Title: A Natural Progression
Author: Lily
Series: Tales of Legendia (post-game; three years later)
Characters/Pairings: Norma + Chloe friendship, Senel/Shirley, possible Walter/Chloe (yes Walter), allusions to Jay/Moses

A/N: I haven't played this game in ages, so please correct me if I make any mistakes besides the fact that in this fic, Walter is alive. Why? Because if Maurits can escape death than so can Walter xP This is also my first time writing in a first-person perspective and as Norma of all people, so constructive criticism is much appreciated. Thanks!


I knew any squishy, unrequited feelings of non-platonic love Chloe had for Senel were pretty much laid to rest the day he and Shirley sent us wedding invitations after three years of solid humming-and-hawing-whenever-someone-questioned-the-nature-of-their-living-arrangements and Chloe didn't go off on a murderous rampage or start waxing poetry to the stars or even gain fifteen pounds.

I was totally expecting one of the above reactions when I went to visit her in Gadoria before the two of us sailed off for the Legacy to join everyone else. I for one, wouldn't miss all the pre-wedding arrangements for the world. Kind of crazy that the wedding date is only a week away, but apparently, Senel and Shirley had originally (and predictably) wanted a really small ceremony with cheap flowers and close friends (in that exact order).

That is, until all the other Ferines heard and insisted on preparing one Big Fat Ferines Wedding because of Shirley's status and all. I don't know what a Ferenis-style wedding is like, but I suspect lots of water. But then Moses' clan of reject bandits also caught wind and were all 'Dude why weren't we invited? Didn't we help save the world too? Aren't we family too?' Major guilt trip there. And of course, you can't invite bandits to your wedding and not invite Jay's talking otter family either because that's just plain rude and they had a hand in saving the world too. Problem is, they were kind of hoping for an Oresoren-style wedding as well, and no one with a heart can say no to their huge shiny eyes (making them the most powerful force in the world, screw Nerifes).

That was all jolly good but then someone had to blab to the Bantam Bouncers and we all know, nothing stays a secret with those two around and within minutes, they were broadcasting a song, complete with fireworks and back-up dancers about Senel and Shirley's upcoming wedding ceremony to the whole town which made everyone from Mimi Baker to that Weapon Shop Owner mopey because Senel and Shirley were like the golden couple of Werites Beacon and attending their wedding was the it thing to do until Shirley finally had a mental break down because of her 'need-to-please-everyone' complex and Senel screamed at everyone to shut up because they were all invited, to which, the entire population of Werites Beacon, the Village of the Ferines, and Oresoren Village joyfully threw their caps into the air.

Now I believe it's going to be a part-Orerines, part-Ferines, part-Oresoren wedding with an attendance of well over a hundred guests all packed together somewhere in Werites Beacon. How very culturally-enriching. Not to mention kick-ass (a bitch to plan though). Senel and Shirleys shindig was going to go down as the most epic wedding in the history of epic weddings. I predict great things happening. Like me losing my virginity. Or Moses wearing a shirt.

Haha Moses in a shirt. What a hoot.

Anyways, back to the situation at hand. I came to Gadoria fully prepared to pig out and have my shoulder cried upon and establish late night girl talks reassuring Chloe how blatantly asexual Senny was and probably wouldn't know how to insert Tab A into Slot B anyways, while, in a fit of misplaced sexual tension, Chloe would fondle my hand and then I'd have to let her down gently and be all, "Oh god C, I'm so sorry but I don't feel that way about you and I'm sure you aren't a secret lesbo either, you're just under a lot of emotional stress and I get that..."

So imagine my surprise when she went to greet me at port not looking appropriately squinty-eyed and miserable after a crying jag but all gushy gushy, smile smile, like the first time the talking otters started singing and sashaying their hips at us.

"Why are you smiling?" Were the first words out of my mouth.

Confusion muddled Chloe's features. "Because I haven't seen you in months Norma."

"You are aware that Senny and Shirl are gonna tie the knot in the near future, correct?" I grilled her like Will the time Moses ate all the sandwiches and tired to blame it on a bear.

Back came the smile. "Yes of course - I'm going to be Best Man in fact."

I raised an eyebrow at that. Shirley had also written me a letter saying she wanted me as Maid Of Honor and I naturally assumed Chloe was going to be one of the bridesmaids too - but Best Man? Have they not seen the fantastic lumps on Chloe's chest? Compared to them, mine are like retarded cherries.


(Hey its normal for females to stare at other females chests on a regular basis and measure their own busts in comparison, right? Its not weird that its automatically the first thing that I do right? No, no, I'm sure it's not.)

"Wow, pretty douchy of Senny." I responded.

Chloe gave me a Look. "Actually Norma, I'm honoured over my role."

"You're honored he considers you a man?"

"No," the Look morphed into a full on glare, "I'm honoured he holds me in such high esteem. Although traditionally, the title of Best Man is reserved for males, Senel felt comfortable enough to ask me out of everyone else. Which was well, very nice." There was a proud tilt in the way she held her chin.

Hmm, well I suppose Chloe is used to the whole 'gender-bending' thing, seeing as how she's a knight and all. Goodness knows Elsa creams in her pants every time Chloe looks at her.

Now that I think about it, wouldn't it be nice if Chloe had a little helping hand with her nonexistent love life (never mind that I'm nineteen years old and have yet to hold a guy's hand)? And no, I'm not saying that just for an excuse to play cupid (even though that is totally the case here). No, no, seriously, I am nothing if not a good friend and Chloe damn well deserved to be on some sunny beach with a slew of cabana boys at her beck and call, sipping alcoholic beverages with fake paper parasols in them made on the cheap. I mean, is it wrong to want a little bit of love and happiness for one's friend and have a little fun match-making her to possible suitors in the process? No. No, I don't think so.

But just to be safe, I won't tell her.

"Soo you're not going to cry on my shoulder and fondle my hand?"