I know you probably think me a monster

That I'm unsavable, a lost cause

I know you pity me, and despise me

Maybe even enough that the next time I see you

Will be my last.

Perhaps it is partially my fault

That there's a rift between your heart and mine.

But everything I've done, Goliath, I've done for you.

For Us.

For our clan.

I'm not sure why you can't see that.

Your certainly wise enough to see an attempt at salvation,

All I wanted was our kind safe from those who would do us harm.

Apparently that isn't enough, and now you and I are farther apart then ever.

At least when you were frozen in stone, I could talk to you.

Now you act colder then a glacier when you speak to me.

You might try to get me to conform to your needs,

But I can't do that, Goliath.

Of anyone in our clan, you of all should understand me.

I guess that won't happen now,

Not with that human in your life.

But, don't worry my love,

I'll soon have that taken care of.

You and I will be together once more

And you'll finally see things my way.