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Part 14

Paul was finally released from the hospital. The group of travelers were now walking down an empty street, all filled with mixed feelings.

The red-head of the group stopped for a moment, facing all of them at once. "Guys it's been a real pleasure spending this time with all of you." She trailed off, finding it hard to speak any further. "But….it's time for me to go home."

Ash nodded, "We will miss you Misty."

"Do you really have to leave!?" Dawn whined, tears were rolling down her cheek.

The red-head smiled. "Yes, Tracy is waiting for me."

"TRACY!" Both Ash and Brock sputtered, shocked.

Misty giggled at her two friends dumbfounded faces. "Oh, did I forget to mention? Tracy and I……we are together. I thought I mentioned it."

Ash and Brock both shook their heads no, with their mouth's gaped opened.

Pikachu's mouth was opening and closing like a fish.

"I suppose it kinda just slipped my mind." Misty said in a sing song voice.

Paul was smirking and Dawn was just listening with astonishment.

Brock finally straightened up and congratulated his friend. Soon after Ash and Dawn followed.

"Thanks guys! Hey Dawn, come visit me anytime in Cerulean city."

"I will!" The blue-haired coordinator exclaimed happily.

Misty gave her a wink. "Bye guys!" The red-head waved them all a good-bye. She paused when she looked over at Paul. "And Paul."

Paul looked up.

"Take care."

Paul could only stare at her blankly. His eye's blinking in confusion. "Um, you too."

Misty decided not to end this with an argument. She truly wished the best for the sour trainer. Ash seemed to have forgiven him, so she thought she should do the same. She wasn't stupid, she had a suspicion something was going between him and Ash. During these weeks in the hospital she had seen all kinds of emotion, trials and trivia happening at once. How Ash would look at Paul and how Paul would look at him. Poor Dawn was in the middle of the conflict. She knew without a doubt that Paul had no feelings for the coordinator. The three would have to settle it out somehow. She bid them all a final goodbye and was now walking away.

They all watched her disappear over the hill.


The group of travelers, minus Misty were now all traveling down a dirt path, surrounded with trees.

Ash had his arms placed behind his baseball capped head. "Man, I'm sure going to miss Misty being around."

Dawn sighed, "Yeah."

"We will see her again real soon, don't worry." The oldest of the group, Brock tries to reassure them.

Together Ash and Dawn groaned in response.

Paul was trailing behind, his eyes were drawn to something very tempting. It was Ash's perk ass, it was swaying back in forth. He wanted to reach out and pinch that delectable rear end. The way his butt would jiggle almost imperceptivity, making it known that perk ass was something to grab.

The dark-haired trainer could feel Paul's stare. He turned his head around just enough to see what his eyes were drawn to. This made Ash grin. Ash changed his movements into slower strides, making his hips rock back and forth slowly.

Paul bit his lips at the sight. So tempting was that ass.

Dawn glanced back at Paul only to be horrified. Paul's mouth was watering and he was obliviously checking out Ash's ass. She suddenly felt a tremendous rage of jealousy. "PAUL!!!!!!!!!!" She forced out of her tiny mouth.

Ash, Brock, Pikachu and even Paul motioned their eyes toward her.

She had to do it Now! She quickly rushed over to Paul and grabbed each side of his face. After doing so she quickly smashed her lips on to his. As soon as she had done the deed, she thought she would see fireworks. She thought her stomach would do flip-flops. She had felt nothing. She pulled away and looked at the now stunned trainer with a frown. "I don't… love you." She was confused now, more than ever. Why did she ever think she loved him? There was nothing there. Why? Suddenly she was in a fit of giggles. "I don't love him! I don't love him! Hahahahahah!!!!!"

Everyone was speechless.

Then Ash, Brock and Pikachu smiled. Happy to finally know the truth.

Paul fixed his face back to a scowl, but a small hint of humor behind it. "Finally you realize this. You're a stupid girl."

Dawn continued to giggle. "Yes, yes I am!"

Paul finally for the first time had a heart felt smile presented on his lips.

Brock quickly interrupted. "What was with all the charade then?" His face stricken with confusion.

The blue-head coordinator looked at both Paul and Ash. She then looked back at Brock and grinned. "You'll have to find out on your own I guess."

"Huh….what? I don't get it." The breeder was so confused.


Later that night. The group of friends were camping out under the stars, most of them were fast asleep. Except two Pokemon trainers that is. The two had sneaked off somewhere in the woods.

Paul had Ash pressed against a tree, they were both kissing passionately.

Paul gasped and broke the kiss. The mauve-haired trainer then pressed a kiss to Ash's neck, feeling the pulse beating beneath his lips. Opening his mouth, he gently nipped at the flushed tan skin, sucking and tasting it.

Paul quickly moved higher and gently nibbled Ash's earlobe, hearing the other boy gasp.

"P-please…" Ash's voice was hoarse with desire.

Hearing that desperate voice made Paul extremely turned on. He pressed his pelvis into Ash's, letting him feel the hard length there. This made the dark-haired boy groan.

"Oh god…."

Paul reached down, finding Ash's belt buckle, deftly undoing it, and then his own.

