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She turned around and span on the spot, then quickly undid the pokeball around her neck and kissed it for good luck, then she said "Come on out-" and with an extra twirl, "Cyndaquil!" and from out of the pokeball was released a small, tired, cute or rather timid Pokemon who yawned loudly.

The other trainer stifled a laugh.

He tried to hold it in then couldn't anymore and a humongous gargle of laughter erupted from the other trainer's mouth.

The girl looked on in utter confusion, not knowing what the boy trainer was laughing about. After a few seconds the boy slowed down and simply and mockingly said, "You haven't evolved it?" the girl suddenly realised what this was about.

"So what if I haven't?"

"So you want your Cyndaquil to never grow up, to be cute forever?"

The girl chose her words carefully because half of what the boy was saying was well true except about the growing up part.

"I love my Cyndaquil and I want to raise it to a higher level before evolving it for your information." she replied with a pinch of satisfaction in her voice. The boy smirked.

"Good comeback, but isn't your Cyndaquil a level eighteen? It should have evolved anyway don't you think?"

The girl was getting angry now and didn't need this boy to tell her how to raise her Pokemon.

"Let's battle!" she cried and she looked dead serious, the boy gave another smirk and said with such a pleasure in his voice you would want to punch him straight in the face, "I'll use Mudkip!" and out of the pokeball came a bright, small, blue Pokemon with a little fin on its dainty head.

"And you said that I wanted to keep my Pokemon cute? You liar!"

"I just got my Mudkip a week go so I haven't had much chance to level it up."

The girl was really blushing now.

"Cyndaquil, use TACKLE!" and the small timid Pokemon alight it's back with flames and slammed into the little blue finned Pokemon who tumbled over and got up.

"Bad move, Mudkip now use WATER GUN!"

Mudkip gave in a deep breath and said "Mud KIP!" and a huge spray of water came bellowing towards Cyndaquil.

The girl was panicking now.

"Um dodge it now Cyndaquil!"

"Cynda!" came the cry of her Cyndaquil as it dodge the water attack.

"Think you're so smart? Use quick attack NOW!" and her Pokemon ran in a zigzag pattern straight towards the Mudkip and hit the water Pokemon so bad that it fainted as soon as the attack hit it.

"We won! WE WON!" and the girl overjoyed with showing the boy what she was made of grabbed her Cyndaquil and held it in the air and danced around with it and hugged it tenderly.

The boy angry at his lost, left before he could even ask for another rematch.

This girl was called Addie, Addie Waterflower.

Yep you guessed it; Addie belonged to Cerulean Gym and was part of the four sensational sisters.

You probably had never heard of Addie and that was because she had usually been stuck doing her sisters management contracts and etc.

She had gone out of the tradition of having all water type Pokemon and had decided to have a fire type instead, she had been traveling with her sister Misty and she had been given an Cyndaquil at the lab in Little Root town not far from here.

She didn't know why she hadn't been given the choice of a Torchic, Treecko or a Mudkip but she had decided not to argue and had happily chosen a Cyndaquil even to her sister's protest. Addie's sister Misty was currently in Cerulean so Addie was traveling through Hoenn alone for a little while but she didn't mind.

As she walked up the lane past route 102 she saw a small town ahead, a town with a Pokemon Gym.

As she rushed into the Gym, she bumped into a fair brown haired girl wearing some sort of green outfit.

Addie mumbled a quick sorry and headed into the main Gym arena to see the leader standing there patiently. She quickly straightened up. Then took a deep breath.

"I'm here to challenge Norman of Petalburg city!"

"I am he!" came the voice from the dark figure of a man.

"How many badges do you have?" Norman asked again in a dark voice.

"Umm," Addie didn't know why badges were important for your first Gym battle but replied, "Not any at the moment, this will be my first battle."

"You must leave!"

"Why?" she didn't know why he was being so rude to her, were all Gym leaders like this? Misty wasn't like this at all.

"Because I am not the first Gym you should challenge."

Addie blushed again. Drats, wrong again.

"You should be challenging Roxanne of Rustboro City, you should head there first, take route 104, you should challenge me soon, after a few Gym battles. Now go, I have some calls to make on my PokeNave."

