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Ugh, they were at it again. I swear sometimes I hated living in the dorms, but then again it was better than being at home with dear old mom and dad. But even that was looking appealing after having to deal with the lovely boys that happened to live directly above us.


I watched as one of the picture frames on my dresser trembled slightly and I threw my hands up in frustration.

"THAT'S IT! I SWEAR TO GOD, I'M GOING TO KILL THEM!" Rosalie jumped off her bed and made a beeline for the door. Bella jumped in front of her and stood between her and the door.

"Don't do anything rash. Remember we have to live like this for the rest of this semester, and it's barely begun!" She pleaded with Rosalie, begging her not to go make a scene. That was Bella, always keeping the peace. She was like this in high school, the perfect way to round out our little trio.

Rose was the beautiful one, more gorgeous than any girl could ever hope to be – her long blonde hair, ice blue eyes and perfect body complete with long legs were the envy of every girl on campus, well except for Bella and me. She had a foul mouth and knew how to use it, and she could hang with the guys any day. She was feisty but that was only one side of her. When it was just us, she was still sarcastic but her feminine side showed a little more.

Now Bella, Bella was like silent thunder. You don't hear her coming but she was a force to be reckoned with. She was subtly beautiful; her big brown eyes could sucker anyone into anything. She had shoulder length brown hair and her skin was pale, but not in that sickly way, in a way that made her features stick out even more. She was sweet and the mother of our little group; she kept us all in balance.

And then there was me, Alice. I was a firecracker with way too much energy and a compulsive need to shop! I was the shortest of us but I knew how to throw my weight around. My black hair was cut into a funky a-symmetrical bob and I was always dressed and ready to go. For instance, I was currently wearing an adorable one-shouldered purple dress with a wide black belt and a pair of cute heels. I was generally a sweet and non confrontational person, but cross the line and you'll wish you'd never heard of me.

And these guys were teetering dangerously close to that line. "I wonder what they could be doing up there? Seriously, like are they wrestling?" I wondered out loud. Before anyone could answer there was another deafening crash from above, only this time it shook our room so violently that the mirror hanging by the door fell off its hook and broke.

"THAT'S IT!" This time the voice was coming from me and I took off, not wanting to be stopped by Bella or Rose. I sidestepped the broken mirror and went into to the hall. I threw open the door to the stairwell and ran up. I stepped into the hallway and heard muffled noises coming from the dorm room that was directly above ours.

"Hey! That's mine Eddie!" A deep voice boomed.

"Shut up and don't call me EDDIE!" A lighter more melodic voice shouted back at the first voice.

I moved closer to their door, losing some of my nerve, taking another second to make sure that I wanted to live with the consequences of confronting the animals that lived above us.

As if on cue I heard a distinct grunt and then "I'm going to kill you!" followed by the sound of stomping feet. I stormed forward and pounded my tiny fist on the door.

The room went silent and I heard the lock click. As the door opened I saw two heads, one of them had blond hair and the other a strange bronze color, they were sitting on a futon holding wireless Xbox 360 controllers and staring straight ahead. I turned my attention to the huge man that had answered the door.

He was taller than me but at least a foot, but most people were with me being 5 foot flat. This wasn't a man so much as a bear in a human costume. He had curly dark hair and an inquiring look on his face.

"Excuse me, can I help you?" He looked down at me with a slightly furrowed brow and an annoyed look on his face.

"Yes. I'm sorry but what the HELL are you guys doing up here?" I demanded to know.

"Why is it any business of yours?"

"Because it just so happens that I live below you and I would love to know what you were doing that caused my room to shake so violently that it caused my mirror to fall off the wall and break." I emphasized that last part so that his roommates could hear too. I stared at him, waiting for some smart ass response that all jocks like him tended to emit at the completely wrong time.

I let him take a minute to process this. His face dropped and the annoyed look was replaced with indignation.

"Well sucks to be you huh? What do you want, a new mirror?" He was pissing me off each time he opened his mouth. What I really wanted to was shove my foot up his ass but the physics of that was just mind boggling so I settled for screaming.

"Are you serious?! I've had to put up with this for weeks. The 2am cage matches that you three decided to reenact. Hearing someone playing Guitar Hero for hours on end, trying to achieve a perfect score on "Paint It Black" – just give up you're never going to get it! And one of you must have a very active sex life because I have heard more moaning and grunting coming from my ceiling than I have ever wanted to experience in my life. OH and one more thing – PICK UP YOUR DAMN FEET WHEN YOU WALK!"

I turned around and swiftly ran into someone.


Damn, Alice was pissed. I was more pissed though. I wanted to go up there and tear them a new one!

"Rose, relax. We don't get mad – we get even." Bella said with a sly look in her eyes.

"What are you planning you little she devil?" She jumped onto my bed and started talking a mile a minute. I swear, Alice is rubbing off on her more and more each day.

"Okay so, we know that it's three guys that live above us right? Well, I'm thinking that we could mess around with them and get a little payback for the hell they've put us through." She looked at me with eager eyes.

"What did you have in mind?" I could only imagine what she had up her sleeve.

