Chapter 1

For the past three years I've pretty much isolated myself, the only real contact I have is with you, my family. If I go out it is brief and I try to avoid people has much as I can. You think that it's because I'm scared and nervous all the time of the world and everyone, but that's only partly true. I am nervous and scared but it's of what I feel and think; I can feel what they feel and hear what they think. I can sometimes also project my feelings and thoughts onto other people and I can do other things too, like move things with my mind, have this glowing purple power form in my hands and control it and make this force field thing that looks like green fire. When this first started I felt like I was going crazy, I was so scared, but I learnt to control what I could do. I'm sorry that I never told you any of this, I was so scared of what you would think of me, (I caught some of your thoughts on mutants, I'm sorry) but what I was most afraid, and still am, of was hurting you or anyone else. I'm a mutant and it's time I stopped being scared of myself and use my powers to help people, to do some good. Last week I met some people, some other mutants when I saved them from a tense and potentially dangerous situation. We talked for a long time and they told me about themselves and their powers and I did the same. They told me of their school for mutants, a place where they can learn to control their powers, get an education and help the rest of the world from dangerous mutants, and then they asked if I would like to go there with them. For the first time in my life I felt as if I found a place where I could belong and where I could help people, so after a few days of soul searching I called to say that I would love to join them. I know that your worried for me but please accept this, I have to do this. And I'll keep in touch, I promise. I love you.



Three months had passed since Lyssa left home for Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, leaving only a letter for her parents. No contact had been made on either part; Lyssa had left it thinking that her parents needed time to adjust but three months, now she was worried. Being 19 Lyssa wasn't a proper part of school's education but she took courses on Mutant Affairs, Ethics and Advanced Sciences with other older students. She already had degrees on Psychology/Counselling, English Literature and Ancient History from online courses which she did in the three years at home. Her powers had grown slightly and she's been able to control them better since having private lessons from the Headmaster and X Men leader Charles Xavier and has been assisting in some of the English and History classes.

She smiled to herself as she thought about her life since coming to the school and joining the X Men. She met some students as she headed to Xavier's office.

"Hey guys".

They waved and mumbled hellos has they raced towards the dining hall for breakfast.

She knocked on Xavier's office door, "Come in, Lyssa", a voice said from inside the office. She opened the door, entered and smiled at the bald, smiling professor in his wheelchair as he wheeled out from behind his desk.

"Morning Professor", said Lyssa, "Do you have five minutes".

"Of course, I wanted to talk to you about something also", the Professor paused for a moment, "what's troubling you"?

Lyssa sat down on the sofa as the Professor wheeled himself in front of her, "My parents. I'm a little worried why they haven't contacted me…They would at least of written to say if they wanted to see me again or not…"

The Professor raised his hand to stop her oncoming rant, "I don't have the answer to that, but if you're worried you could call them or go see them". He studied her face, she was thinking it over and she her make up her mind.

"I think I'll call them first, see what happens", she paused, "what did you want to talk to me about"?

He smiled " You're very good with the students, you're closer to some and they come to you, which is important. This and both your powers and counselling degree made this decision easy. Would you like to be the school's counsellor? You kind of already are and the other X Men and I were thinking of making it official, if you want to". Lyssa was stunned for moment, surprised and honoured by his offer.

"Can I think about it"?

The Professor smiled and nodded , "Yes, I thought you'd say that. Take as long as you need".

She rose and has she left, she turned back to the Professor and said "Thank you". As the door shut the Professor smiled to himself knowing he'd made the right decision by asking her and having her in his school.