Since meeting the Detective D has learned many things. He has learned Baseball stats and human morality, American cuisine and American Ideals; and tonight D is learning Desperation.

He has always know in that cold, crisp, clinical, detached way of his what the emotion that so many of his customers display is, watched them crumble and commit to anything in order to cease that endless ache, but tonight, tonight he feels it, because tonight D is learning Desperation.

He feels it in every breath he takes, every drop of blood that flows from beneath his porcelain fingers. It is a vile, violent emotion, that consumes reason and practicality, making him snarl at every red light, every car that moves too slowly or street that is too blocked to let them through. All these things that his near god-like powers can not fix. He is trapped in a technological dystopia with a dying relic, and D is learning of Desperation.

It is the beeping of the insidious little machine that with every utterance sends his pulse higher. It is the voices of the EMTs rising above the babble of modern science in bits and spurts of incomprehensible jargon, phrases that catch and stick in his mind: "internal hemorrhaging", "cardiac arrest", "anaphylactic shock". It is watching Leon bleed from wounds meant for him while feelings kept secret lay heavy on his tongue. It was watching them wheel his Lion away into endless halls of sterile white, a whispered " I love you", fallowed by a prayer to deity's long lost and never truly believed in anyway. Tonight D is learning of Desperation.