by pari106

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Disclaimer: DA is not mine: Rating: PG; Code: Short; Logan/Alec?
Spoilers: "Borrowed Time"

Summary: Logan's thoughts during a scene in that episode.

A/N: I promise I'm gonna try and write an L/A on this with some actual length and substance. But for
now, I had this little thing on my mind and wanted to get it out. Hope you like it. Please review.

by pari106

"Stuck in a closet with Alec…you pretty much just described my worst nightmare."

Oh yeah, stuck *anywhere* with Alec…that would be awful. Alec with that smart mouth of his. He
probably never shut up.

It was a pity, too. He had such a nice-looking mouth…


"Huh?" With a start, Logan snapped out of his thoughts of Alec and his nice-looking mouth, just in time to
see Max snapping her fingers in front of his eyes. She laughed.

"I was talking to you and you were totally spacing out. Where were you?"


"Huh?" It was the same unintelligible question Logan had spoken before, only now spoken a little less
intelligibly. But Logan didn't know what else to say. He certainly couldn't tell Max he'd been lost in his
thoughts…of Alec.

Logan felt a blush rise to his cheeks. Max, oblivious, carried on their suddenly one-sided conversation.
Then she suggested: "Let's dance."

Logan paled.

Because a blush wasn't the only thing that had risen on Logan while he'd been fantasizing about Max's
arch nemesis.

And now he was the one stuck. In a very awkward situation. If he stood up, would Max notice
his…condition? Would she attribute it to herself? Or would she suspect the truth from his odd behavior
and scandalized expression?

"How 'bout another glass of wine?" he suggested, instead.

Feeling rather congenial that night (and little wonder, considering the circumstances) Max agreed, and
Logan caught himself from sighing in relief.

If Max *had* suspected the fact that he'd gotten excited thinking about Alec…

Talk about a *real* nightmare.