Bella ran over to the stereo and turned it on.

"Beyonce – we're going to need you right now." She said to her iPod as she searched for a song. Suddenly the room was filled with the intro "Freakum Dress" and the mood was set.

I think I'm ready
Been locked up in the house way too long
It's time to get it
'Cause once again he's out doing wrong
And my girls are so real,
Said it's been a minute since I had some
He's been acting up, but he won't be the only one

(Oh) 'Cause when he acts up (Oh) that's when you put it on
(Oh) Been on him up tight (Oh) this is your song
(Oh) Hold out your back (Oh) time to impress
(Oh) Pull out your freakum dress

Oooh put your freakum dress on
Oooh put your freakum dress on
Oooh put your freakum dress on
Oooh put your freakum dress on
Oooh every woman got one
Oooh shut it down when the time's come
Oooh pull out the big gun
Oooh and put your freakum dress on

"Put on your sexiest dress and make yourself irresistible. Let's lure them down here and have a little fun. You know what I mean. 3 words - Little Black Box." She raised her eyebrow and grabbed something out of the closet.

"No! Oh you are pure evil. I love it!!" I gasped. I couldn't believe it, the girl was brilliant. "Well, let's get this started."

I reached into my closet and grabbed my power dress: it was short, strapless and leopard skin. I reached down and grabbed my sexiest red heels. I don't know what was going to happen tonight but I was going to get some satisfaction, it had been weeks and my vibrator was not cutting it.

I changed quickly, not noticing what Bella was putting on. My hair was already done from earlier that day; I just fixed my mini pomp and turned to look at Bella.

"Well do I look ravishing or do I look ravishing?" I grinned from ear to ear. I knew no man could resist me in this outfit. The length accentuated my long, toned legs and the heels drew attention to them. The dress hugged my curves perfectly and I knew it, I adjusted the girls and walked over to the other mirror.

Putting a generous amount lip gloss, I gave myself a once over. If I was a guy, I'd totally try to hit this.

Before she could answer we heard Alice screaming upstairs. Uh-oh.

"Alright Bella, I'm going in." I gave her a wink and headed out the door.


I didn't even realize it was Rose; she had changed into her "Man Hunting" dress and heels and was now looking beyond me, staring at the guy in the door frame. The look on her face was a mix of anger and lust. I looked back at him and he had this goofy look on his face, I swear I thought he was going to drool. I grabbed her hand and yanked her towards the stairwell door.

"Hey – WAIT!"

I turned around slowly and the blonde guy that had been sitting on the couch was suddenly in the hallway.

"Yes?" I tapped my foot trying to emphasize the fact that I was pissed off at his oaf of a roommate.

"God, I'm sorry about all the noise. I guess we didn't realize that we were being that loud." He looked up at me through his eye lashes sheepishly. I inhaled sharply, realizing that he had the purest blue eyes I had ever seen. Deep blue, not icy, and filled with a mix of guilt and shame, I caught myself staring at him than was socially acceptable and shook my head slightly. "We'll try to be better about it. And by the way, I'm Jasper Cullen."

"I'm Alice Swan." I said politely, trying to get out of this increasingly awkward situation.

"Hey, I'm really sorry too. I guess I just didn't think before I spoke." Jasper's roommate introducing himself as Emmett Cullen, Jasper's cousin, spoke up. But he wasn't looking at me; he was talking straight to Rose.

"Well, thank you for apologizing … Emmett was it?" Her voice was dripping with sex. She glanced at me and winked and I could only imagine what she and Bella had cooked up downstairs. She walked over to where Emmett was standing, completely dumbfounded, and put her arm on his bicep. "Oh, you're so big" she paused and he swallowed a lump in his throat. "Do you play for the University?"

Emmett was in hook, line and sinker. He nodded slowly and Rose continued on, complimenting his arms and shamelessly throwing her chest out when she laughed. I thought his eyes were going to bug out of their sockets.

"Rose, we better get back and help Bella clean up that mess. We don't want her cutting herself on any of that glass." I looked at the stairwell longingly, trying to play this up the best I could.

"Let us help." Jasper said, throwing a look at Emmett and his other roommate who wandered out of the room, probably wondering why his roommates were out in the hall with a couple of crazy women they barely knew.

"Wait, what are we doing?" The third one looked confused and was glancing at Jasper who was telling him what had just happened. He looked a little annoyed at having to help us. "Do we all have to go?"

Emmett proceeded to slap him on the back of the head. "YES, we are ALL going." He looked at Rosalie for approval and she stared at him adoringly.

They followed us down the stairwell and we led them to our room where the mirror was still shattered but the room had been cleaned up and Bella was making drinks on one of the desks. She had changed too! She was now wearing a royal blue sweater dress with a plunging neck line and no camisole underneath, daring for Bella, black tights and black pumps. She had done her eyes up in a very subtle smoky eye and tinted her lips a darker than her normal color and her hair was in soft curls around face. Damn, Bella was smokin'!

I couldn't help but laugh a little. I mean, none of us had very much action from the beginning of the year, too little to pick from and we all had high standards. So the fact that three very gorgeous men were in the room was something new to all of us.

