Another hide and seek fic.

this one is from the point of view of Katherine

Something's wrong.

Something's very very wrong.

The house looks like it's been partly trashed and there's an idling police car in the front. What on earth happened here? The inside looks even worse then the outside. There's red everywhere, and a shovel on the ground. What on earth is going on here?

"Hello" I yell, god I hope everyone's alright. The closet door's open and there's something that I've never seen before. a door. Like a trap door at the back of their closet.

When I turn around I see David, my best friend. I jump from the shock of him being so silent "god David you scared me" he says nothing. Yes something I definitely wrong. "David?"

He shook his head… and everything went black

I don't know exactly how long I was lying there but when I woke up the door was locked and it was pitch black. As I was crawling around trying to find something to open the door with, I found something much more disturbing, the cop. The one that had left his car idling he was in an old crate. Dead. Or I hope he was dead, there was blood everywhere.

I'm not sure what happened then, I think I may have passed out again.

He was still there when I woke up, well where else would he be. Anyway I grabbed his gun and picked the lock with the end of a hanger. Then I ran. Right into a cave where I knew he wouldn't come.

Boy was I wrong.

I wasn't in there for five minutes when I heard that haunting melody.

Hush little baby don't say a word daddy's gonna buy you a mocking bird"

The music box I gave to Emily came floating down the small river. If he had that then that meant.

That bastard.

He came out. Telling me that he was ok now, and that he was going to get help. He still had that look in his eye's. but he wasn't being violent so I let my guard down. That was a mistake

"I'm sorry" he whispered as he turned the flashlight off and hit me over the head with it. I was about to black out again when I heard a noise

"STOP" the sound was high pitched, like a child's.

I couldn't be

It' was.

Emily stood there crying her eyes out.

"There you are" he said in a voice that he sometimes used to calm his patient's

"Don't, don't hurt her. " she whispered.

"Why" he sounded agitated and dangerous

"She's my friend" I knew what I had to do, while she was distracting him I grabbed the gun

"Hide and seek" I pulled the trigger and killed David

My friend, my teacher, my potential murder