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Ghost barely noticed the slipping sensation as she walked through spiritual gates to get home. She needed a favour.

Her pet 'dog' Billy ran up to her.

"Come on Billy, we're going to New York."

She walked towards Memo's tent, it looked rather like an Indian teepee.

Memo didn't look up, knowing fully well what Ghost wanted. He silently handed to her. Ghost gave him a brief smile and left.

Mikey gave a yelp of excitement when Leo announced they were going on patrol. He had been bored beyond belief, when he had finally found a good show, Sensi walked over and said it was time for his program. Besides something hadn't seemed... right. Mikey couldn't put one of his green fingers on it, but something hadn't felt right and he was glad for the fresh air.

As he ran beside his brothers, beating up a couple of street thugs when necessary, Ghost watched them – waiting for the right time.

Ghost closed her eyes and allowed herself and her wolf/dog/demon Billy to go through the change. She now had a human body and Billy looked like any normal Dalmatian.

Time for work, Ghost thought.

She walked around, trying to give of the image of a lost, innocent 14 year old girl. A dozen thugs surrounded her. Ghost was impressed with her acting skills.

Just as the leader grabbed her arm and pulled her close enough to smell his rancid breath, the turtles jumped down from the roof.

The one with the red bandanna, Raph, attacked the leader – making him let Ghost go – and pulled her behind him. Ghost watched as they all sprang into action and quickly dealt with the thugs. Despite herself, Ghost was fascinated, she hadn't anticipated skill such as this. The rat knew what he was teaching, finding out about him tagged onto her list of things to do. Ghost knew the only way to get them to take her to their lair was to be injured and unconscious.

She sent one of the remaining conscious purple dragons a thought message to attack her – so he did – good enough to knock her cold. Billy followed her lead, getting close enough to a purple dragon to have his paw stepped on. He heard the crunch of bones before, he too, fell into the black depths of unconscious.