Ash's breath was hot and uneven, not fighting it as Paul inched his pants and boxers down. A tanned hand firmly encircled his hard length, stroking his sweating skin lightly. His eyes closed and his entire body seemed to blush with the sensations. "P-Paul…" With the raging erection in his hand, he knelt down and placed wet kisses along the base. Paul pumped his hand slowly, licking lightly at the skin of the other boy's abs, and finishing with a kiss.

Paul wets his lips as he took the head into his mouth, sucking at the organ like a popsicle before pulling away and running his tongue down the vein, gripping the shaft tighter when it involuntarily twitched.

Ash let out a shuddering gasp, one hand going to support himself on the tree, the other curling into the hair at the back of Paul's head. He watched as Paul bobbed his head along the length of his cock until his hips began to move in time. Paul drew back, sucking on the glistening tip and stroking his hand along the length. Paul suddenly stopped, sending Ash a lusty grin.

Ash stared down at him confused. He wanted him to continue.

"Turn around." Paul ordered, panting.

Ash obliged.

"Put your hands on the tree." Paul continued his demands.

Ash listened and did so. Ash's pulse was racing at what they were doing. The dark-haired trainer slipped his pants down further, somewhat uncertain as he turned and braced himself against the tree, kneeling.

Paul kissed Ash's back before rolling his t-shirt up his chest teasingly, his fingers skirting themselves back down tan skin. Ash's lips parted in surprise, starting to rethink the position he was in. "Paul-"

The mauve-haired trainer kissed his bare skin, tanned hands gently holding his hips, then stroking that behind he had craved so much early that day. "Don't worry, you'll like this."

Paul continued to smooth his hands over Ash's creamy skin, making Ash shift his knees further apart. Without warning, Paul spread those globes roughly, causing Ash to breathe in sharply, a small sound escaping in revelation. He was so exposed. Ash's neck and ears tinged pink as a flush stole over him. He could feel Paul's stare. The mauve-haired boy did not say or do anything at first, and Ash found himself anxious. Hot puffs of breath ghosted against his skin, sending a new wave of thrill through Ash as he realized how close Paul actually was.

Unable to stop himself, Paul reached his tongue out and laid teasingly light licks along that spread skin, causing Ash to jerk in surprise, his eyes wide. He ran his tongue around Ash's entrance, gently flicking at it once, then twice. Ash's lips parted inaudibly, his legs suddenly trembling.

Paul smirked. "You like that?"

Only Ash's hushed breaths answered him.

The mauve-haired trainer knew he'd been right, and kept at it for a bit longer, coating Ash's skin with a layer of wetness, before pulling away to survey his handy work. A thin string of saliva linked Paul's tongue to Ash's shuddering hole. He licked his lips to break it, and then brought his head back in to place a large, sucking kisses over Ash's flushed balls, moving on to tongue briefly at his hard on.

Ash jerked again, his fingers involuntarily flexing on the tree, his chest heaving as he tried to come back down from the pleasure. "A-ah…"

Paul sat back, pulling off his shirt and quickly grabbing at his discarded backpack. Opening the flap he dug out a travel size bottle of lotion he had carried around with him. Squeezing out a good amount, Paul leaned back in to lick at the apex of Ash's rear, pressing a lubricated thumb to that entrance, rubbing stiltedly.

Ash gasped as he felt Paul's fingers slide in thickly and then out. His cock twitched at the sensations, and his hands clenched at the tree.

Paul pushed his jeans down further, letting his erection protrude freely, his balls heavy as he squeezed more lotion into the palm of his hand. Reaching down, the mauve-haired trainer gripped himself, spreading the cream along his heated skin, a small moan escaping his lips.

Ash heard it and bit his bottom lip in anticipation. He pushed back a little bit, but when something failed to happen, the dark-head become edgy. A moment later, his cheeks burning, Ash swallowed.... "…Fuck me."

Paul immediately took his fingers away from himself and replaced them at Ash's entrance, a small judder shaking the other boy at that touch. "I'm getting to that…" Paul smirked and quickly positioned himself behind him, the head of his cock brushing that tight hole.

Paul took hold of Ash's hip with one hand and held his own erection as he carefully thrust forward. That tight ring of muscle stretched taunt as his girth pushed in, the lotion coating them with delicious friction.

"U-uuh… oh god, Ash." Paul gasped, his head falling back in ecstasy, his other hand swiftly grabbing Ash's other hip, shifting to adjust as his cock filled Ash.

As inch after inch entered, Ash's breathing became more and more labored, his eyes shut in concentration. Ash's arms shook and his body reared back of its own accord to accept the throbbing length. Paul pushed more assertively and Ash's breaths suddenly turned stilted at the large organ pressing inside of him. His fingers dug into the tree, wanting to move, but fighting to keep still.

Paul groaned, his damp hands holding Ash's tan waist firmly. He looked down and it was creamy and smooth and his purple pubic hair looked out of place as he gently reached the hilt.

They paused there, just breathing deeply, different pants causing different patches of skin to brush against each other teasingly on their joined lower bodies.