And she slowly left the Gym and set out on the goal of wining her first Gym battle, but she didn't know what type of Pokemon this Roxanne trainer used, so she would have to wait and see.

"Blaziken use Fire kick!" Came the cry of a girl echoing against the cave.

"BLAZI!" the big long legged Pokemon stood proud for a few moments, then with a huge kick at such speed that you couldn't even see the kick, a log was cut in half with a few flames still burning slightly on it. The girl smiled.

"Great job! Were sure to win this contest!" this girl was May and she was crazy about contests.

May would soon be arriving to Sinnoh to enter a special contest.

She had been feeding her Blaziken loads of Pokeblock's so it would look gorgeous apart from being very strong.

But all May's effort would go all to waste because in Sinnoh the contests were different, a lot different, but she hadn't bothered to learn about the new contest because she thought they were the same.

And she knew also she would be seeing another trainer there that she knew, a certain boy with a Pikachu.

As she practised on route 104, she saw a girl passing through, looking through an odd book with a strange Pokemon in it. As the girl stopped to put her book away, May recognised the girl as the same girl who had bumped into her at her father's Gym.

As Addie walked through the deep luscious woods overgrown with mould and berries, she saw some bug Pokemon and squirmed. Just as her sister Misty, she had inherited the fear of bug Pokemon. As she slowly crept by a Cascoon, she decided to call her sister Misty on her Pokenav. Her sister's must still be in Hoenn for she heard her sister's voice.

"Violet! I told you not to call me right now! I'm going through the Cascade badges I have to order for Cerulean!"

"Umm, Misty?"

She heard a slight muffle of embarrassment on the other side of the PokeNave then Misty replied,

"Oh Addie, its you! Sorry about that! Violet has been hassling me about her model shoots for a week now and she knows I'm in Hoenn with you! In other news, have you made it to the Rustboro Gym yet? I know Ash has beaten her."

Oh no, not again. The Ash Ketchum talk again. How many times did she talk about him? It was already quite clear that she liked him immensely.

"Umm, I haven't exactly made it there yet but I'm getting there, right now I'm on route 104 and it's filled with-" and she took a deep breath, "Bug Pokemon." She knew immediately that on the other line here sister was freaking out because she heard the clatter of a cardboard box and a terrified shriek.

"B, bug Pokemon! YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THERE RIGHT NOW!" came Misty's shout and it almost knocked Addie out with such a loud voice. She sighed. She knew that her sister would freak out like that. Addie hated bug Pokemon, but wouldn't exactly flip out like a mental patient at the sight of them.

"I'm getting out of the forest soon, hey look! There's a-" Addie suddenly screamed.

"A BEAUTIFLY!" and she ran off screaming and turned off the PokeNav when she had found safety. So much for not freaking out.

As she headed towards Rustboro City, she thought she saw…………. No that couldn't be, she was all alone. As she was getting near the city, she saw a Pokemon exactly identical to the other boy trainer's Mudkip, and as she looked closer it WAS a Mudkip.

"Time to catch me a Water Pokemon!" she shouted. The Mudkip turned around with a fearful gleam of menace in its eyes and it looked like it was ready to battle.

"CYNDAQUIL, TAKE THE STAGE!" and Addie's Cyndaquil appeared ready to rumble.

"Cyndaquil, use TACKLE!" and as the small fire type Pokemon launched it self at the Mudkip, the Mudkip dodged and tried a water gun. It hit her Cyndaquil hard, doing a lot of damage to the performance of her Pokemon.

"Cyndaquil get up!" she coaxed her Pokemon. She knew it was getting weak but she just had to have a Mudkip.

As her Cyndaquil got up slowly on it's feet, the wild Mudkip started to make another water gun attack.

"Cyndaquil," Addie said to her Pokemon, "When the water gun is about to strike you, I want you to jump up okay?" the Cyndaquil replied with a "Quil." The water gun was coming. Cyndaquil was standing it's ground and waiting, waiting for the command, and then as the water attack was almost near Cyndaquil…………………..

