Disclaimer: This is a non-profit tribute to the works of JK Rowling who created and, together with her publishers and licensees, owns the characters and settings elaborated herein.

Move over "Beedle the Bard". Here comes Mother Ghoul...


This edition of traditional nursery rhymes and lullabies is reprinted for the 5th centenary of the Potter victory. Some scholars believe the majority of these rhymes reference events in Potter's life, but this is generally considered to be merely popular myth. A more likely theory is that they are corruptions of Muggle rhymes, identified in parentheses in the text. (Ed.)

Rockabye Firstie
(Rockabye baby)

Rockabye firstie on the broomstick,
When you say Up, the broom jumps up quick,
When you hop on, the broomstick will fly;
Away goes the broomstick up in the sky.

Sing a Song of Hogwarts
(Sing a song of sixpence)

Sing a song of Hogwarts, completely out of tune,
Hide a magic mirror in a secret room;
First you get past Fluffy, then the Devil's Snare,
Then you chase the key-birds that are flying through the air.
The king is on the chessboard, you play your way across,
The troll's already knocked out, you pass him with no loss,
The poison's in the bottles, the end one gets you through,
And just beyond the purple flames, Quirrell waits for you.

Peeves in the Room
(Pease porridge hot)

Peeves in the room,
Peeves in the Hall
Peeves in the Potions cupboard (BOOM!)
Slime covers all.

Quidditch Quidditch Quibbling
(Diddle diddle dumpling)

Quidditch Quidditch quibbling, our boy Ron
Tried to hex with a broken wand,
Slugs away! till the morning's gone
Quidditch Quidditch quibbling, our boy Ron.

Mudbloods Slumber
(Ding dong bell)

Mudbloods slumber,
Ginny's in the Chamber.
Who took her in?
Heir of Slytherin.
Who went and got her?
Little Harry Potter.
What a naughty Horcrux he
To try to drain Miss Weasley, G,
Who ne-er did him any ill
But killed the roosters
And did his will.

Hatch a Snake

Hatch-a-snake, Hatch-a-snake, parselmouth man,
Hatch me a snake as large as you can,
Not an anaconda or a black mamba
But a whopping giant Basilisk in a secret chamber.

This Little Toad
(This little piggie)

This little toad went to Hogwarts
This little toad stayed home
This little toad ate roast bug
This little toad had none
And this little toad croaked, "Whee, whee, whee, whee"
All the way home

Hey Diddle Diddleus
(Hey diddle diddle)

Hey diddle diddleus,
The Chateau and Fidelius
They shouldn't have trusted the rat.
The big black dog howled in Azkaban
And the Dursleys wound up with the brat.

Hogwarts students, Go In and Stay
(Boys and girls, come out to play)

Hogwarts students, go in and stay,
The full moon shines as bright as day,
Bar the windows and bolt the door
And you'll be safe from tooth and claw;
Werewolves howl, werewolves run,
So stay inside till the night is done,
Or come as a rat, come as a stag,
Come as a dog who likes a gag;
Out the Willow and under the moon,
A monthly adventure September to June.

Little Boy Potter
(Little boy blue)

Little boy Potter, the Goblet of Fire
Has chosen you Champion, Ron thinks you're a liar.
Dragons and mermaids and mazes, oh my,
And a Portkey to Voldemort; try not to die.

I'm a Little Doxy
(I'm a little teapot)

I'm a little Doxy, black and hairy,
Four legs, four arms, small as a fairy,
With my beetlewings I take to flight;
Better watch out, I like to bite.

I'm a little Snidget, gold and round,
I fly very fast and dart all around,
When you're playing Quidditch, don't use me;
I'm too rare a bird, you see.

I'm a little Fwooper on the wing;
I'll drive you mad if you let me sing;
When you need to write to show your skills,
My feathers make the prettiest quills.

Lavender Brown
(Little Boy Blue)

Lavender Brown, it's time to snog,
The Gryffindor students now watch agog.
Where is Hermione? Better not follow,
Her birds are as fierce as their feathers are yellow.

Tom, Tom, Merope's Son
(Tom, Tom, the piper's son)

Tom, Tom, Merope's son,
Stole founders' relics and away did run.
He split his soul
And took control
But AKing Harry was an own goal.

Ducky Ducky Draco
(Goosey goosey gander)

Ducky ducky Draco,
Did you see the snake-o
Eating a teacher as if she was a cake-o?
Snatchers found a trio who wouldn't give their names
And they ran off with your wands and you all got the blame.

See-saw Dumbledore
(See-saw Margery Daw)

Snape's come to get a new master
Saving Lily is all that he wants
But the whole thing ends up in disaster.

All Around the Flutterby Bush
(All around the mulberry bush)

All around the flutterby bush
The Fwooper chased the Kneazle
The Fwooper sang its favourite song.
Pop! goes the Kneazle.

Black beetle eyes five knuts a scoop,
Some candy for a Sickle.
That's the way the money goes.
Pop! goes the Kneazle.

Up and down Diagon Alley,
In and out of Weasleys',
That's the way the money goes.
Pop! goes the Kneazle.

Half a pound of Billywig stings,
Half a pound of treacle,
Mix it up and make it nice,
Pop! goes the Kneazle.

Round and Round

Round and round the Billywig goes
Where it stops, nobody knows
Spinning, grinning, don't let it sting
Or you'll float away like a bird on the wing.

Two Fat Pogrebins
(Two fat gentlemen)

Two fat Pogrebins met in the lane,
Bowed most politely, bowed once again.
I will eat you. I will eat you.
I will eat you again.

Two thin Vampires met in the lane,
Bowed most politely, bowed once again.
I will drain you. I will drain you.
I will drain you again.

Two tall Dementors met in the lane,
Bowed most politely, bowed once again.
I will Kiss you. I will Kiss you.
I will Kiss you again.

Two little gnomes met in a lane,
Bowed most politely, bowed once again.
Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo. Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo.
Shoo, shoo, shoo, shoo again.

Two little pixies met in a lane,
Bowed most politely, bowed once again.
I will trick you. I will trick you.
I will trick you again.

Hush Little Baby

Hush little baby, Silencio,
Mumma's gonna buy you some Skele-gro
If that Skele-gro don't cure you
Mumma's gonna find a hinkypunk to lure you
If that hinkypunk has no light
Mumma's gonna buy you a watersprite
If that watersprite is too wet,
Mumma's gonna buy you an Erumpent,
if that Erumpent's horn blows up,
Mumma's gonna buy you a cute little Crup,
If that little Crup won't play tag,
Mumma's gonna buy you a moke-skin bag
If that moke-skin bag won't shrink
Mumma's gonna buy a kelpie black as ink
If that kelpie won't dive down
You'll still be the cutest baby wizard in town.

One, Two, Stir My Brew
(One, Two, buckle my shoe)

One, two
Stir my brew
Three, four
Charm open the door
Five, six
Turn gold into bricks
Seven, eight
Reparo a plate
Nine, ten
Transfigure a hen
Eleven, twelve
Bustling house-elves
Thirteen, fourteen
Trolls cavorting
Fifteen, sixteen
Dementors Kissing
Seventeen, eighteen
Death Eaters waiting
Nineteen, twenty
That was plenty.