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Author: My first fanfiction! *Rewritten*

Pairing: Ash K. and Paul

Warnings: Language and sexuality


Part 1

Ash, Dawn, and Brock were on their way to Ash's next Gym battle and Dawn's upcoming Contest Battle, when suddenly the group all spot Paul having a Pokemon battle with a younger boy.

They sneak into the bushes to get a better look. The battle seems to be all in Paul's favor. The mauve-haired trainer is tearing the young boy to pieces with his Pokemon, Torterra. The others Pokemon doesn't seem to have a chance.

The match is soon over, the other boy's Pokemon has passed out. He returns his Pokemon, and quickly dashes away.

Paul returns his Pokemon and begins to turn to leave, when he notices his audience.

"Humph, what are you guys doing here?" He huffed in annoyance.

"I'm on my way to my next Gym." Ash stated boldly.

The mauve-haired trainer smirked at the obviously cocky boy. "Yeah, is that so? That kid was too, but I told him otherwise. He was pathetic, not a worthy challenge at all. "

The dark-haired trainer clinches his digits into a tight fist, making his knuckles turn white. "Paul!!! You should never say that about anyone!!!! It just….. isn't right!!! Don't you care about anyone!!!!"

Paul looked at him bored. "Hm, Not really, all I care about is winning and being the best. I don't think caring has any advantages?" Paul finished with shrug.

"Is that all you think about!? The advantages! Doesn't love and friendship mean anything to you."

Paul did not reply, he was really feed up with this nonsense.

The dark-haired boy's friend Brock tries to calm him down, but Ash quickly takes a hold of Paul's arm.

The mauve-haired trainer raised his eyes at this, as Ash dragged him into the woods.

Ash yells to Brock and Dawn to not follow, and to take Pikachu with them.

They listen, and yell back, to meet them at the Pokemon Center.

Ash drags Paul forcefully, not given in with his tight grip.

"Let me go Ash, damnit!!!" Paul shouts.

"No Paul, I'm….." Ash paused for a moment and continued. "I'm going to teach you a lesson." Ash finished with a smirk.

"And what could you teach me?" The mauve-haired trainer muttered.

Ash ignores him, and continues to drag him to an unknown territory.

The dark-haired boy suddenly spots a cave. 'This should do nicely.'

He drags him into the cave and slams him into the wall, but not too hard to cause any physical harm.

Paul just sits there in daze blinking up at the other. "What the hell….are you planning Ash?" The mauve-haired trainer crosses his arms and shots him a glare.

"This Paul." Ash keeps his eyes focused only on Paul's on looking eye's, as he strips down bare.

If Paul was confused earlier, he was confused now more than ever.

"Ash, what do you think your doing?" Paul grumbled.

To the mauve-haired boys amazement, he couldn't look away.

Ash took his clothes off slowly, revealing his tan flesh. His nice muscles begin to flash onto Paul's eyes.

The dark-haired trainer was fully exposed now, standing in front of Paul completely naked.

Paul knew his face had to be extremely red. He was so embarrassed, and confused. Why was Ash doing this? Has the kid gone mad?

The mauve-haired trainer bites his lips and closes his eyes tightly.

The dark-haired trainer was now blushing madly, the position he was now in..., should he go ahead with his plan or not? He looks at his mauve-haired companion, his eyes where intensively closed.

Ash weakly approaches him. "Paul?"

Paul doesn't open his eyes to this, he didn't want to have to see that sight ever again.

"Paul?" Ash sighs and continues calling him, "Paul?"

Paul was tried of this, "What!" He shouts, but still kept his eyes closed.

Ash steps back and looks down at Paul with a frown. What had he been thinking? Paul was a hard force to play with, if he was going to embarrass the other further, he had to take drastic measures. Just standing around naked wouldn't embarrass him enough.

He approaches the mauve-haired trainer again. He bends down to Paul's level and speaks right in front of his face. "Paul?"

Paul finally opens his eyes at this, he could feel Ash's breathe on his cheek. "What the hell Ash, what is your…" Before he could say anything further Ash's lips were on his. Paul stares in shock and does not respond to Ash's light kisses.

