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It was freezing that night in New York City, snow falling lightly on the cold ground. A boy was fiddling with a lighter, holding it up to the end of the cigarette hanging from his lips.

"Shit!" he mumbled, the flame disappearing each time he finally got it to appear. He threw the cheap lighter on the ground, cursing once again.

"Here," a girl smiled, holding out a lighter, the flame swaying gently in the January wind. He nodded at her and lit the end of his cigarette.

"Thanks Amelia," he took a drag and hugged his shivering body.

"No problem, Jess," she smiled, stuffing the lighter back in her pocket. She looked over at her friend sympathetically, the boy's jacket tattered and worn out, unlike the girl's new black peacoat.

"Why are you out here with me, Amelia?" the boy asked, his voice trembling. "It's ten degrees. Didn't know you found me that irresistible..."

She rolled her eyes and playfully smacked her friend's arm, "I can handle the cold, Jess," she announced, smiling. "Besides, I thought you'd like some company."

"Thanks," he nodded, inhaling the smoke into his lungs. The boy began coughing violently, startling the girl for a moment.

"Jess, it's only going to get colder out here," she told him, her voice quivering with worry. She ran a hand through her hair, sighing. "You have to find a place to stay."

"I'll be fine," Jess assured her, "I can take care of myself."

"Jess," she started, "It's been two months since the accident back in that town. Call your uncle."

"No," Jess snapped. His eyes remained glued on his cigarette. "He doesn't want me there, nor does Liz want me here."

"Jess, please," she begged. "If you stay out here any longer, you could die."

"I'll survive," he stated, coughing harshly.

His coughing seemed to contradict the point. "Jess," Amelia began.

"Go home, Amelia," he told her, standing up and grabbing his duffle bag. He didn't need her lectures.

"Jess, please call your uncle!" she pleaded, standing up and walking over to him, "I don't want to watch my friend die out here!"

"Leave me alone, Amelia!" Jess yelled, his voice hoarse, "Just...go home."


"I've got to find a place to sleep tonight," he told her, hoisting his bag onto his shoulder, "I'll see you tomorrow."

He walked off towards the park, leaving Amelia to her thoughts.

Ever since Amelia met Jess, she had had her worries. Jess's condition had gotten worse each night he spent out in the city, and it was at the point that she simply couldn't let Jess remain living from bench-to-bench. Ever since his mom kicked him out again, the boy had been wandering the streets, refusing help whenever it was offered by any of his friends. It had been about two months since he had gotten back, and six weeks on the streets had nearly killed him as it was. He had lost so much weight during that time, his body looking fragile. The smallest gust of wind, Amelia swore, could knock him over. Jess was persistent, however. He wouldn't take the help that she offered--not the shelter, the food, or the new coat. It was apparent he was punishing himself. He felt that he let his uncle down because of that accident back in Stars Hollow. She knew he thought a lot of his uncle, and it was apparent when he was shipped back here he didn't look too happy. Amelia and everyone else thought he would be excited to come back, he not wanting to go to that small town in the first place, but they were wrong. The boy hadn't been himself since he came back. It was like that town had stolen something from him. Amelia knew he would give anything to go back, to have another chance to make things right, to make his uncle proud. Jess being Jess, of course, wouldn't admit to any of this aloud, but they all could tell that was what he really wanted. He was too afraid to speak to his uncle though, too afraid to ask for help from the man he had let down. He thought for sure he would be rejected, she could tell. She sighed and began walking to her apartment.

"Well then," she spoke to herself, a determined smile plastered on her face, "If you won't call him, then I will."

Jess settled on a bench, curling his body up, shivering madly from the cold. He began coughing violently, each cough causing bile to rise up in his throat. He moaned and shut his eyes tightly, begging for the coughing fit to end. He wished he was back at Luke's, sleeping in his make shift bed, music blaring, heavy sheets covering his body. He ruined everything though. After what he did to Rory, Luke would never want him back. The entire event was an accident--he didn't mean to, but the town didn't see it that way. As far as they were concerned, he was driving and he had hurt their precious Rory. It tugged at his heart strings. Rory was the only one other than Luke who liked him. Rory was his only friend in that small washed-up little town and he would never want to hurt her. Lorelai hated him for sure now as well. Before the accident, she had been able to stand him, but after that, he knew the Gilmore would never forgive him.

Jess felt another round of coughing coming on. He shut his eyes tightly and gripped his coat. The coughs were more violent than the last, causing the boy to gasp for air in between each one. Once the fit was over, he sighed and relaxed his aching body, letting his hands release their tight grip on his jacket.

The wind blew fiercely, causing the boy to tremble more frantically. He moaned and held his body tightly.

He wanted to go home, he wanted to be under his warm covers. He wanted to be in Stars Hollow with Luke.

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