"Oh yum!" I grabbed two cups, handing one to Rose and keeping one for myself. I took a huge gulp before realizing that it was about 70% Vodka and 30% cranberry juice. I forced myself to swallow it and tried to cover up my choking.

"Well boys, there's the mess. Do you mind Emmie?" Rose batted her lashes at Emmett and he grabbed the broom and began sweeping. It was too funny a sight to see not to laugh.

"Sorry Bella, this is Jasper, Emmett and …" I looked at the third roommate; I hadn't bothered getting his name. I was way too busy stealing quick glances at Jasper. I hope I hadn't given myself away; I was trying to be sly about the whole thing. It's just that he affected more than I wanted people to know. He was the most amazingly beautiful man I had ever seen, and he already had 3 out of 5 requirements down:

Sexy – Check. Sweet – Check. Nice Ass – Check Check!

"Edward… Edward Cullen. I'm Jasper's adopted brother." He was looking at Bella with a lustful look in his eyes. I thought he was going to eat her.


I turned the music to random on my iPod and got out the bottles of alcohol and some cups from under my bed. I walked over to the fridge and grabbed the cranberry juice. I started pouring the drinks when I heard the door to the stairwell close and the murmur of voices near the door.

Alice and Rose walked through the door. "Hey Rose, Alice – you guys want a drink?" I looked up from where I was pouring to see that they were followed by a tall blonde haired guy, an über buff curly haired guy and …


My breath caught in my chest and I forgot what I was doing. Wow. The last of their group was a tall, lean but muscular, bronze haired boy – wait this was no mere boy. This, my friends, was a man. I looked away before everyone realized I was staring at him like a piece of meat and I hadn't eaten in ages.

"So who are your friends?" I asked casually. I watched as Rose was making the curly haired one start to sweep up the glass from the mirror. She wasn't kidding, that dress was like magic.

Alice started off with the tall blond, was she … oh my god she totally blushed when she said his name, Jasper. Someone's in lust. I learned that the curly haired guy doing all of Rose's bidding was Emmett. I had to force myself to look at the third roommate. I felt my face turn red and I took a drink, trying to get through the fact that I did not make these well at all. I had good reason, there was a pair of emerald eyes – okay, so I stole a glance at him while Alice was talking – staring at me with a look that I couldn't decipher.

Then he spoke and proceeded to turn my world upside down with his voice.

"Edward … Edward Cullen." He said more but I couldn't hear him. My body reacted to his voice before I could actually process what he said. I felt my skin tingling, my heart start to race and I felt dizzy.

I put on my most dazzling smile and allowed myself a closer look at Edward. God, what a hunk, he was the most perfect specimen of manhood I had seen in a long while. Perfectly toned, his slightly tight black shirt outlined what looked to be rock hard abs and a killer set of pecs. I wanted to lick him.

I shook my head and laughed. Wow, Bella girl you need to get laid. "Hi, I'm Bella Swan." I turned to Alice who was slowly undressing Jasper with her eyes. He bent down to help Emmett get the rest of the glass and her eyes grew huge. Alice always was an ass woman.

"So, you're the ones keeping us up late at night, preventing us from getting any sort of beauty sleep." I said with a coy smile, directed at Edward.

"It's not like you three need it. You guys have to be the hottest chicks we've seen on this campus!" Emmett said enthusiastically.

"Oh hush you." Rose playfully hit him on the shoulder. I could see where this was going; she went crazy for muscles on a guy. She said it meant that he had stamina and endurance.

I grinned and asked "Anyone else want a drink? We have vodka, some whiskey and I think beer in the fridge but I have no clue how old or what brand."

"Actually Bella, I think I have a better idea." Rose said, looking at me and winked. "You boys up for a little drinking game?"

They looked at each other, trying to decide if it was a smart idea to get drunk with three incredibly gorgeous chicks they had just met. It took them about half a second before they cried "Yes!" in unison.

"Well then, let's have some fun now shall we?" Rose said. Alice looked confused and I remembered she didn't know what was going on!

"Alice, help me make a playlist really quick." I said. As soon as she reached me I filled her in on the plan. "… and the best part is we're bringing out the big guns. You know what I mean." I stared at her until her mouth formed a little "o".

"Bella! You guys are so devious, I love it!" She squealed and I let out a long laugh. By now Rose had brought out the little black box that held the boys' fate in it. We brought the booze down on the ground with us as we sat in a circle on the carpet.

"Alright boys, before we play – I need complete confirmation that you do whatever is asked of you. There will be nothing dangerous or anything that breaks the law… I think." Rose was looking around at each boy.

We were sitting boy, girl in this order: Jasper, Alice, Edward, Me, Emmett, Rose. The guys looked slightly nervous and I put my hand on Edward's thigh and said, "Oh come now, you afraid of a little fun." I bit my bottom lip and kept looking at him.

"I'm in." He said quickly. The other two agreed. Rose looked positively giddy as she got ready to open the box.

"Now, get ready baby, I promise you have never experienced anything like this before."

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