"JUMP NOW!" Addie said. The Cyndaquil gave a leap so high it was unbelievable to think that a Pokemon of that size could jump like that. The Mudkip was astounded.

"Mud?" it said with confusion.

"Cyndaquil use quick attack on Mudkip!" the Fire Pokemon lighting it's back with flames, ran in even faster zigzag lines towards the helpless Mudkip and BAM! The Mudkip was knocked unconscious.

From her waist Addie grabbed a red Pokeball and flung it at the Mudkip, the ball squirmed for a few seconds then went silent.

"I got a Mudkip!" she bellowed loudly and she and her Cyndaquil did a little dance together.

"Hmm, wonder what a Mudkip is?" Her PokeDex suddenly vibrated then it said "Mudkip, the Mud Fish Pokemon, to alert it, the fin on its head senses the flow of water. It has the strength to heft boulders."

"Cool, a strong Pokemon, hey what about Cyndaquil?"

The PokeDex replied again, "Cyndaquil, the fire mouse Pokemon, it has a timid nature. If it is startled, the flames on it's back burn more vigorously."

Addie started to look through her PokeDex, it had many cool functions, like you could look up Pokemon by type, name, or colour, or even image.

As she flicked through the functions, she suddenly remembered that she was near Rustboro and as she walked into the entrance of the town she looked around her.

It was a small, quaint city, if you could it small. It was pretty loud and there were buildings everywhere, as she looked around she saw a Pokemart and decided to drop in and buy herself and her Pokemon some supplies.

Inside the Pokemart, she could hear someone having an argument with the assistant there and decided to investigate.

The person having an argument was a boy.

He had deep tanned olive skin of some sort, brown chestnut eyes with a glint of determination reflected in them, he was wearing a hat with half a Pokeball on it and some jeans and shirt with an vest. As Addie walked up to the counter, she took no notice of the boy and bought herself some supplies.

After buying the necessary supplies, she bought herself some Mail so she could write her sisters a letter. But before leaving, she asked the clerk at the counter a question.

"Do you know where to get a Pokeblock case? I was thinking after some Gym battles to enter a contest and I thought you might sell them?"

"I wish I could say we did but unfortunately we don't, you should be able to find one at the contest hall in Slateport City but you'll have to wait until then."

Addie gave a small smile and walked out of the shop carrying her groceries in her hands.

After she had put her supplies away in her bag, she decided to look up the Rustboro Gym leader's name in her PokeNav.

She typed away at the buttons until she heard a voice say "Rustboro City, Gym, Leader of Gym: Roxanne, User of Rock type Pokemon, Pokemon effective against Rock types are: Water and Grass, Least effective Types are: Fire and Normal."

Addie had been hoping that her fire type would be effective but from the PokeNav's point of view, apparently not.

As she saw the Gym ahead, it loomed in front of her like a big obstacle waiting to be cleared.

She could do it, all she had to do was use Mudkip, but she felt sad not to use her first Pokemon in her first Gym battle.

"Oh well. I might as well break the news to Cyndaquil." and she released her two Pokemon out.

She looked at her Cyndaquil happily playing with Mudkip and smiled, there would always be more Gym battle's to come, more and more.

"Cyndaquil come here-" she said lightly, Cyndaquil turned around with such affection for it's trainer, "Umm, for our first Gym battle you-" another deep breath issued out of her mouth, "You won't be participating in the Gym battle." As soon as she said this Cyndaquil looked upset.

"It's not like I don't want to use you but this Gym is a Rock type Gym and your weak to rock type Pokemon and all your other normal moves won't be affective, so I'll be using Mudkip for this battle okay?"

Cyndaquil gave another sad look and turned away. Addie put Cyndaquil back in its Pokeball not wanting to see that sad face again.

"Alright Mudkip let's start training!"

"Mudkip kip!" it replied in a joyous voice.

Addie made Mudkip practise it's water gun on some tree's blowing a few down with the force of the water, she also made her Mudkip practise it's defence by gently throwing sticks near it so it could dodge them.

In the end Addie thought they were ready. Ready to make a big SPLASH, but little did she know that she was being watched, watched by a boy with a Pikachu on his shoulder.

Mean while in Lilycove…………………………….