Ash closes his eyes tightly and flushes. He proceeds further, he takes Paul's bottom lip and sucks on it. Paul was too stunned to even resist, he could have easily pushed him aside and made a run for it. The kiss was too intoxicating, he finally responds. He moves his lips upon Ash's.

Ash mews into the kiss and tries to control himself. He knew his cock was hardening. He lays his hands down onto Paul's shoulders and deepens the kiss.

Paul realizes this has gone too far, he pushes Ash to the side. He shouts at the younger man viciously, "What was that you loser? You're a fucking faggot!"

Ash spat back a quick come back, "Excuse me you kissed back! Don't go accusing me!"

Paul gives him a blank stare, "Why are you naked? Get your damn clothes on will you!"

Ash flushes and tries to cover his hard on he got while kissing Paul.

Paul could see what the other was hiding. "You got hard just by that, what a loser." Paul grins.

Ash gives him a hard stare and quickly bends down again. He wastes no time and captures Paul's lips again.

Paul did not resist this time, he moves his lips firmly. He grabs a hold of Ash's shoulders and drags him down into his lap.

Ash realizes this and tries to escape, but Paul was too strong. And the urge to go further was even stronger. Ash was sitting in Paul's lap. He sucks and licks Paul's bottom lip with hunger. Ash soon wanted entrance inside Paul's mouth. The mauve-haired trainer knew this, letting the other enter his mouth. So begins their battle of dominance. They both fight hard, but Paul was of course victorious. The two eventually had to come up for air. Their lips separate, leaving a trail of saliva connected to their lips. Paul quickly licks it away.

The two were now left staring into each others eyes with build up emotions.

Paul staring into brown orbs and Ash staring into black orbs, breathing heavily. Paul could feel Ash's erection pressing against his stomach. There was only one solution to this predicament. Paul reaches down to Ash's arousal and grabs a hold.

Ash jerks at the sudden touch, "P-Paul?"

Paul ignores him and continues. He pumps his length slowly.

The dark-haired trainer closes his eyes and tilts his head back. Ash tries to contain an overpowering urge to moan.

The mauve-haired trainer quickens his pace and waits to see how the other reacts.

Ash bites his lips roughly.

Paul frowns. He rubs his thumb over Ash's glistering, pink tip. Maybe that will get a reaction and sure enough it did.

Ash slips out a low moan and releases a few droplets of cum onto Paul's hands.

Paul grins at that and continues his actions.

Ash has never felt this sensation before. He never would have guessed Paul would be this good, but he couldn't lose that easily. He swallows the urge to slip another moan and just pants lightly.

Paul was getting rather uncomfortable in his pants. He wanted so bad to touch himself. He knew no matter how much the other would try to resist, he would climax shortly.

A few minutes later Ash resistance faltered, he just couldn't take it anymore. He arches his back and releases a long, low moan. He erupts a huge load white substance into Paul's hands and stomach. Paul flushes at the sight and looks up at Ash.

Ash was panting slowly, rolling his eyes back from the sensation and lays his head down onto Paul's shoulder.

Paul listens to Ash's slow intakes of air.

Ash felt ashamed, he was the one that was suppose to embarrass Paul not the other way around. He didn't want to lift his head up and face Paul.

His head was becoming quite heavy after awhile. Paul crinkles his nose in annoyance. "Ash?"

Ash widens his eyes, but keeps in his position.

Paul waits for moment before speaking again, "Hey you're getting heavy!"

Ash still did not make a move. Paul pushes him lightly, but Ash quickly wraps his arms around him. The mauve-haired trainer tries to lift them both up, "Come on, let go and go get your clothes on will you!"

Ash flushes and lets go. He makes his way to his discarded clothing without passing one glance toward the other. He gathers his clothing and slides them on in silence and puts his cap back on and walks out of the cave, leaving Paul behind.

Paul stares after him for a moment. He looks down at his hands in disgust and wipes away the white stickiness onto the walls, after doing so he follows Ash closely behind in pursuit.

The two trainers head to the Pokemon center in complete utterly silence.


To be Continued: