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As I left the house that I had been living in for the past five years, I sighed, my un-beating heart sank with sadness. I liked this house. It reminded of the one I had shared with my brothers and sisters when I was human, before... before I became a vampire... before I killed them with my own bare hands. I began to sob, and my tearless cries echoed through the dark, dismal street. I had to move in the night, otherwise people would know that their suspicions were right, and I didn't want to harm anyone anymore. That's why I'm moving down to Forks. One because the usual weather is rainy in Forks, but the other reason was because I'd heard of a coven down in Forks that survived without harming humans; I even heard that one of them works in a hospital. I knew that I would never reach that kind of immunity to human blood, but I had to try. I didn't want to hurt people anymore. I just wanted to be able to exist without having my conscience constantly telling me I'm a monster.

My sobs calmed as I began thinking about the times when I was normal, when I was human, when I had a loving family. When my best friend, my lover, my Edward, was still here. The sobs started again. STUPID! Why did you think his name AGAIN!? I shouted to myself in my head. I stood there in the rain shaking with dry, tearless sobs. I imagined that the rain drops plastering my drenched hair to my face were my tears; this gave me some comfort for a few seconds. My thoughts returned to him, his strange bronze hair, his beautiful crooked smile, he was a perfect picture in my head, but in reality he was six feet under, and even before that he was just skin and bones because of the influenza. If Kristi hadn't changed me, I would have been with him. Kristi was my vampire mother, she found me in an alleyway the night I'd found out Edward had died, she'd asked me what was wrong, and for some reason, I found myself telling her everything...

"And now he's gone! I'll never see him again"

"Oh, poor dear, you don't have to stay like this. I can make it all better"

That was when she took my hand and started the fiery hell that made me what I am.

I heard faint footsteps coming to towards me; I turned on my heel and crouched into my defensive position. Kristi. "Nice to see you too Bella" she chuckled, holding her hands up mockingly.

"Oh, hello mother" I replied straightening out of my crouch. Kristi looked at me with her crimson red eyes, they were concerned, worried even.

"Are you sure you don't want to stay here, with me?" she said, suddenly breaking the half a second of silence.

"I'm sorry mother, but I find it difficult here, I want to go to Forks. It wouldn't be fair to drag you down with me, plus, people are only suspicious of me, and you like it here."

"Okay, well as long as you know what you want, goodbye Bella" Kristi whispered, she reached over and pecked my cheek. "I will miss you". I could only say goodbye, as I would not miss Kristi, not if it meant I could stop hurting people.

I climbed into my car and waved as I sped off into the distance, this is it Bella, I thought, a whole new start. Goodbye Vancouver, hello Forks. I was on my way.


I watched as my brothers and sisters left for school. I wasn't going today, I felt like staying home, and possibly going on a hunting trip with Esme and Carlisle. I hadn't hunted in a week, and school was beginning to bore me more than ever lately. "Edward are you sure you're not gonna bother going to school? People will start to get suspicious if we keep taking random days off just because we're bored, and I like it here" Rosalie moaned at me, she really could be the biggest bitch of the year sometimes.

"Oh look who's talking miss 'I found a new mirror so I must spend all day looking into it'" I mocked. Rosalie snarled and I pounced. Within seconds we had managed to totally trash the living room. I won of course. Esme then appeared on the stairs.

"What happened?!" she squeaked, her face looked utterly dumbfounded, and I think if she could have gone red with rage, she would have. Rose and I just fell to the floor laughing at her face.

"Well... I... he... we... fight..." was all Rosalie could get in between fits of laughter. It reminded me of someone, most likely from my human life. I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was though. I suddenly realised that it reminded of the one person I had only just managed to forget. Bella.

She had been my best friend when we were as young as ten. Then at thirteen we became sweethearts. At sixteen we were lovers, I was planning to propose, so that it would be proper, but the influenza reached me. It suddenly flashed before my eyes, like I was still there. Bella and I at eleven years of age, running along the streets, our mothers calling anxiously after us, when we would turn around to go back to them their faces would be, to us at the time, hilarious.

"Hey, Rose, why don't you go? I'll clean up here. If I finish before school starts, I'll be there, but no promises" she nodded and made her way to the front door. I heard her M3 reverse out of the garage as I started to try and clean up, but the pain got too much and I fell to my knees. The next thing I knew Esme's arms were around me. She directed her thoughts at me; it's this Bella again isn't it? all I could reply with was a nod, I never usually let my emotions get the better of me this way, but the pain was way too great.

I had told Esme about Bella when she had found me sulking in the corner of my room. Ever since Jaz and Alice arrived I tried my hardest to forget her, so that Jasper wouldn't have to deal with the pain I would be emitting to him.

"Look just go to school, take your mind off things, being bored is better than being in this pain right?" I managed to stop crying tearless sobs before concluding that it would be better for me at school

"I'll clean up, don't worry, I need something to do around here anyway" she smiled, patted me on the shoulder and helped me to my feet. I suddenly felt angry with myself. I should be over her by now; she's been dead for over 70 years at least.

"Thanks, I'm sorry about the mess, and well, yeah, thanks mom" I said, giving her a quick peck on the cheek and leaving for school.

Within two minutes I was at the school, and as I was parking my Volvo, I saw an unfamiliar car, it was not like any of the other cars in the parking lot, more like mine or Roses... another vampire? In this school? I had to find out. If we were in any danger of being exposed, even worse, being turned into ashes, we needed to have a heads up to make a plan. I searched through everyone's thoughts, no unusual activity, just random thoughts.

Should I get that dress I saw in Port Angeles?

I can't wait for that new movie to come out!

Argh Trig homework again.

Edward looks a bit jittery, should I go and see if he's okay? No, he'd probably just ignore me anyway. He thinks he's too good for girls here. Ah well I'm sorry you feel this way... Jessica, but you would be in grave danger if I even thought about dating humans.

I think we have Gym next, or is it Biology? Oh I don't know.

Hey Edward you came! Rose said you had to clean the house, is everything okay? You look... disturbed dude. I walked over to Emmett, who looked rather worried, for Emmett anyway.

"Hey Em, I'm fine, just wandering whose car that is, it doesn't look familiar, and it definitely isn't one of the kids from around here."

"I don't know dude, I heard that some new kid was here but I only got it from teachers talking in the teachers' lounge"

"What? You were in the teachers' lounge?"

"No, I'm not that stupid. Or am I? Naw, I was just walking by and--"

"Emmett stop right there! I told you not to say anything!" Alice chimed, running at human pace from half way across the parking lot.

"What? What happened? What's happening?" I questioned, what weren't they telling me?

"Nothing..." Alice answered me quickly, before letting out a quick squeak of delight. I tried to respect my family's privacy as much as I could, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Épsilon, Zeta, Eta, Theta, Iota… What's with the Greek Alphabet Emmett? Wait let me rephrase that. You know the Greek Alphabet?

From off a hill whose concave womb reworded
A plaintful story from a sist'ring vale,
My spirits t'attend this double voice accorded,
And down I laid to list the sad-tuned tale,
Ere long espied a fickle maid full pale,
Tearing of papers, breaking rings atwain,
Storming her world with sorrow's wind and rain...

Shakespeare Alice? Okay now I'm sure they're blocking me out. Damn Alice! Emmett would have told me if he wasn't stopped by that pixie. "Please will somebody tell me what's going on already?"

"You'll find out soon enough, the students don't know because the new student has only arrived today. That's all I'm telling you, I want it to be a surprise." She let out another squeal of joy and skipped off to class.

"Sorry dude, but she made me promise, and a promise is a promise." Emmett shrugged and walked to Maths. What was all that? I went to Biology rather confused and a little hurt.


I managed to get to forks in two days, which was pretty slow, but I had to stop off and eat. It was still playing on my conscience now, but it was all I was taught to do as a vampire, eat humans. I managed to get settled in pretty quickly, I found a pretty little house near to Forks High. I wandered if the vampires I wanted to help me went there as a cover. From what Kristi had told me about them, they looked the same age I did. I decided to get registered. If they weren't there I could at least pick up some information from the students there.

When I got to the school I felt very out of place, it would be hard to keep a low profile, as this was a very small city, and news of a new girl would be huge to the people of Forks. My car also looked very different to the dirty tattered trucks people drove to the parking lot in. I ran at vampire speed to the office, only slowing at the doors. I didn't really want students to know about me in case the other vampires were here and they caught word of me being here. I didn't want them to feel like I was a danger to them. It was then that from the parking lot I heard a squeal, then a woman shouting 'Emmett! Emmett! Come away from the teachers' lounge and haul your ass over here I need to talk to you! Oh this is so exciting!' I giggled, I guessed that 'Emmett' was a friend of the girls. Wait, I recognised that kind of voice.

