Who's slept with Chuck Bass Interview with all the girls he has slept with and there personal opinions of him

Chuck Bass the womanizer.

All the names of who had slept with:
Blair Waldorf

Serena van Der wood sen

Jenny Humphrey

Vanessa Abrams


Georgina Sparks

Nelly Yuki

So lets begin asking questions How did you meet Chuck Bass?

Blair-Well lets see I was quite young to bo honest with you I couldn't help it if he thought I was beautiful I mean look at me I'm gorgeous right?

Serena-We was in school and he kept giving me these creepy looks because as I say Chuck Bass is a creepy guy.

Jenny-This party Blair had hosted as she said if I had gave the Invitations out I could go he tried to rape me I mean I don't think I should tell you anything else because my brother dan might be watching sorry.

Vanessa-The incident with the camera what a jerk well oh well I put the money he gave me to the herpes foundation how excellent of me. (She starts laughing)

Dorota-Well de wast in Blair's house and he smiled out me the first boy in over 25 years to smile at me. (Sounds a different language)

Georgina-Me and him were crazy people and that's when we saw each other we new evil was both in our eyes.

Nelly-After Todd split up with me he gave me a tissue very sweet. (She starts crying again because of todd) I miss todd so much.

So Was he good in bed?

Blair-He was O.k I suppose but he was just telling me how much Im gorgeous still I mean I don't blame him that's what he should be saying.

Serena-He was giving me these creepy eyes in bed everytime we done something like he was getting attacked by a bee gives me the shakes still yikes.

Jenny-Yes oh shit I shouldn't of said that Dan might be watching you just completely didn't see me say that O.k.

Vanessa-No the boy was trash If only I could of give him them herpes damn.

Dorota-Yes and yes and yes he was amazing he treated me like a was a school girl it was funny he purred like a cat in my ear.

Georgina-It was all drugs and rock and roll with us we would do it on a guitar the once hes arse got stuck in it Mwahahawahahaha.

That's enough mwahaha Georgina your doing our heading-The interview told her.

Nelly-I suppose i was crying why we was doing it and i was telling him about Todd and he even told me shout Todd's name while I was doing it If only Todd was doing it with us why.

Do you still speak to Chuck?

Blair-Only if he says im sexy or hot if he just says hi they know no one gets to talk to me without a compliment.

Serena-Are you joking if i walk passed if I run like a tellibubbie so he want see me.

Jenny-No but I wish but Dan's doesn't let me see him If i tried dan would go mad you know Dan my brother.

Vanessa-Yes and no the once I saw him in the charity shop you wouldn't believe it right it was the herpes one.

Dorota-Yes our secret little hide outs in the dustbin its very fun even though he never comes when he say he is going to come I can never understand why.

Georgina-If its about dealing then yes we got high if you know what I mean.

Nelly-No I wish he did though but he said he was tired of me talking about Todd oh no Im going to cry again I need Todd.

One word to describe Chuck?


Serena-Creepy (In a funny tone)




Georgina-EVILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL (And then started mwahahaing again)


After that day Of the interview this is what happened.

Blair-Became the number one book realise on how yo not talk to guys unless there complimenting you.

Serena-A spy on chuck.

Jenny-Became famous but had to have a body guard around her all the time meaning dan her own brother.

Vanessa-Became the owner of the herpes foundation.

Dorota-Still tried texting chuck but he was ignoring her.

Georgina-Went to prison.

Nelly-Still trying to get over Todd and the interviews even offered taking her out to stop her talking about him.

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