Thumping Mantra

She's scared (terrified) and her heart has never pounded so loudly or so frantically before. Her whole world is a blur of 'what ifs' and of the thumping mantra of silence around her.


She traces a finger over his cheek as her eyes scan the rest of him for injuries.

His leg.

What if he doesn't make it?

What if this is the end?

Oh god.

She swallows and gets to work. Medic duties. The worst type of duties to land. Medic duties means someone she cares about is hurt and its her job to fix them. Emotions cannot get in the way.

At one point, her face grows close to Cal's and she can feel his breath (too shallow) on her neck.

His eyes flicker open and it sends a cold jolt through her. "Jules? Juliet?"

"I'm here, Calvin," she soothes him. "I'm here."

To prove it to him perhaps (she doesn't want to think it's because she'll never have the chance again), her lips brush against his just for a second and her hand tangles loosely in his hair.

The kiss is over all too soon.

He passes out again.

She returns to fixing him up and tries not to let Nikko see the tears in her eyes when he joins her in helping Cal. She knows that Nikko sees straight through her (he knows) and is grateful when he doesn't comment.

She focuses instead on doing what she can for Cal.

She can't lose him. She just can't.