A simple drabble inspired by this picture:

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Contributed by steshin


Alto swears on his mother's grave that Sheryl has some sort of mystical powers.

He always finds himself doing the silliest things for her. Be it an impromptu date that marks him absent in school or a ride on his shoulders, just so she can get better wind for the paper airplane she forced him to make. He also shells out his own cash to get her the most trifle things only a child would want. He even makes those kiddie lunches with octopus-shaped hot dogs for her!

The woman was driving him insane! The fact that she calls him her slave wasn't helping things either...

Maybe her powers were coming from her earrings or something. If not, maybe from her voice, from the way she provoked him with only a simple word--to the way she soothed him with a sweet melody.

Her eyes? He always did notice there was a mysterious sparkle there.
Her hair could also be one thing for he always found his gaze attracted to the lush curls falling gently on her shoulders.
Perhaps it was her skin... he could never help but admire the contrast of her pearly skin to his own whenever she grabbed his hand.

Her smile could also be the answer. Whenever she beamed at him, a flurry of different emotions and sensations would set off.

What could be the reason why Saotome Alto acts out the silliest whims for Sheryl Nome?

It really is one hell of a mystery.