It was so distinctively vampiric I almost fell to the floor. They were here! What was so exciting to the woman vampire though? Had she found out I was here? Damn I was so careful! No matter, she seemed excited about something. So she couldn't have thought I posed a threat. Either way I was relieved that I could see them without them seeing me as someone who would try to kill them.

I got registered fairly quickly, and made my way to first period, which was Gym. I hoped I wouldn't have to take part in anything; I was struggling to hold it together without biting someone let alone control my strength in volleyball or some other random sport. It was now I actually realised the ache in my throat. I tried to swallow but it didn't work and the demon inside of me started to growl and hiss, I stopped breathing. Maybe that would help. It was uncomfortable but it stopped the demon, and these people don't have to have their lives ended because of me.

Second and third period were pretty much the same as first. I was now in Math, and enjoying it, until someone sat next to me spoke to me.

'Hey I'm Luke, you must be Bella' he held out his hand. I looked up at him and took in a breath, the burning of venom in my throat rose as I took in the scent of human blood. I looked at his hand still held out. I saw the blood pumping in his veins. I quickly looked at his face, young and innocent. I smiled and gave him my hand.

'Yeah, that's me, nice to meet you Luke' I grimaced, hopefully subtly. Luke looked pleased that I had spoken to him, he didn't stop smiling all fourth period. I realised then that he had known my name.

'Hey Luke'


'How did you know my name?'

'Oh well, everyone kept asking me if I'd seen 'the new girl' and now I have' he smiled again. The vampires well and truly knew I was here now. I lost track of my thoughts and let them run loose for a while, class was boring and I needed something to do. The first thing that popped into my head was the vampire girl and why she was so excited. They then drifted to Edward. No! You mustn't! He's not with you anymore! He's gone! Stop thinking about him and get over yourself! I was startled when the bell for lunch rang. I walked out and made my way to the cafeteria, not sure what I was doing there. It was then that I saw five vampires in the corner with trays still full.

One was a pixie-like girl with pointy black hair, another had his arm around the pixie girl, he was blonde and looked very distant. Then next to them was another couple, a very beautiful blonde girl with a handsome, rather muscular shaped guy attached to her.

I would have fainted, if it was possible, when I saw who the fifth vampire at the table was.



I'd heard that a new girl was here, in the school, but Alice had already told me that. People were interested in here, but none of the minds I listened to knew her name, they just kept calling her 'the new girl' I got increasingly frustrated with Alice and Emmett. Why couldn't they just tell me? Why did everything have to be 'a surprise'? I doodled in my notebook, not that I needed it, I got to keep up appearances, and doodle when in dire need to get away from boredom. It had been like this for four periods. Don't vampires get a break? Ugh, I wish my family were in this class, I could really use a pick me up, and I could bug Alice into telling me what 'the surprise' is.

When the bell... ha! Life must torture me when I'm down. Bell... Bella, I'm beginning to sound like a grieving house wife. Anyway, when the bell went I decided to go faster than normal. Packing my notebook I ran to the cafeteria. Jasper caught up with me and we cued for food that we wouldn't eat. 'Hey, what's up Edward? You're stressed.' he said to me, low enough so that no one else would hear.

'Nothing, it's just Alice. She told me that I had a surprise waiting for me and I don't think I like where it's going, she even had Emmett in on it. Did you know he knows the Greek Alphabet?'

'Okay first of all the surprise is good and--'

'You're in on the surprise too!? Jaz you can't do this to me' I moaned, putting my hand to my temples. Jasper looked at me, I could see he felt guilty.

'Sorry Ed. And to finish the last question you had, no I didn't know Emmett knew the Greek Alphabet. Seriously? Emmett? What has the world come to?' I laughed, but still felt stressed. Whatever my siblings had planned it couldn't be pretty. Rosalie, Emmett and Alice joined us only seconds later and we sat down at our usual table.

'Edward, your surprise will be here in a few seconds, please don't stress out, I promise you'll love it' Alice almost hyperventilated with excitement. Oh great. This either means shopping or... shopping. I grunted.

'Alice please either tell me or stop talking, you're starting to worry me' I hissed. Alice pouted but then her eyes lit up, going from a solid gold to warm liquid topaz.

'and... 3....2....1'

'She's here?' Emmett whispered but I still heard him. I was too busy glaring to see her at first, but when Alice waved at the cafeteria doorway like there was a friend there, my head snapped up for my eyes to see the person I had been thinking about all day, the girl that was always in my head, always in my thoughts. The girl that I had be grieving over for 100 years.


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