"So..." Harry walked companionably beside Edward down Forks' main road, coffee cup in hand. "This feels kind of like a date."

Harry saw Edward falter slightly before he recovered and kept walking like nothing had happened. "Oh?" he said nonchalantly. "What makes you say that?"

"Well, you bought me coffee," Harry began. "And now you're showing me around town? Seems date-like to me."

Edward looked as if he was starting to panic. Harry imagined that if he were human, Edward would be turning red and starting to sweat. "Well... Um... That is to say..."

Harry was very tempted to just let Edward stumble on, but he wasn't really feeling that mean, so he interrupted. "It's okay Edward. So where are we going?" he changed the subject.

Edward grasped the change desperately. "I'm just going to show you to this place that..."

Harry listened with half an ear to Edward, his thoughts wandering. So that explained it. Edward did like him. The normally cool-and-collected vampire would have politely denied the date accusation if it wasn't how he felt.

Harry noticed that Edward had stopped talking and was now looking at him, as if waiting for an answer. "I'm sorry, Edward," Harry apologised. "What was that?"

"I was just saying that there really isn't all that much in Forks, but there is this really great bookstore in Port Angeles that I wanted to show you., That is if you want to go with me?" He looked eager and Harry wasn't going to disappoint him.

"Sure," he smiled. "Can I borrow your phone to call home and tell Sirius and Remus where I'm going? Or Sirius will send the cruiser out for me."

Edward nodded, handing his phone over. Harry dialled the number and Remus picked up on the third ring.


"Hey Remus, it's Harry."

"Hi Harry! When are you...? Siri! Stop that!"

"I gather Sirius is already back from work," Harry laughed. "And getting into trouble already."

"How that man got onto the police force, I'll never know." Harry could practically hear Remus roll his eyes. "So when are you coming home?"

"That's the thing," Harry answered. "I'm hanging out with a friend and he wants to take me into Port Angeles. Is it alright if I go?"

"Sure! Do you want me to save you some dinner, or are you getting something to eat?"

Harry turned to Edward, who nodded, having heard the conversation with his vampiric hearing.

"We'll get something," he confirmed. "I'll see you later."

"Bye, Harry. Have fun!"

Harry ended the call and turned to Edward. "Shall we go then?"

An Undisclosed Location

Tom sat regally in a straight-backed chair by the fire. The fire was purely for atmosphere. It did nothing for the Vampires' comfort. He heard someone enter the room, and looked up. "Ah, Draco. What news do you have to report?"

"Mother's gift still works, my lord. But he could see straight through mine," Draco answered, head bowed in respect.

Tom paused, finger tapping on the arm of the chair. "It is as I thought," he nodded. "Any gifts that work directly on a person do not work on him. You alter peoples' perceptions, therefore he could see through it. I could sense nothing special. Your father could not control him." He paused again. "Yet it is us that your mother's gift protects. Any mention of us, anywhere, be it written or spoken, will not be known to people that we have not already revealed ourselves to."

Draco risked lifting his head up to look at his lord. Tom had his head tilted, brow furrowed, deep in thought.

"I found out his name, my lord," Draco said hesitantly. Tom looked at the young vampire with interest. "His name is Harry James Potter."

Tom looked up in surprise. "Potter, you say?"

Draco nodded.

Tom sat back in his seat, smiling slightly. "Now that is a name I haven't thought about in around sixteen years."


A/N: I am really sorry to announce that I am putting this story on hiatus for the time being. I know that many people out there love it, and I am very sorry, but people have commented on the shortness of my chapters (in varying degrees of politeness), and that is because Twilight is very much getting on my nerves at the moment. I think at the beginning, I was dazzled by the possibilities when I read Branwen777's Nothing Left to Hold, Early-Frost's Harry Potter and the Setting Sun, Mariel Nightstalker's Dark Clouds and azzie adams's Gives You Hell. Now I want to be able to work on other fics without feeling guilty that I haven't updated this one in a while and without people keep screaming at me in reviews to update. I will come back to this when I find that spark again that made me want to write this in the first place.

A/N2: I hope I explained why Narcissa's gift works when others don't. If you still don't get it, think of it as the Fidelius charm. The charm is placed on the building, not on other people.