orbs delved into her own.

"You were worried for me." His statement was more or less a question.

Helen found herself bound by his other-worldly gaze for a moment before she regained control of her voice.

"Yes … I was worried for you. I … I was worried that you wouldn't return." She replied, dropping her gaze so as to try and escape the feeling that he was looking right through her.

Klaatu did not respond immediately, but rather reached out and gently placed his hand on Helen's shoulder, almost mimicking her previous action.

"I would have departed and returned to my home planet. However, I felt that doing so was not the right course of action."

"What was the right course of action?"

"To remain here. To assist your race in reaching your goal of rescuing the Earth from imminent destruction. I feel that your future might be more secure with my help." He finished, his dark brown gaze probing her own.

Helen breathed an immensely relieved sigh, and smiled as she saw Jacob cautiously approaching the two adults. Then, as the full toll of the days events finally came to a climax within her mind, she felt the world sway before her.

"Jacob …" was all she managed before she began to fall gracefully backwards.


Jacob's panicked cry aroused something deep within Klaatu's sub-consciousness and he immediately leapt forward, managing to catch Helen before she even touched the ground.

"Woah … how'd you do that?" Jacob gave him an impressed look as he gently lifted the unconscious woman in his arms.

"Intuition, Jacob, intuition." The alien responded with the most succinct thing he could come up with.

Then, he turned to the young boy.

"How far is it to where you live? She needs to return home."

"Oh. It's a couple miles. And we don't have a car."

Jacob seemed slightly nervous and Klaatu could tell he was worried for his adoptive mother.

"Don't worry. I'm sure the checkpoint we passed on our way here will be more than willing to help."

Klaatu nodded, more to himself than anyone else, and started off in the direction Jacob had indicated, Jacob following at his heels.

A/N: There might be a slight delay until Chapter II is up. I had a rough draft for this one, and I ended up writing something completely on the fly. Oh well, you know how that goes. :)