"What are you going to do for your New Year's Resolution, Tails?" Cream asked. It was a chilly day in late December. In fact, the next day would already be New Year's Eve.

"I'm going to make as many technological mobiles and planes as possible!" Tails stated energetically.

"I'm going to finally kiss Sonic!" Amy chimed in. "On the stroke of midnight, no less!"

"Good luck catching him, Ames!" Cream and Tails giggled.

"Hmph. I'll show you!"


It was exactly 1 hour, 29 minutes, and 32 seconds until the New Year. Amy was preparing appetizers and Tails and Cream were decorating. Sonic had arrived with Knuckles. "This had better be worth my time!" Knuckles sighed. "Every minute here is a minute without my eye on the Master Emerald."

"Chill out, Knuckles! You need to have fun once in awhile!" Sonic said cheerfully.


"Why don't you help us, Knuckles?" Tails asked. Knuckles reluctantly joined him.

"Hey, Sonic," Rouge tapped him on the shoulder. "I thought it would be fair to warn you… Amy plans to kiss you on the stroke of midnight."

"Say what?!" Sonic freaked. "Yikes… Some things never change…"

"Don't tell her I told you."

"How did you know?"

"When a bat hangs around, she tends to hear things." She walked away.

Sonic knew that he had to make sure Amy got nowhere near him tonight…


Sonic was on one side of the room, and Amy was inching her way towards him. The others were just relaxing as they watched the clock.

Soon, they started chanting together: "Ten, nine, …" Amy was getting closer. "Eight, Seven, …" Sonic took a step back. "Six, Five,…" Amy was right next to him. "Four, Three,…" She smiled. "Two, One,…" and on the words, "Happy New Year!" Sonic ran right out the door. Meanwhile Knuckles and Rouge had instinctively grasped hands, Knuckles blushing, Rouge sighing.

Poor Amy was left all alone, frowning. "Alright, Sonic… maybe next year."