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Ghost awoke to Billy's feral snarling; not an uncommon sound, Billy had no fondness for strangers, and no reservations for attacking people who got too close. It had taken years to gain his trust. Right now, he was offering death threats to Donatello, who was stood just inside the door.

She propped herself up using her elbow, and held her free hand out. "Down, Billy." She commanded. The Dalmatian retreated, leaving Donatello unharmed, and pressed his furry head against her palm in an apologetic manner.

Ghost bowed her head to Donatello. "My apologies."

The turtle waved his hand dismissively, and assured her that it was fine. "Breakfast is ready. Mikey's made scrambled eggs and bacon." He informed, and Ghost could now put a name to that aroma. Just because she didn't eat food didn't mean she couldn't appreciate it. Ghost headed towards the pile of clothes placed on a nearby table, they hadn't been there before, she was sure of that.

Noticing her slightly perplexed expression, Donny cleared the subject; "They're a friend's – April – old clothes. They might be a little big, but they'll do until you can go back home."

Ah yes, Ghost thought, I'll have ask Myria if she'll make me some more normal clothing.

"I'll be down in a minute," She told the waiting turtle, who turned and left after her statement.

After looking through her choices, she decided on some faded sweats and an even more faded blue t-shirt. Ghost had to admit, the fabric felt coarse compared to the Spider's silk Myria often used. But, of course, there was no such material here, so it would have to do.

Gesturing for Billy – not only her guard, but her closest friend for many years – to follow, she walked towards the aroma, a visible yet untouchable treasure.

"Morning sleeping beauty," Mikey greeted, saluting her with his spatula. Billy allowed an inaudible growl to escape his throat, but quietened when Ghost sent him a look.

Ghost fixed an easy smile on her face, and replied with her own good morning.

Leonardo also greeted her over his newspaper, before shaking his head at some of the Purple Dragon's crimes which had been articled. He knew very well that these were just the tip of the iceberg.

Apparently Raphael was still in bed. Mikey shot a brief glance at Raphael's closed door and asked the same question he did every morning: "Who's gonna get Raphy today?"

Ghost chuckled. Returning the boy's confused looks with a grin, she then turned to her capable dog. "Billy, drag the red-banded turtle out of bed, and bring him here. His breakfast is getting cold." She commanded in a light tone.

Michelangelo gaped, eyes as wide as saucers. He continued to gape as Billy trotted up the stairs, before snapping out of it and performing some drama. "Don't do it, Billy." He got down on one knee at the foot of the stairs, "Please, he'll kill you, and what would we ever do without you?" He asked dramatically, a hand poised over his heart. Leonardo rolled his eyes, while Donatello shook his head and spooned up some eggs.

The silence was broken by a loud thud coming from Raphael's room and the turtle's exclamation of anger as he was dragged – forcibly, by his leg – down the stairs. Every time his shell hit a stair there was a thud, and more sounds of frustration as Raphael tried, in vain, to escape Billy's vice grip.

Once Billy had dragged him to the table – Mikey had already returned to his food – he freed the struggling turtle, and lay beneath Ghost's seat – content he had completed his mistresses's orders, and gotten a bite out of the angry turtle. To add to his innocent look, he began to clean his paw, ignoring the fact that cats were supposed to do that, not dogs.

Raphael glared at the damned dog, which had gotten a good bite out of his leg, then shifted his glare to its owner – that damn girl with the freaky name – Ghost.

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