Ash's legs trembled at the completeness of the penetration, his knees sliding further apart on the ground as he struggled to keep his composure. Their naked thighs were barely touching, and Ash shuddered at the cool of Paul's belt buckle on his lower leg.

Powerless to hold still any longer, it was tight and slick as Paul slowly pumped his hips back, his hard cock moving out agonizingly slow, and then back in, thickly.

Paul ran his tongue over his suddenly dry lips, and he watched as his cock thrust in and out slowly, Ash's body straining at the movements. Paul trailed his hand around and griped the other's raging hard on, stroking up and down. Ash's hands fisted against the tree and he gasped deeply, his mouth watering at the shear ecstasy. It seemed like hours had passed and soon a fine sheen of sweat had erupted over their bodies as they fucked in the woods.

Paul suddenly stood up straighter on his knees in a new angle, his body looming over Ash's back.

"Aah!" Ash cried out, and his grip on the tree faltered as the head of Paul's cock now brushed something deep inside of him on each thrust, his own straining erection bobbing in response, the tip glistening at the erotic sensations.

"Mmnf!..." Paul bit his lip heavily, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes screwed shut as sweat ran down his brow. His ass clenched as he pumped in and out hurriedly, pulling Ash's hips back against him when the other could not do it himself.

Ash was openly gasping, his upper body shuddering as he shakily crossed his arms in front of himself on the tree, pressing his sweaty face against it to keep from falling face-first to the ground at the pounding he was receiving. Paul's large cock was filling him to the hilt, keeping him stretched wide, over and over again, making his thighs quake maddeningly as he struggled to take it.

"Aah-ah…" Paul's voice tremored lowly, as he forced his eyes open and looked down Ash's trembling back, sliding his hands to grip those creamy mounds, holding them apart and throwing his head back as he thrust wantonly, plundering Ash's rear with uncontrollable arousal, the meeting of their hips causing their balls to smack lightly together, the sound of skin on skin filling the woods.

Ash's knees slipped and his arms lost their grip, and he could not help sliding down the tree, managing to catch himself before he was in the dirt. The dark-haired boy moaned and grunted, feeling the incredible thickness threaten to undo him.

Paul swallowed as he was finally undone, his hands intensifying their grip on Ash's ass, his back arced, all of his muscles tightening as he came massively with a gasping moan, his pelvis still thrusting though there was no more space to fill. Ash's tight ring was clutching erratically, milking his cock of all it's hot cum, and giving him the greatest orgasm of his life.

Paul was shaking as he slid his length from Ash's still-clenching entrance. It came away slick and sticky, and Paul ran a quivering hand down to hold himself as he sat back and away, pressing his back to the tree beside Ash, slowly coming down from arousal.

The mauve-haired boy suddenly heard the scraping of dirt, and looked beside him to see Ash shift, his body weak and quaking in the aftermath of the rough pace.

Ash was still on his knees, holding precariously to the tree, his head hanging low as he panted unevenly for breath. That smooth back was still dipped low, his naked behind high in the air. Paul took in that sight, and moved closer, noticing small flows of cum and sweat running slowly along Ash's thighs.

Ash moaned weakly, and Paul realized Ash hadn't cum yet. Hooking an arm around that tan waist, Paul laid Ash down on the ground.. Ash was too far gone to fight it as Paul spread Ash's knees apart and reached down to hold that raging hard on, drops of precum rolling from the slit on the head down that engorged shaft.

"A-ah…" Ash panted, turning his head and opening his eyes dazedly. He was flat on his back, his knees spread apart as Paul sucked him off. The mauve-haired boy's head was bobbing up and down rhythmically, tightening his lips as he sucked on the flushed cock head, and then relaxing as he took the shaft deep into his throat. His hand stroked at the base of his erection and over his balls.

"A-ahh…" Ash's voice wavered as the sensations along his organ heightened. "P-Paul!" He came with a hoarse cry and a straining of hips, his hands digging at the ground.

Paul felt Ash's cock pulse as jets of salty cum filled his mouth and Paul swallowed ever last drop down. The dark-haired trainer fell limp and exhausted on the ground and Paul pulled away, he watched in captivation as Ash continued to lay there panting, his long bangs messy and sticky against his face, his eyes closed in the aftershock.

Even after that orgasm, Ash's cock was still hard, so badly had he been aroused.

Abruptly, the dark-haired boy's eyes snapped open. He looked over at Paul, sending him a tired grin.


Hours had pass by. The two had their clothes back on and was currently holding on to one another, as they gazed upon the blanket of stars above.

Ash rested his chin in the crook of Paul's neck and sighed. "Paul?"

Paul looked down at his lover. "Yeah…"

"You finally learned your lesson didn't you." Ash smiled up at him.

In many ways he had learned his lesson.

Paul smiled back, "I did."


Pikachu was running through the woods, searching for his missing master and Paul. Brock and Dawn were following closely behind.

Pikachu stopped a few feet away from Ash and Paul, sneaking into the underbrush. Brock and Dawn followed his moments. They peeked through, spotting Ash and Paul under a tree, cuddled together.

"So… this is what you meant." Brock whispered over to Dawn.

Dawn replied with a chipper grin. "Yup."



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